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2/27/2016 Staples Rewards - Horrible customer service, have been on hold or
Horrible customer service, have been on hold or transferred so many times that my phone battery is losing power. Called today to find out why I didn't receive my staples rewards and 40 minutes later, after "the line was disconnected" still no idea about where my rewards are. Finally on the line with someone who seems like they know what they are doing, but we will see. I had no idea it was going to be so difficult to receive these rewards, will recycle ink cartridges elsewhere from now on.

ML Read More
1/12/2016 Staples Rewards - Your company appears to employ personnel who are
Your company appears to employ personnel who are not interested in customer service, in fact they contradict each other. Visited your Gloucester branch yesterday (11 Jan 2016) made a purchase but did not have loyalty card with me, so assistant who served me said to produce receipt and card next time visited store which happened to be today when was awarded points for today's purchase (your invoice 05302065) but was told by member of staff who served me (a different person from yesterday) that it was not possible for her to post points for yesterday's transaction (your invoice 053018444). Please ensure all staff "sing from same hymn book" and do not contradict each other. Operator ref. 1784906 for 11 Jan 2016 and 1743721 for transaction today 12 Jan 2016.
Tried to telephone but received message that no person was available.
Your rating for customer service based on these 2 transactions = VERY POOR!

david derrett Read More
11/4/2015 Staples Rewards - Have you read your reviews.....See any thing you
Have you read your reviews.....See any thing you might want to address???? or will you just print the same issue over and over again...

Rbp Read More
11/1/2015 Staples Rewards - I also sent my cartridges in in 5/2014 was told I would receive my coupon by email
As I read the comments above, I see I am not the only one. I also sent my cartridges in in 5/2014 was told I would receive my coupon by email, I have called and complained , the last time I called was a week ago and had a real nice lady tell me they would give me credit and it would be sent to me in 72 hours, I have yet been sent that email, how much business can staples afford to lose??? Because of this , the last few times , I have gone to Costco to get my ink

Helen Read More
9/5/2015 Staples Rewards - New Staples customer. just returned 20 ink cartridges
a new customer. just returned 20 ink cartridges (10 9/5/15) 10 Aug 1, 2015, tried to buy ink today (9/5/15) was told needed coupon which have not received. another customer in store with same problem. if this is the best service staples has to offer I,'ll be shopping elsewhere. seems to be a common problem. does not say much for a large company like staples.

pauline Read More
8/29/2015 I concur with the Staples Rewards complaints
I concur with the complaints noted here. I used to get rewards coupon in my e-mail box but never do anymore. When I try to access the site, I keep being told that my address or password is invalid. Yet, I have requested both e-mail and password to be held by Staples. What is wrong with your service?

I am totally frustrated. How can I get this remedied without spending fruitless time on the phone?

Marilou Read More
8/19/2015 Staples Rewards - Staples needs to be investigated for deceptive practices
Staples needs to be investigated for deceptive practices and for misleading their customers regarding money back for cartridges and other items. I have returned numerous cartridges and bought other items which qualified for the Rewards program and received nothing in the mail. Last February I spent about $230 and returned cartridges with NO REWARDS. I now buy my items at Costco. I have had to call Customers Service to get any money in the past it really gets tiring.


Barbara Read More
3/21/2015 Staples Rewards - I am Staples Reward Customer # 4636918817 and have
I am Staples Reward Customer # 17 and have a Staples Rewards Card # 27924. I have returned many cartridges as well as purchased many items during the past year that should have earned me rebates or rewards but I am prevented from recovering them because your rewards site insists that neither I nor my e-mail address exists in your records! Yet you send me e-mails at the e-mail address you insist you do not have! Your e-mails state that I must go to the rewards site to collect or access my rewards but I cannot do that when the site does not recognize me! I am really frustrated and upset that your separate program sites do not communicate with each other! Is there anybody at the home office who can fix this big annoying problem? I am thinking that I will need to change stores and buy my office supplies elsewhere! What else can I do? Please call me at and let me know what, if anything, you can do. Thank you. Mary Lu

Mary Lu Read More
2/6/2015 Staples Rewards- I purchased new cartridges and
Staples Rewards- I purchased new cartridges and turned in 10 empties back in November 3rd 2014, I still yet to receive my staples rewards by umber-.

Part two. I also turned in ten empty cartridges end of December 2014 or first part of January 2015. at that time I was told by the clerk at Springfield Illinois , Wahbash Staples store, I did not need a receipt so I do not have a rewards number. It was added under my phone number

Can you give me information on this transaction?


Winnifred A Surratt Read More
10/17/2014 Staples Rewards - Hello! I am your customer many years. Only few
Hello! I am your customer many years. Only few times i got a reward after returning cartridges. Last time i bought
a chair with coupon on $25 and returned 6 cartridges. I got receipt with "0" six times for cartridges. Two month later on my E-mail i got Two coupons by $10. For cartridges till today i got nothing.

Michael Read More
7/29/2014 Staples Rewards - Hello, I purchased new ink cartridges and several
Hello, I purchased new ink cartridges and several items back in February 2014. I turned in 6 cartridges to the cashier and was told I would receive a rewards discount online. I never received my rewards discount. I went back to the store and was told to call the number on the back of the card. I gave her my e-mail again and she said that is what shows in the system. When I called the number on the card none of the options let you speak to a live person. Very frustrating! I found this website so I am giving my comments. I would appreciate receiving my rewards as promised.

Lorraine Read More
3/30/2014 Staples Rewards - March 30,2014, I spoke to a rewards customer
March 30,2014,
I spoke to a rewards customer service lady on 3/26/14 and she was going to e-mail me a courtesy $20 coupon to buy printer ink cartridges since past redemption expired due to me not receiving the emailed rewards coupons. I have not received the $20 coupon by e-mail at my [email protected] address, and I need to buy ink soon.
She said the use of the coupon is only good on purchasing ink cartridges of $30 or more.
Also, the retail stores are not stocking single black Lexmark #3 cartridges. They have to fill out a form and then they ship it to me at my home. This shipping has been going on for several years, even after I told the clerks about the black cartridge not being available. You only have the dual pack which has a color#2, and black#3 in one box.

Thank you.

Joseph Read More
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