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4/15/2015 I love my steinmart store, but the online site,
I love my steinmart store, but the online site, did not give me order tracking info. I was told they have problems with AOL, but I do heavy online shopping, and always get my order confirmations and tracking info!

Mary Menard Read More
3/31/2015 SteinMart - I called the Orchard Park location inquiring about
I called the Orchard Park location inquiring about a problem I had with a pair of lounge pants I bought and when I washed them all the elastic ripped. I explained on the phone I did not have the receipt and asked the associate what could be done. he told me to come in with the pants and he would do what he could. I went to the store and he told me to pick something out to exchange. I picked another pair of lounge pants which were a little higher in price, as the ones I was bringing back were on the sale rack. I purchased the pants for eight dollars and the ones I wanted were twelve. He then told me he could not exchange them because he had no numbers associated with the pants and to just throw them away. I was upset because he told me on the phone he would exchange them then told me he could do nothing. I never wore the pants and I think he could of took the eight dollars off the new pair. I am wondering what can be done to correct this situation, sincerely. Tom Bigaj.

Thomas Bigaj Read More
3/6/2012 SteinMart - I am so up set right now. I drive about 1 hour to
I am so up set right now. I drive about 1 hour to get to the Solan Ohio (Aurora) Stein Mart. I bought a pair of skinny jeggins brand Seven 7. with gold rhinstones down the side of legs. I got the wrong size and drove back hoping to return them. With great luck they had only one size 12 left. I though I got them returned but when I got home I realized I ended up with the same pair I drove to get returned. The girl at the registers liked the jeans...I hope that is not the reason I didn't get the ones I went there for.
I tried to find them on line but with no results. If I drive back they prob. won't have them now.

Rosemarie Read More
7/26/2011 SteinMart - I'm also expericing terrible customer service from
I'm also expericing terrible customer service from the MANAGERS in the Jacksonville Florida area. I am a regular customer (1-2 times per week), I spend hundreds of dollars and to be treated rudely is unacceptable. It appears every item has to have a coupon for a valid sale. I have seen many of the manufactured items in a J. C. Penny catalogue for much less cost; however, I was told that without a coupon I could not get a lower price. It is not the is how the reply is spoken. I advised that I am a loyal and profitable customer of Steinmart and was told basically the store has many profitable take the price or leave the merchandise. I left the store and called the home office and at date still waiting on a response.

Catherine Read More
4/21/2011 SteinMart - I had a very bad experience at the Stein Mart
I had a very bad experience at the Stein Mart store in Greenbriar store today. After many years of shopping Stein Mart and telling many of my friends about the good deals they have and what great merchandise they have, I have no use for Stein Mart any more. I bought two pair of pants in the store, a clerk bragged to me about how great they washed and how wonderful they were and her husband wears them all the time. She said she pulls them out of the wash and he wear them.

Well, the pants were Ralph Lauren and I bit. One pair was great, and I took a friend of mine in who bought two pair. Well, the second pair I bought was inferior. I know I did not pay a lot for these pants, as I am use to buying Ballin and Zena pants. But judging from the enthusiasm they clerk had, I decided they couldn't be but so bad. Well after about four wearings, they developed a hole. I took them back today and the clerk said she couldn't s take thy back. I asked her why, and she said they had a spot on them, I told her thats not the reason I brought them back, but it was because they had a hole in them. Now, I have lived long enough to have had quite a few twill (cottom ) twill pants. And I did not inflict the hole. So I a I sked her if she was the one who told me how wonderful these pants were, and she had used them for her husband. She said no, she wasn't married. Embarassed, I asked the other clerk and she said yes, she had bought them for her husband and stood by them. The long and the short of this is they chose not to take the pants back. Now I can understand if these pants were not inferior. But she would hear no parts of that.

As it turned out, I spent another $35.00 with you and my friend spent $50l But we left with a pair of pants that were torn and no recourse. Where I am sure, that Stein Mart day was not made by our purchases, it will be a long time coming before I will grace the doors of your store much less bring someone in or tell some one how great the buys are.

I am sure had this been handled with more finese there would be no problem. I am not inl the habit of bringing back merchandise, but I am encouraging people to shop where value is. ButI
\am not in the habit of bringing people to inferior merchandise.
ALTHOUGH WE managed to spend $350 in Target andha Bed Bath and Beyond which could have been spent in Stein Mart.
Anyeay, I am sorry to see our relationship end,as I have been a loyal customer who has enjoyed shopping there, but no more...If you can't stand behind your product there are plenty of stores that do....Thanks you

JIM Read More
2/12/2011 SteinMart - Re: store in Poway the women who work in this
Re: store in Poway
the women who work in this location need customer service many of my friends are complainning the way we are treated... it is not fun to shop at your store anymore
shahla gibson

shahla gibson Read More
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