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12/8/2014 Staples - On December 3, I went into the Bluefield, Va.
On December 3, I went into the Bluefield, Va. Staples store with the full intention of buying a laptop, and an ipad. I had quite a bit of money on me to pay cash for these items. BUT, After being I. That store and looking at these items and being totally ignored for over an hour-I left the store Without either of these items! I feel like my money would be better spent some place where customer service exists. There was No other customers in the store But Me! I will never shop there again For Anything!

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11/16/2014 I am a fan of staples because of the Customer
I am a fan of staples because of the Customer Service that Staples has always provided me with throughout the state of California. I have always been provided with World Class Service when visiting a Staples Store.

However, today was a different experience for me when I visited Store #1379 in Palo Alto, CA this morning at 10:15 a.m. on Saturday 11/15/14.

I had visited your Store to have some 8 1/2 x 11 signs printed for me. As I entered the store, I was pleasantly greeted from a female employee. I made my way to the printing department where there was a very nice young man who was your employee. This young man was trying to help 5 of us waiting to have him take care of our services. We were all very patient because he was the only one in the printing department and doing an excellent job with what he had to work with.

As we were all patiently waiting, the Store Manager (male -mid 40's) walked through the crowd of customers waiting to be helped and approached the young man and asked him what time the next person was coming in. The young said to the manager, the next person to come in would be at noon. The manager then told the nice young man that he needs to be off of the clock at 11:15 and then ordered this young man who was trying to help all 5 of us at the same time to call in the person who is coming in at noon and tell them to come in at 11 instead. The store manager was very abrupt with the young man trying his best to hold the fort down. The store manager then walks away to go back into his office without a care of how many people were waiting to be helped and how overloaded the young man was with all of us waiting to be helped.

I felt so bad for this young man that I thought that I would do him a favor and leave the store so that there would be 1 less customer that he would have to look up at and wonder how he was going to deal with this with no help from his manager.

I left the store feeling very bad for the young man and extremely angry at the store manager. I took my business to Office Depot instead.

I have my own business and deal with customers every day. If this was my store, I would fire the Store Manager immediately and give the young man a big raise. Your Store Manager does not represent Staples very well. He gets an F for his grade today and the young man gets an A.

A Tip for someone to represent your business as a your Store Manager -
Find someone who's smile will be the Staples logo, their personality will be the Staples business card, and they way that they leave others feeling when your customers have had the experience with them will then be the Staples trademark.

The Store manager at Store #1379 in Palo Alto, CA has none of these qualifications from what I had witnessed this morning. Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Staples Family.

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9/7/2014 I have been a customer of Staples- Lake Mary, Fl
I have been a customer of Staples- Lake Mary, Fl 32746, for over 16 years. I buy all my office supplies for two dental offices at this Staples. I would like to report my dissappointment on how my situation was dealt with today. I placed an order for a "FOREVER" stamp that was to be a duplicate of a "FOREVER"stamp I had bought at this Staples a few years ago. When I received the stamp (in mail), I noticed that the account number which was part of the original stamp ink pad, was not included in the ink pad of the new one. After waiting about half an hour while the two employes kept discussing how to go about dealing with this issue, I was told that the manager was not in until Monday and because I had signed the order as approved, I would have to pay for this stamp again. The problem that I have, was that the original stamp was made at Staples and it was not duplicated as I requested. Even though I had brought the old one in to have an exact copy of it made. The staff was unable to make a decision which should have been to remake the stamp free of charge. The unproffessional approach to the situation, left me not ever wanting to do business there again. I walked out. This is how long term customers are lost! Over a $30-$40 ink stamp and lack of customer care. Thank you for reading this.

