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Stater Bros Corporate Office Headquarters
Stater Bros. Holdings Inc.
301 S. Tippecanoe Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92408 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-909-733-5000
Fax Number: 1-909-733-3930
Customer Service Number: 1-888-992-9977
Job Inquiry Line:1-888-697-8794
Store Locator:1-877-232-9300

Phone Number

1-888-992-9977Review Needed Please Comment


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11/26/2014 Stater Bros - I would like to address the conditions at the
I would like to address the conditions at the Stater Bros., located on 40th St. San Bernardino, CA. I have observed within the last several years a gradual devolving of the conditions there. I have been a customer for over 25 years at this store and am usually quite satisfied. Lately I have noted the shopping carts are filthy,and in poor working order. I find myself searching for a properly rolling cart, and after 3 attempts I usually find one. I also want to state that more than three times I have had items not bagged. I understand everyone makes mistakes and I am one to admit making an error, yet at this particular Stater's I was made to feel as though I was at fault. Upon presenting my receipt and having the bagger accompany me to my car to check, I was told by the checker that I probably dropped the package(It was 12 roll container of paper towels) Although the item was replaced, I was made to feel incompetent. Could it be because the manager was at the register, and employees are always right? Please do not do this to your loyal customers. Thank you.

MadalynRead More
6/11/2014 Stater Bros - There is a worker there smoking pot her name is
There is a worker there smoking pot her name is bridget ortiz she works in apple valley the newest store she works in the bakery area

jpRead More
5/10/2014 Stater Bros - just sent e-mail to your people about people in
just sent e-mail to your people about people in park lot and in front of bldg.asking for money,mostly to older people and women.most give in out of fear.what i got was a standard form letter that said absolutly nothing!are you going to wait untill something serious happens on your property?this the second e-mail i have tried to get through to stater bros.let it go on record that a complaint has faLLEN ON DEAF EARS!!!


CHRISRead More
5/5/2014 Stater Bros - I agree with so many. The customer service is
I agree with so many. The customer service is terrible. I always try to give benefit of doubt. But seriously every location I've gone to in my city vicinity, Whittier ca. I deal with rudeness from the cashiers. Almost like they just don't want to help me personally. I don't want to shop at staters anymore and I like the store itself.

Christina hernandezRead More
3/25/2014 Stater Bros - This is for the Stater Brothers Market on Garey
This is for the Stater Brothers Market on Garey Ave. And Alvarado street!!!!! I wouldn't shop this stater brothers market i would go out of my way to go to Winco market, simply because, The store lets known druggie/homeless to use their restrooms to wash up and do their drugs,you could call the stores manager until your blue in the face and they don't care the store employee's and managers mingle with the druggies/homeless. This store is keeping and allowing known by stater brothers! Drug dealing to go on in the parking lots. The Managers won't do there jobs and control this danger to the public/paying customers. I was followed home by a creepy known to the area druggie that was aloud by stater brothers to hang out in the front of the store. If my husband didn't pull up and pick me up i would have been robbed. Now if the managers did their jobs things like this wouldn't happen they are enabling crime in this area. They let the homeless camp out in the front of the store go up to cars and scare the paying customers. This will be brought up at the next city meeting!! So if you have to shop this store do so with HIGH CAUTION!!!!!!!! AND YOU WOULD THINK THEY CARED AFTER ALL WITH THEIR SKY HIGH PRICES!

MADRead More
8/28/2013 Stater Bros - Stater Bors tri tip roasts usually good but this time they were rancid
I purchase tri tip roasts quite often from your store and they are usually good. Last time I bought 2 but when I tried to cook them they smelled rancid (spoiled) and threw them in the trash. Weeks later I took the packages and receipt back to store 91 manager Rick Jaeger refused to replace them or give a refund. He wanted me to bring in the rotten meat that was trashed weeks before. He was also rude. I will be shopping at Vons across the street from now on because of his ridiculous policy and rudeness to customers. Terrible customer service!

KenRead More
10/9/2012 Stater Bros - This refers to store No. 158, in Encinitas, CA.
This refers to store No. 158, in Encinitas, CA. Reasonable prices, good variety but very poor customer service; not just poor but one reflecting disdain for their allegedly "valuable" customers. Today, Oct. 9, 2012, around 2 pm I tried to pick up a couple of things and there were almost a dozen people waiting at the single Express lane that was open with no bagging assistant to speed up the crawling process. I caught the attention of a female employee, asked her for help and she used the P.A. address system to ask for help at checkout, but nobody showed up with no manager doing something about it. In addition, the ironically called "Customer Service" counter was, as always, unstaffed. These stores have such poor service that to discourage complaints, their corporate management, alone in a sea of better managed companies, does not provide an email address for suggestions and complaints, because obviously they don't care about their customers' convenience.

Patrick LRead More
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