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12/20/2016 SquareSpace.com - I need help. I have an active Squarespace account
I need help. I have an active Squarespace account and page. I have forgotten ALL my info besides my URL for my website. I created the account a long time in 2009 and no longer have the same email, whatever it was, and no password. I'm not even sure of my domain name. None of the login ways work. HOW CAN I GET IN TOUCH WITH SQUARESPACE? PHONE NUMBER?

John Read More
6/4/2015 SquareSpace.com - Deposits not going to our checking account.We
Deposits not going to our checking account.
We received an email April 13 in reference to depsoits not posted to the banks.
Has this problem been resolved?
We have one deposit missing from Square Space.
Ref #: nq7Nrb88RKE6YIyxJZAw2xMF ....for the amount of $129.34.

Will you let us know when this is posted?

Lynette Read More
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