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4/12/2017 Steak N Shake - I visited a steak and shake on 4/1/2017 in
I visited a steak and shake on 4/1/2017 in Valpairso Indiana and ordered a triple and got a badly burned burger I sent an email to the company and was told I would receive a 4 dollar gift card to try the restaurant again it is the 12th and I have received nothing please advise

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12/30/2015 Steak N Shake - On 12/27/15 we dined at your Valdosta GA location
On 12/27/15 we dined at your Valdosta GA location about 5 p.m. Waited forever to have our order taken. Then waited forever to get our meals only to find that it was not only incorrect but cool to the touch. The waitress kindly took our plates and some time later returned with the meals. Hot this time but still had the wrong condiments on our burgers. During all this wait time we observed a filthy floor and tables that were just wiped and not cleaned. Also a trip to the ladies room revealed that one of two toilets were clogged with no "out of order" sign and no toilet tissue in either stall. Not to mention the floor was dirty and vanity was covered in soap, water and paper towels. It was obvious it hadn't been checked in hours. Needless to say we will not be returning to this location...ever.

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7/26/2015 Steak N Shake - No leadership, plenty of employees but nobody
No leadership, plenty of employees but nobody directing the crew. Waited well over 10 minutes and nobody came back, so we decided to go through drive through, also taking forever.
Eureka, mo location

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4/12/2015 We were at the Steak n Shake in Martinsville
We were at the Steak n Shake in Martinsville Indiana and placed our order . Other people came in after us and got there food and ate and left. Our order was taken and we got it 45 minutes later and the order was wrong and when we told hem it was wrong he said it was not and red the ticket and then got the wright food to us. When we asked to talk to the manager he came over and talked to us and said they were busy and it was not that long but we looked at the time when we got there. I didn't like the manager talking to us that way and we payed our bill and left.

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3/15/2015 Steak N Shake - I am a patron of steak and shake, but never again.
I am a patron of steak and shake, but never again. After the experience I had on 3-14-15 I will never go back. I took my grand children there for a dine in meal we were seated and after 10mins there was a family seated behind us, 5mins later another family in front of us. we waited for a waitress to come to our table to take our order, but no one ever showed. after watching the families that came in after us get waited on and eat, I ask the young lady that seated us when was someone going to acknowledge our table and come over and take our order she stated that they were changing shift and maybe that's the reason, what an excuse. We waited 5 more minutes and still no one came, when I ask to speak to the manager a Mr Hill he could not give me an excuse but ask to wait and we will help you, so we waited and no one came, I seen his assistant and ask , so finally a real person came took our order and 15mins later we were walking out never been served. This store on Mount Zion rd. in Ga. is need of customer service training classes desperately, I have never experience such unprofessional managers unskilled personal. You are dealing with the public learn how to handling problems better than this or your business will have repercussions from this.

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12/24/2014 Steak N Shake - Went to the Steak and Shake on Friday, December
Went to the Steak and Shake on Friday, December 19th, around 10:00 am for breakfast. The place had less than 12 people in it, including the staff. We were promptly seated, given menus, and forgotten. We could see what appeared to be the only waitress talking to someone at the counter. After 20 minutes or so I tried to wave her over, but had no success. After 30 minutes she was sitting on a stool at the counter, texting. We still had not even been offered a drink. I finally called to her, "Miss Text, could we please get service?" Absolutely no response. Again, "Excuse me, Miss Text, but could we please have something to drink?" Again, no response. Everybody else heard us, including the manager and cook, but no one made any effort to acknowledge our presence. We finally got up and left. My husband said that as we were leaving the manager threw his hands in the air in frustration. What do you expect??? Colorado Springs, CO

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12/23/2014 Steak N Shake - We always enjoy going to Steak-n-shake for lunch
We always enjoy going to Steak-n-shake for lunch and get the steak burgers which are awesome !!! Today we decided to try the BLT"s bad idea !!! Two strips of bacon, tomatoes were terrible and the lettuce was horrible, sent one back and got turkey club, it was as bad as the BLT"s !!! I will stick to the Steak Burger from now on.....

