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Sony USA Corporate Office Headquarters
550 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-833-6722

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1-800-222-7669 Review and Hint Needed


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9/2/2016 Sony USA - I purchased a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones a
I purchased a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones a few months ago. Upon using the item recently for a couple of months one of the headphones broke off. I contacted Sony customer support regarding this to inquire about a replacement. I also sent all the information they requested (ie: receipt of purchase, picture of defective item). Shortly after I was called, and told I was approved for a replacement, and that I would receive a return label with instructions. That was a month ago, since I have had to call them back 3 times for my return label, etc. In addition, they continuously have an incorrect email address listed, even after I repeatedly give it to them each time. I have asked to speak with a supervisor, or someone within the U.S., to no avail. I do think that people should consider buying a different brand than Sony, whenever a company gives you terrible customer support you should never invest in their products. It's a shame, they were once a good company, but no more. By the way, still haven't received my return label from Sony customer service in San Salvador, still stuck with broken headphones. This is bad business.

Chelle Read More

JOHN Read More
2/16/2016 Sony USA - I need a lens cap for my camera model 6000 keeps
I need a lens cap for my camera model 6000 keeps falling off. It is a weakness in this product.

Thank you

Vincent C. Finizia Read More
12/18/2015 Sony USA - Sony screen problems pixels out and they did fix it
I had a screen problem, pixels out, multiple calls to Sony, but they did correct the problem, a lot of promise, but none came through .ultimately they stood by their product, and after all, they still are the best you can buy in my opinion tv wise that is! Thank you Sony for standing behind your product without an extended warranty! I will buy your products again.

Stephen Michael Read More
5/26/2015 Sony USA - Absolutely the worst customer service experience I
Absolutely the worst customer service experience I have ever had!!!!! For 15 days I have been dealing with 10 different agents on a defective Blu-Ray player only 4 months old. Each time, I am told something different and still no result. They promised to ship me the new unit and then I would return the defective one (only after multiple calls) because of the need to hire someone to dismantle and then set up new one to system, thus needing new unit first.

Each time I call, am given a different story and set of promises as to "trust them, everything is now ok" and each time, nothing has happened. I want to talk directly to someone in the Sony Corporation who has some authority and can once and for all solve my problem.

Steve Read More
8/14/2014 Sony USA - I purchased modelXBR65x900B from HHGregg on
I purchased modelXBR65x900B from HHGregg on 08-10-14 and I am trying to determine if this purchase is eligible for the free 5 dvd offer. Pls advise.

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6/4/2014 Sony USA - I Don't know what is wrong. I have to re install
I Don't know what is wrong. I have to re install my Sony Movie Studio 11.0 I used the CD from the box that it came in and I'm told that I don't have a valid serial number. I used the serial number that is printed on a booklet inside the original box what should I do. While I was online for registration I was told that all I could have is a trial version. Please help, I already bought it.

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4/2/2014 Sony USA - Sony, you should be ashamed of the deplorable,
Sony, you should be ashamed of the deplorable, disgraceful customer support that your offshore service representatives are providing for USA callers. My last three calls have been met with unhelpful, stubborn and rude representatives whom outright lied to me about my inquiry and when I asked for a supervisor, flatly refused to connect me to one [on all occasions]. When I asked to speak to a representative in the USA, my request was flatly refused. When I asked to be connected to the Laredo, TX repair facility [to follow up on a call I made to them this past Monday regarding an expedited camera repair], my request was flatly refused. I am appalled at this astoundingly incompetent level of support and that Sony would allow itself to be represented by such unprofessional, rude, lying offshore "customer service" reps. I am now very hesitant to purchase any more Sony products based upon my terrible experience. The rude, unhelpful reps were [assuming they weren't lying about their names and ID numbers]: Alvin L2WF, Sam C498, Chris C50K and Betty C77M. Please confirm receipt of this complaint and respond via e-mail.

Andrew Read More
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