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3/13/2017 Spirit Air - Worst customer service on the planet. It is
Worst customer service on the planet. It is amazing that a company can operate under such loose regulations for how they handle customer service. SPEND THE EXTRA $30 AND FLY ANOTHER AIRLINE.

1/25/2017 Spirit Air - This is the worst customer service I have ever
This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
One scam after another.
No confirmation on car rental or information provided.
No pricing can be verified. Agents and their managers claim ignorance when asked what the breakdown of pricing is between your ticket and rental..."they have no idea."
Never book this airline......AWFUL !!!!!!!!!

Dr. Sheila Drexler Read More
1/4/2017 Spirit Air - The worst airlines in the world is Spirit. Pls.
The worst airlines in the world is Spirit. Pls. pls. never fly Spirit. On Jan 3rd, 2017, Spirit airlines lied to more than 100 passengers at the Orlando airport that the flight is delayed for 5 hrs. Later they said flight is cancelled and no reason was given. We spent more than 9 hrs at the airport with small kids. They told us that they have only 32 seats are available next day evening to Baltimore. rest have to buy tickets through other airlines and go back and They never helped any passenger to fly through other airlines. My self and 3 other family members ended up booking via Southwest to Baltimore for $450 each ticket due to last minute cancellation of Spirit. Since this morning I have been trying to reach Spirit airline for getting refunds but no one picks up phone calls.

Hope FAA will closely monitor this airlines and soon terminate their service.

Bill Read More

JACKIE Read More
12/3/2016 Spirit Air - I had to reschedule a flight because of an
I had to reschedule a flight because of an emergency illness with my 85 year old mother...the flight was not taking place for 6 weeks........after numerous calls....I finally talked to a human being who yelled at me.....I told her to stopping yelling....she toned it down a little bit.....After I explained the situation....she went to talk to a supervisor..3 times....I was on hold for 5 minutes each time.........she was so sorry to hear about my situation........but,NO Refund....she told me nothing she could do.....my problem.....they are the worst airline in the US......I will never ever fly with them...and no one else should either.....you will be sorry......I doubt they even have toilet paper in their restrooms.....they are cheap and dirty!!!!!!!!!

Ed Read More
10/17/2016 spirit airlines customer service sucks. the
spirit airlines customer service sucks.
the hassle far outweighs any savings
flying this joke of an airline.
The time that I wasted trying to get
help from a live person due to an error
that I didn't create cannot be tolerated

jim Read More
8/1/2016 Spirit Air - I am trying to get a hold of customer service and
I am trying to get a hold of customer service and everything is automated. There are no options to press for a real person. I was charged for something that should have never been charged for. Provide a number that I can reach a real person to speak to.

Autumn Read More
7/31/2016 Spirit Air - I booked the flight and I was unable to adds my
I booked the flight and I was unable to adds my KTN so Ai called. I was instructed to get it done at the counter because they couldn't do it over the phone. I got to the ATL counter and I was told that they don't enter the number or acknowledge it. Almost missed the flt. I was mislead.

Debra Read More
6/21/2016 Spirit Air - I booked on Sprit Airline for LA,CA from Seattle
I booked on Sprit Airline for LA,CA from Seattle and back, and had to rebook for different time to return, there go the discount. Returning to Seattle, I called the day before to make sure I had my luggage was paid for only to told: No you are taken care no worries. I get to the airport only to find out there is a cost and now I have to pay more than I should. I call once home the next day, again I'M TOLD I should hear from someone in 48hrs, YEA RIGHT. I call only to be told no one will call me back I have to call back. Only thing I know is the famous and consistent with Sprit Airline is the phrase (I SORRY FOR THIS). REALLY, PLEASE PAY JUST A BIT MORE FOR SERVICE WITH SONEONE ELES AIRLINE, I'M A TRUE BELIEVER OF READING THE COMMENT NOW. I would not tell anyone that the customer service is good or fair. It's horrendous. Don't put your self in the field of minds

sharon Read More
6/7/2016 Spirit Air - On 6/2/16, I experienced very poor customer
On 6/2/16, I experienced very poor customer service through Spirit Airlines. My flight was delayed for quite awhile d/t mechanical issues on the plane. We had left the gate & were ready to depart when the pilot announced that something was wrong with the engine & it would only take minutes for them to fix the issue. Well minutes turned into over an hour. Long story short, they said the issue was resolved & we were about to depart again when we got another annoucement from the pilot saying that something else was wrong, this time a computer issue that he couldn't give us an estimate on how long it would take. We were on the plane for almost two hours. The pilot finally announced that the issue was taking too long to fix & he reassured everyone on the plane that we could still make it to Chicago because there was a "spare plane" we could get transferred to. He asked everyone to exit off the plane & to wait in Gate A17 for the "spare plane". We waiting approximately 15-20 minutes by the gate, only to hear an announcement by a staff member saying that our flight to Chicago had been cancelled. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I didn't appreciate them lying to customers who paid hard earned money & having to wait all of this time to know that I wouldn't make it to my destination was really upsetting. We then were directed to get in a line where they would try to rebook us for other flights through other airlines. Needless to say, after an hour of waiting in line, a staff member passed out a card for customer service that allowed the customers to call to speak with someone to rebook flights. Fortunately, I was about to be rebooked the same day through another airline company. I just arrived to Chicago much later than I had anticipated when originally booking my flight.

Sunshine Read More
5/22/2016 Spirit Air - It has taken me 2 days to get my fing
It has taken me 2 days to get my fing conformation code from these people?????????

gina Read More
5/17/2016 I had an okay experience with spirit airline going
I had an okay experience with spirit airline going to my destination but leaving I didn't have a good experience .The Spirit clerk with the # 65225 was horrible . I was in line to check in for my flight and when I got to her and showed her my flight information she just said I needed to print my tickets in a non helpful manner. But when one of her kind came she told them the same in a nice way and walked them to the computer and explained to them what was needed to be done.

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