Pam Read More
9/26/2014 Steak N Shake - This is for the steak and shake in Brandon. I
This is for the steak and shake in Brandon. I started coming to this one about two weeks ago..and let me say to weeks is to long.. One night when I came to this establishment I waiting in drive thru for five minutes this was around 2:30a.m..i was on my lunch break.. No answer.. So I drove to the window and sat for to minutes before I begin to blow my horn.. Still no answer.. So I parked my car and proceeded to go inside.. That's when I see a bunch of young males in the inside and to of your female workers entertaining them.. Don't forget to mention that there were three other cars in drive thru.. They repeated the same process I didn't.. We all end up at the front door knocking.. And your crew still entertained the young males on the inside.. Didn't even budge.. The only time then opened the door was to let another young male in and he was joining the party on the iside.. I didn't know that's how things are over night at steak and shake..but hey I'm not a mean person so I decided to give it another try.. This time tops it tho.. I pulled up at 2:20 am.. Waited in drive thru for three minutes for some one to reply on the speaker.. I could hear there conversation so I know they heard me pull up..the only reason I got there attention is because I said hello to the speaker.. The young lady said she didn't hear me pull up.. So I brush it off and take my order.. Strawberry banana shake and a butter finger shake.. I pay.. Then she says pull to the front and we will bring it out to u... So I park and play candy crush.. Before u know it ten minutes pass by. So I back my car up and blow my horn at the window.. A male come and say can I help u I asked for my two shakes.. The look on his face seemed he didn't know what I was talking about.. He finds the lady that toke the order and clearly u can tell that she forget we were even out there.. So they make the shakes which toke five minutes to me.. He hands me one shake and drops the butter finger one all over the counter.. Then he says I have to make another one.. Ok that takes another three minutes.. Then when he hands me the shake his fingers are completely covered in shake... Like really.. Once I leave and get down the road I find out the strawberry and banana shake is only strawberry.. Like wooooooowwwww... I couldn't even drink these I was so upset that I thru them out the window... Very poor customer services... I can give u another night were I ordered a strawberry and banana shake and tenders and u guys had none in stock.. The list I have for visiting this place for only to weeks go on and on... But u have great customer service in the day but over night it is beyond horrible... But it saddens me to say I will not be returning to this one in Brandon...i rather drive all the way to the one on Hillsborough then to come back to the one in Brandon... If I could u would get no stars..

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9/24/2014 Steak N Shake - The vegetable soup is very good and healthy,
The vegetable soup is very good and healthy, except for WAY TOO MUCH SALT. The company should cut the amount at least in half. I would eat it more often and others I know would be able to eat it. When I am not in the mood for a hamburger, I go to steak and shake because few fast food places have soup. If people want more salt, they can use the salt shaker or crackers. About 1700 mg of sodium--way too much!

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9/19/2014 Steak N Shake - Where did Steak & Shake get these 2 idiots-one
Where did Steak & Shake get these 2 idiots-one which is a manager and the other which is a grill cook, both Hispanic, from to work in our Crawfordsville IN restaurant? I was forced to pull a Chef Ramsey the other day and finally got fed up with the way they cook eggs in the past. This grill cook doesn’t even know the different methods to cook eggs, especially the difference between sunny side up and over light/easy. So to make sure I was right I did some research on the Internet finding an excellent video of a chef showing the different ways to cook an egg, not some grill cook that has gotten complaints from others and she won’t listen to any of the waitresses either.

And until I started seeing these Hispanic people run the place I have never gotten an egg though badly cooked that looked like a sunny side up egg until the other day. I have always asked, even in our restaurant for Over Light and the American grill cooks always cooked them a little on both sides until today.

That Hispanic manager had more damn excuse trying to convince me that I was wrong than Carter has little pills why the grill cook, cook my eggs sunny side trying to pass them off as over light. Over light and over easy eggs has always been the same thing as long as I can remember in my 68 years on this earth, until these 2 goofball Hispanics came along trying to change things. This stupid grill cook doesn’t even know how to plate eggs either. She doesn’t flip the eggs back over on the plate or at least not the one that I had to do a Chef Ramsey with.

The manager was trying to tell me that the woman grill cook, who doesn't know how to cook eggs have been there for 10 years. She must have been on a different shift cooking food other than breakfast because I never seen either one of them until recently. So I found a You Tube video of a Chef, not a grill cook, showing how to cook eggs over light. And he said the word over light while cooking eggs which is also called over easy. So I hope you educate the manager and the grill cook that over light and over easy is the same damn thing. And what they cooked for me was sunny side up. And regardless if they are sunny side up or over light/easy sometimes there will be a tiny bit of raw white once in a great while which I don't mind because the eggs I cook over light/easy at home always have a little raw white-ALWAYS.

Even the waitress said she had 3 complaints before I came in, because of the way that grill cook was cooking eggs earlier. They wouldn't even listen to the waitress and the waitress knows as well as I do the differences because she has been there for a very long time and have waited on me many times bringing me eggs that was cooked over light/easy-that is the eggs cooked a little on the flip side as well.

This chef does it best. How to cook eggs over light but I understand there is some variation and restaurants like Steak & Shake and they can’t mess around with eggs that much so a turner and grill would be in order for speed. And some people like me, like a little bit of brown on the edge of the whites sometimes. But, it takes a certain amount of skill to properly fry eggs and not use a timer that you use on other grilled and deep fried foods.

