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Southern Living celebrates the best of life in the South, both in our content and through publications and programs that enrich the lives of more than 15 million devoted readers. Traveling the South from Dallas to Delaware, we share the fascinating places, people, homes, gardens, and foods that make this region unique, with on-page and online content created by an experienced staff of editors who live the life they celebrate.

In 1966, Southern Living was created to highlight the beauty and culture of the growing South. In the decades since its inception, Southern Living, published monthly, has become one of the largest lifestyle magazines in the country. With characteristic Southern hospitality, Southern Living is committed to sharing the region we love with our readers, no matter where they may live.

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4/9/2017 Southern Living Magazine - I too am cancelling my subscription because of the
I too am cancelling my subscription because of the ad on page 35 in April 2017 edition. I'm sad to say Southern Living has caved to lifestyles that the majority of Americans find offensive. Why not stick to the successful advertising that has been family friendly? I guess the $ is more important than morals and principles. Thank you for the past years of some great articles, recipes, etc. Like they say, "there are more fish in the sea" and that includes magazines.

Lori Read More
4/1/2017 Southern Living Magazine - I am writing to cancel my subscription to Southern
I am writing to cancel my subscription to Southern Living Magazine as of April 1, 2017. I am deeply offended by your ad opposite page 34 in the April 2017 issue. If this is the path your magazine wishes to take I will not support you financially or in any other way.

Pat Read More
12/18/2016 Southern Living Magazine - I just called to renew my subscription and was
I just called to renew my subscription and was told if I sent the check tomorrow I would not get an issue until March WITH THAT BEING SAID I AM GONE GONE GONE GONE Obviously from the above you have horrible serivice and treat your clients awful I can go to a library and read you mag. Adious


Joy Read More
12/18/2016 Southern Living Magazine - PLZ send my subscription to the names I have
PLZ send my subscription to the names I have requested. I mailed a check on 11/22/16. Have not heard a word.
The check was cashed 11/29/16. The 1st magazine was to be sent out for Dec. Apptrciate you taking care of this immediately!


Evelyn Read More
11/28/2016 Southern Living Magazine - I wasn't sure the expiration date on my
I wasn't sure the expiration date on my subscription was correct. I had to call twice to get the information I needed. The second time I called, it was only resolved when I was transferred to a supervisor who appeared to be located in the U.S. From the two times I called, it appears you have off-shored your help desk to India. Having worked for a company who did the same thing (and then brought the help desk back onshore after two years due to complaints), it appears your customer service representatives have the same issues ours did. If you ask them a question that requires analytical thought, it cannot be answered because they can only quote what is in their script. Also, they cannot handle more than one concept or question at a time. Nor can they anticipate what your next question may be based on the answer to the first question. Instead of researching all questions at once, they must put you on hold and research each question even though they are related questions. Not good customer service.

Jen Read More
11/21/2016 Southern Living Magazine - My name is Jane Langford in Brooks, Georgia. I am
My name is Jane Langford in Brooks, Georgia. I am receiving duplicate copies of Southern Living each month. It is a waste of time and money, so please just send one copy.

jane Read More
10/31/2016 Southern Living Magazine - Dear Un-Southern Living, what on earth has
Dear Un-Southern Living, what on earth has happened to your telephone manners? Perhaps if you hired some southern people to represent your Southern Living magazine the service would be a bit more genteel.
I have been a subscriber for over 20 years and only began having issues with your delivery service and customer service last year after missing 3 subscriptions. I received an offer for a special rate which I accepted and paid for and then the problems began.
This year the same thing happened. I called this morning and spoke with "Mary" and let's just say if that was a shining example of your customer service training you need to re-evaluate the thought process of making the customer happy. Perhaps rather that blaming my mail carrier or the possibility that someone is stealing my Southern Living magazines from my mailbox a simple "Oops, we screwed up again " might be in order.
So upon acknowledgement of receipt of my check it appears that I will receive replacements for Sept. and Oct. issues and the November issue will be here by November 7th. There was nary (that's a southern term) an explanation as to why the November issue has not arrived yet and no accusations of thugs in my hood stealing it since it has not been mailed yet.
I guess I will just sit on my front porch and sip some sweet tea and await the arrival of the magazines while standing guard of my mailbox with my shotgun! Oh well, in the words of the late great Scarlett O'Hara, "Fiddly dee, I will worry about that tomorrow "!
Oh and give my best to Mary, Mary quite contrary! Bless her heart!!The End!

Lynn Read More
4/21/2016 Southern Living Magazine - I tried to renew my wife's subscription for faster
I tried to renew my wife's subscription for faster service on your site: "" at two different email locations on your page. I tried three times and each time got something other than a subscription offer. I had difficulty ordering by phone as a foreign sounding operator was difficult to understand. I am waiting to see if my attempt was successful. I think your email ordering sites need attention. C.S. Otto

C.S. Read More
2/26/2016 Southern Living Magazine - My check for subscription cleared on jan. 20,2016.
My check for subscription cleared on jan. 20,2016. I received first issue ( March issue) today February. 26, 2016. It contains expiration alert. Reads expiration is April, 16,2016. Please fix the problem.

Mammy Read More
2/11/2016 Final Notice from Southern Living Magazine?
I mailed Check #6895 on 01/11/2016 to renew my subscription; this check cleared my bank on 01/20/2016. I received a Final Notice today 02/10/2016 saying I needed to reply by 03/01/2016. My account # is 2139103036.
Please let me know when my account has been updated by sending me an email.

Margaret Read More
12/19/2015 Have given ten gift subscriptions for years with Southern Living Magazine
Have given ten gift subscriptions for years with no problems, always renewing them in late October or early November. This year did the renewal on Nov 3, 2015, and paid by credit card. Since then have had multiple notices of LAST CHANCE to renew. Several phone calls have resulted in mass confusion, with the online account saying all subscriptions are expiring. Emails, phone calls - nothing works. Just about ready to shove the whole thing!

Joe Read More
12/11/2015 Southern Living Magazine - I have also received invoices for subscriptions that are paid
I have also received invoices for subscriptions already paid. I am not going to pay
double. I am sending a copy of my check that's already cleared the bank a month ago. There
seems to me that there is a short-handed dept. somewhere. I had already sent a notice that the
subscriptions had been paid. Someone need to coordinate the info. If I receive another invoice I
will not respond. Tired of getting them. Thanks and look for my receipt of the canceled check.

Wayne Read More
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