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9/5/2014 Staples - I put in a oder a week ago on line since I had a
I put in a oder a week ago on line since I had a special on-line rewards savings of 30% that had a time limit and the desks chairs I was ordering also were on sale. The order was to be sent the next day. No chairs arrive and I check the tracking order number and it says it is processing the order so I give it some time. Yesterday I use the Live Chat and find that my order was cancelled in "error" which was Staples ERROR. The Live Chat _somewhere in India or foreign country -- said that I would receive a call from the delivery service in 24hours and if I did not that I would have to reorder. So now at the 23rd hour of waiting for a call -- I was going to reorder but my 30% off is no longer valid nor is the sale price. This is unacceptable and no wonder people do not feel comfortable ordering on line from the mortor and brick stores --- I will not ever purchase from Staples on line ever again --- Amazon is a leader for a reason!!!

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8/9/2014 I am very disappointed with Staples, this pass
I am very disappointed with Staples, this pass week the weekly sales, one of the products listed was Bic Velocity Bold black pens regular price $4.49 sale price $1.00 this was a steal I thought but every store and I didn't know there were so many Staples in New York City, I was told that that product was never shipped to the company and they will be in the store next week but of course the sale ends today Saturday 8/9/2014. The trick to get customer into the store is low and underhanded. Very disappointed in Staples.

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7/15/2014 Staples - I shopped in the Chantilly, VA store today, July
I shopped in the Chantilly, VA store today, July 15th--- I was appalled at the customer service manager and store clerks' poor, hostile attitude. no one was available to check me out where the register light was on and the return clerk light was off so when after 5 minutes of waiting, I inquired where I should check out and the employee was totally rude and abrupt! --- I worked in customer service for many years so I realize that some days are bad but the rudeness was COMPLETELY --- COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE ---- I personally WILL NEVER shop in a Staples again --- unless I am guaranteed that they have learned how to talk to their customers (you know, the REASON they have a job!!) -- I challenge and welcome any comments

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10/29/2013 Staples - I have been a Rewards member since 2008 and have
I have been a Rewards member since 2008 and have NECER experienced the level or should I say lack of customer service as I endured yesterday. I had made a mistake last Thursday at another Staples location, while ordering invitations with my 90 year old cousins, when I purchased the wrong refil tape for my labeled. Yesterday when I noticed it was wrong I went to my neighborhood Staples to simply exchange it for the correct item. First the cashier couldn't find my rewards number then said since I didn't have the original receipt the only credit I could receive was $2.00 for a $12.29 item. I asked to see the Manager, who then came to the register and did absolutely nothing but "confirm that was Policy". When I got home I phoned the other location, they were very helpful and faxed me a copy of the receipt to my home and they wondered why the other Manager didn't call them? I then returned to the neighborhood location and presented the ax. The Manager was very surprised that the other location faxed it to me and then said he needed to call them. He went into the office, I presume, and returned 10 minutes or so later went to another register to issue my refund. He then proceeded, in front of other customers, to tell me that "if I wasn't so pissy earlier" he may have tried to help me. I felt like I was a criminal or something trying to get something for nothing, when I was only trying to get an exchange. This is no way to talk to any customer.

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11/18/2011 Staples - I puchase a lap top and extended warronty from
I puchase a lap top and extended warronty from staples
was told i could bring it back to store if i had a problem and thay could fix it . when i got there i was told i had to mail it to teck suport or call so i called then staples teck suport told me it was under manufators warronty so i had to call HP teck suport and thay gave me the phone number where i talked to india for 2 hours because i didnt understand him do to his accident . SO then i called again the next day HP and got somone in the USA midwest and told him about my ordial and he told me about HP extended warronty witch was for 3 years not 2 like staples and was 10 dollars cheaper so i called staples and since it had not started yet or thay could have helped me so i thought .but no my extended warronty started the time i pick it up the first i asked to speak to manager and im still watting for to this day i want my money back all of it plus the tax i pad in nj because i was told there was no taxes for a warronty and that was not true eather.

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6/15/2011 Staples - Walmart also refuses to honor the Ohio Tax
Walmart also refuses to honor the Ohio Tax Department teachers exempt form. They say they have never heard of such. They told me to provide them with a vendor's license number and they would exempt otherwise...sorry.

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2/24/2011 STAPLES is Not easy!Around the end of December,
STAPLES is Not easy!