Sunny side up/option of having covered with lid and yokes steamed to desired doneness.
Over Easy
Over Medium
Over Hard
Those grill cooks don’t even know how to soft scramble an egg so that is why I don’t order scrambled eggs in Steak & Shake.


I hope my complaint is sent to corporate since there is such an issue with how eggs are cooked. I am speaking for several people and the older waitresses who know that these eggs are not cooked properly.

Alice Read More
9/1/2014 Steak N Shake - I stopped at the Steak.and Shake at 86th street in
I stopped at the Steak.and Shake at 86th street in Indianapolis,In. at 7:20 pm to get 2 milkshakes. I waited 20 mins. and watched 5 employees milling around looking back at the customers starting to form in line behind me. They all stood around looking at each other as if they didn't have a clue as to what they were suppose to do. When I entered the restaurant the cashier was taking a phone order. While waiting for my milkshakes the person who had called in was waiting behind me in line. There were no more than 3 or 4 tables with people at them when I arrived. As I waited more tables filled up. A man who was sitting at the bar showed the cook his steak burger which he had ordered with mustard, but came with a bright green relish on it. He informed the cook that I had been waiting over 20 mins., though. She asked what we were waiting on and acted as if the shakes had not been ordered. We showed her our receipt. She went back to talk to 4 of the warm bodies that were standing around. She finally brought our 2 milkshakes. I have never seen such incompetence, except for the Steak and Shake on Illinois Rd., in Fort Wayne, IN., where it took them 38 mins. to produce two milkshakes. Obviously. the people who sell Steak and Shake franchises, do not worry about training the people who work in their stores. Fortunately, the Steak and Shake closest to my home, on Meijer Rd. in Fort Wayne, IN. has always given good service and good food. It seems that not all Steak and Shakes are the same. I don't plan on returning to the ones on Illinois Rd. and 86th St. in Indy. I wanted to ask if anyone there had worked longer than one day, because they didn't have a clue what to do!

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7/3/2014 Steak N Shake - I used to enjoy Steak 'N' Shake food and would
I used to enjoy Steak 'N' Shake food and would bring it home every night for my boyfriend and I. However, after a recent visit to the Richmond,VA location I won't be doing it anymore.
I was standing at the counter waiting for my to go order for twenty mintues, which was nothing more than a steakburger and some fries. However, that is not the main reason. While I was waiting I noticed three servers in the back just staring at a wall, I asked the manager what they were reading or studying on the wall and when he asked them the male server yelled out "We have roaches back here", which was right by the fry and milkshake station. All the manager did was giggle a little [trying to hide it] and say "Oh." He didn't say they would call anyone to come out or anything. However I assumed they would. So I waited about a month and gave them another chance, this time when I returned to dine in I waited twenty minutes to be seated when there were tons of seats cleaned and available, and four servers and two managers looked at me and just kept walking/talking never acknowledging that they'd be right with me or anything. When I finally seated myself, they female manager [Kaihra, I'm not sure I spelled that correctly] came over to me and rudely informed me "you're supposed to wait at the door to be seated, you never know, we may have been reserving these tables for a large party". When I asked her were they being saved, she didn't say anything and just walked away. I had to get up and get my own menu. After twenty minutes of waiting I finally saw my server [Liz] and ordered my food, she never made any eye contact or a smile to make me feel welcomed. I got my drink and went to the restroom where I immediately ran out after seeing three large roaches on the floor and two baby roaches around the toilet on the wall. When I again brought it up to the female manager she simply said "ok thank you". I returned to my table to catch my waitress and let her know I wanted a refund only to find she had cleaned off my drink while I was up and wiping the table down while telling another server [I believe her name tag read Jay, or Jake, it was short and small but started with a J] about how I was rude and walked out on the bill and she was glad that I had left because she was tired of having tables. She didn't know that I was behind her [I guess she missed the fact that I had left my jacket in the booth, so when she saw me lean over and grab it she got quit and just smiled and lied saying my food would be right out. I told her I wanted to see the head manager about a refund because I don't want to eat in a place with roaches or where the service is rude and horrible. She said that all I owed for was the drink. I told her I shouldn't owe for it since I was clear the cup was still full and I hadn't drank any of it yet. When the manager finally did come over [I believe she called him Dray or Jay, I couldn't hardly understand her] he was very polite and told me not to worry about it he would handle it and that he was very sorry I was not treated well. He offered me a free milkshake or a free dessert to take home but I refused it.
That was the worst service I have ever had while dining out, they need to train their servers and managers to have better customer service skills. However, their FIRST priority needs to be calling an exterminator to handle their roach infestation problem.
Absolutely disgusting. I will NOT being going back to this location. I hope all Steak 'N' Shakes are not this way.

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