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8/29/2014 Strongbow Cider - I am taking this time to inform you of your proud
I am taking this time to inform you of your proud sponsorship of the Mudderella mud run. You should highly reconsider sponsoring this group who is, for a lack of better words, screwing people out of their hard earned money! I signed up for Mudderella BOSTON back in March 2014 and they have changed the Massachusetts location 2 times and now 8 days before the venue have relocated it again to MAINE! This highly impacts travel time, preparation for child care and hotel accommodations, that at first were not needed but now might be! The extremely frustrating part is they are not offering a full money refund! Apparently offering free parking or a "free" transfer to another event in 2015 is considered fair! They do not even have locations for 2015...what if it is not offered in BOSTON, where I originally signed up for due to location and convenience! Oh well...I am just out of luck and out of $84.93? And the $10 that I save in parking will just off set the amount of has money I will now be spending if I ever could make the event!! I have been physically and mentally preparing for this race in which I am now not able to participate in from no fault of my own. It is a disgrace to think a company who is the one at fault, could possible think this type of behavior is acceptable! I can not make this venue, not due to something I did, but what the company did and should be fully refunded! I truly hope your good name does not go down by being involved with such a horrible company!
Kerri Cerrato

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