Around the end of December, Betty Jenkins, our EPG offices services coordinator, ordered a desk lamp for me. It was Staples item no. 493025. It arrived sometime after that but it didn't work, the light bulb would not turn on. We had it shipped back to Staples. I was told we have to wait a month to see a credit. I don't know if that happened. Thinking there was just a defect with the bulb on that lamp, a specialized sort of bulb, I decided to have Betty order another one. The second lamp came sometime in January. The light bulb worked, but the base was broken. I took it back to Betty who was going to have it shipped back to Staples. I'm not sure she has had packaged it to be returned yet, or is still waiting for the credit on the first one.

Now it is February 24th, we have been charged for two of these lamps at $85.46 each and I still have no desk lamp.

I would still like to get the same lamp I ordered if I could get one that wasn't broken and had a working light bulb. But with Staples, it is not easy. I would like someone from Staples to personally open the box for one of these lamps, make sure nothing is broken on it, have it delivered and pick up the defective one if Betty hasn't already shipped it, and make sure we are credited for the defective lamps.

Betty's direct phone number is, or you can call Elgin Sweeper number and she will probably answer as she runs the switch board during the day.
My direct line is

thank you.

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12/7/2010 i like staples
i like staples

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9/20/2010 Staples, I recently purchased a laptop computer
I recently purchased a laptop computer at Staples. The product is fine. My problem is with receiving a benefit that I was told I could receive. It's is not monies from Staples, but from the state of Ohio. I am a teacher in Ohio and because of that I am permitted to purchase a computer once every 2 years with tax exemption. The application, etc. is on the Ohio SchoolNet website. When I asked the store about this allowance, they indicated that they knew nothing about it. My peers tell me that they have exercised this savings before and it has went just fine. Please let me know if you can honor this.

Thanks ,
Rodney [email protected]
Ohio SchoolNet
Schools on the move
To: All licensed or certified elementary or secondary teachers in Ohio
From: Office of Information, Learning & Technology Services
Re: Sales Tax Exemption for Computer Equipment
In Ohio, there is legislation providing an exemption from sales tax for
teachers when they purchase computer equipment under certain
circumstances. Please note hat this exemption only covers computer
equipment (hardware). It does not cover separately sold software or
computer supplies such as paper, ink, toner, etc.
Sales Tax Law H.B. 215 states:
“Sales of computers, computer monitors, computer keyboards, modems, and
other peripheral equipment to an individual who is licensed or certified to
teach in a elementary or a secondary school in this state for use by that
individual in preparation for teaching elementary or secondary school in this
state of ruse by that individual in preparation for teaching elementary or
secondary school students."
What you need to give to the vendor:
1. Verification of your teacher license or certification signed and dated
by your building principal on school letterhead. In place of this, a
copy of your license or certificate is also acceptable.
2. Unit Certificate of Exemption (tax exempt form).
The purchaser hereby claims exception or exemption on the purchase of tangible personal property and selected services
made under this certificate from:
(vendor’s name)
and certifies that the claim is based upon the purchaser’s proposed use of the items or services, the activity of the purchase, or
both, as shown hereon:
Sales of personal computers, computer monitors, computer keyboards, modems, and other peripheral computer equipment to
an individual who is liscensed or certified to teach in an elementary or a secondary school in the State of Ohio for use by that
individual in preparation for teaching elementary or secondary school students.
Purchaser must state a valid reason for claiming exception or exemption.
Purchaser’s name
Street address
City, state, ZIP code
Signature Title
Date signed
Vendor’s license number, if any
Vendors of motor vehicles, titled watercraft and titled outboard motors may use this certificate to
purchase these items under the “resale" exception. Otherwise, purchaser must comply with either rule
5703-9-10 or 5703-9-25 of the Administrative Code.
This certificate cannot be used by construction contractors to purchase material for incorporation into
real property under an exempt construction contract. Construction contractors must comply with rule
5703-9-14 of the Administrative Code.
Rev. 3/15/04 Sales and Use Tax
Unit Exemption Certificate

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