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State Farm Emergency Road Service provides towing and mechanical services when your car or truck is disabled.

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1-877-627-5757Press #2, Then Press#1


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9/10/2016 State Farm Roadside Assistance - Absolutely Horrible!! The first service
Absolutely Horrible!! The first service provider got upset because they didnt read the call correctly and a jump was sent went we needed a tow. The second came 4 HOURS LATER! We are dropping not only the road side but the insurance as well. This was the worst experience of my life. Im going so far as to make sure i dont use anything affiliated with State Farm.

emgeeRead More
6/9/2016 State Farm Roadside Assistance - AVOID this company. They responded to my call
AVOID this company. They responded to my call regarding a dead battery... broke the hood latch and could not open the hood. They left the damage and I had to call a wrecker to tow my car. Not only did they damage my car, they CHARGED my credit card and after 7 months I am STILL trying to recover their fees for damaging my car as well as the cost to repair their damage. Be warned!!

BobbieRead More
5/17/2016 State Farm Roadside Assistance - Been waiting close to 3 hours for a tow truck for
Been waiting close to 3 hours for a tow truck for my road side assistance and it's STILL not here...

KimberleyRead More
1/18/2016 State Farm Roadside Assistance - The State Farm representatives were incompetent
My parents (elderly) had a flat tire on a major highway in Crystal Lake, IL; the agents office was closed so we called the State Farm Roadside Assistance as they have had the coverage for 20 years and never used it. After being placed on and off hold, we were told they were having no luck finding anyone to assist but they would keep trying. Within 5 minutes after hanging up, I found a big name car repair center a mile away that was willing to come over and change the tire. I called State Farm back and was told since they didn't find the person/place to do the repair/assistance then it is not covered by the policy. WOW. The temperature was 2 degrees, pretty cold and the State Farm representatives were incompetent.

RickRead More
5/25/2015 State Farm Roadside Assistance - Me and my family were traveling down i10 and had a
Me and my family were traveling down i10 and had a blowout. I contacted state farm roadside asst and 4.5 hrs later one of the deputy's from chambers county sheriff dept drove to his house and brought me his personal jack and 4 way . State Farm thanks for nothing and allowing my children to fall asleep hungry and left us stranded for 4.5 hrs.i will be changing policies tomorrow considering today is a holiday . I give these people $600 a month and this is what I get? Very disappointed

LeighRead More
5/11/2015 State Farm Roadside Assistance - On Friday (May 8th,P.M), I made my 1st ever call
On Friday (May 8th,P.M), I made my 1st ever call to "Roadside Assistance".I talked to a lady....friendly, knowledgeable, and quick . She helped me a lot !! ..and I thank you !

RickRead More
2/2/2015 State Farm Roadside Assistance - I am sorry people that some of you had issues with coverage
I am sorry people that some of you had issues with the coverage, but most of you that were upset with the coverage, did not have the proper insurance coverage in the first place. Or the coverage did not cover your particular problem, as with anything, please check your policy and State Farm does suggest that you do exactly that annually. Many agents will contact you at least once a year, or on your anniversary date of the policy, even during the yearly renewal you will receive a policy coverage form, check it out and make sure you have the right coverage for your automobile, and home. I have had State Farm Insurance for over forty years, on my house, automobile, boat and even a few motorcycles, I have had challenges with a few claims, but overall I am very pleased with State Farm. In fact, both of my children today, are covered with State Farm, they are a great company with a great reputation for service, but then again, if your one of the few, who makes claims yearly or are a terrible driver. Then it won't matter who you are insured with, but take some responsibility for your own actions, and think a little, make sure you have the appropriate coverage.
The Agent has nothing to do with the length of time, or the service that you receive from any toll truck service, they cannot be held responsible for finding your car, or for the length of time it takes for them to get to you. Come on think a little, and as for locating you, today they do have those devices, all you need to do, is ask your Agent for one, sure it will cost you a little money but it is worth it. As for me, I have OnStar and all I need to do is push a button, but even if I cannot, it will send out a message for us, to let them know I was involved in an accident. Pretty cool, but it does track you driving record a little, so it does invade in your privacy. But anyway, please take some responsibility, and read your policy, State Farm is a great company.

ZegotaRead More
12/29/2014 State Farm Roadside Assistance - Need to hitchhike to nearest town to get help! At
Need to hitchhike to nearest town to get help! At first was impressed when I called and it asked permission to use GPS to locate my car. After an hour of haggling with hte operator who just couldn't understand that I was on a dark, unlit road so I didn't know where I was. I knew I was 7 miles south of town because I was literally stranded next to a sign, but too no avail. It was cold, and I ended up hanging up, getting out the car, and hitchhiking to the nearest gas station to get help!! How safe was that?? Purchased AAA the next day and cancelled State Farm road side as it is completely useless.

WendiRead More
5/13/2014 I am not happy with State Farm roadside assistance
I am not happy with State Farm roadside assistance and State Farm insurance they suck... I requested not to use Steve and Bob towing. I was charged $25 dollar for the additional mileage,to later get an automated call back stating Bob and Steve towing will be doing the tow. I called back requested a supervisor and guess who did the my tow Bob and Steve and my car was driven 35 miles on the rim and the car is a total lost. State Farm did not assist with getting me paid from Agero the contacted company for State Farm for those who are not aware. I am not happy with this State Farm...

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3/2/2014 State Farm Roadside Assistance - I have twice requested a roadside assistance
I have twice requested a roadside assistance manual (AARP has one),from State Farm Customer Service but to no avail. Customer service told me of three or four things they do, but not in detail. I always prefer backup in the event assistance is required. Has anyone ever received a booklet/manual of detailed coverage???

HelenRead More
11/4/2013 State Farm Roadside Assistance - I have used this for towing twice both times
I have used this for towing twice both times there's @ least an hour or more and the last tow I was to far from home and had to pay an extra 20.00 out of pocket I was not happy nor did I get my 20 back. Now this is also second time I locked my keys in the car first time didn't take long. This time it will be 40 minutes now the guy calls say will be an extra 35 well over an hour. I understand they company there paying totally sucks and it makes them look bad. The best thing to do is pay out of pocket and take them the ticket they will pay you back OUR TIME IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE MONEY WE PAY EVERY MONTH.

PamelaRead More
7/29/2013 State Farm Roadside Assistance - Great Customer Service on State Farm Roadside , I
Great Customer Service on State Farm Roadside , I had to use this service twice. both time the personal on phone was very helpful, it is a very good SERVICE.

DAO from SC Read More
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