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8/16/2013 Spanx Inc. - A hole developed in my Spanx - Not very good quality
I bought 2 spanx while on vacation in Georgia. After purchasing I decide to wear one. While putting it on a hole started. Asked the sale associate if i could exchange it and she let me. Washed it and hung it up to dry. Wore it a hole started again. Now it has a large hole in it. Not very good quality for what you pay for them. Really disappointed!

LotisaRead More
8/4/2009 Spanx Inc. - I purchased black Spanx in March - the highter
I purchased black Spanx in March - the highter power panty - the top is now fraying - right under the elastic there is a band - that's the part that is fraying - quite a bit it might add - is there anything you can do. I also bought a nude pair and they seem to be OK. I have heard great things about this product so I am very disappointed in the quality - or maybe it's just this pair. Please tell me if you can do anything about it.
Thanks and best regards,

WendyRead More
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