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Subway is a fast food restaurant that offers sub style sandwiches. They are the largest quick-service restaurant in the world. Subway Corporate<

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10/22/2016 I regularly visit the Subway located at 3308
I regularly visit the Subway located at 3308 University Ave in San Diego Ca 92104. (market #028). The customer service is excellent, but they are constantly serving extremely old and stale bread. I will no longer eat at any Subway restaurant from this day forward. I will be eating at your competitors from now on. You have lost my business over something as simple as old and stale bread! You should correct this problem before you loose more customers.

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8/8/2016 Subway - i was charged 11.66 for a 12inch sub with extra
i was charged 11.66 for a 12inch sub with extra chicken 2 of those little trays of chicken is not enough for a 12 inch sub so i asked for extra so one more little tray of chicken costs me 11.66 good grief try a 12 inch sub with just 2 trays of chicken that is not enough .

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7/1/2016 Subway - I was complaining because they do not open at 5:00
I was complaining because they do not open at 5:00 a.m. and this employee ALFREDO started saying garbage.
Alfredo works at 10401 Venice Blvd store and is so rude, no manners and makes fun of the customers.
They need a supervisor in that store.

unsatisfied. Read More
6/2/2016 I travel a lot and am a long time Subway customer.
I travel a lot and am a long time Subway customer. I can always depend on Subway for a quick and delicious sandwich. I just returned from the Subway store located at Hwy 101 in Rockmart Ga which is my home town. The attendant was making a sandwich for someone else. The man ask for Pepperjack cheese and the lady put the cheese on the sandwich meat. The man changed his choice of cheese. The attendant took the cheese off of the meat and returned it to the cheese bin. She then added mayo to the sandwich and got it off the sandwich and onto the counter. Completing the man's sandwich she used her gloved hand to wipe the counter clean including the mayo which was wiped into the crack between the two cutting boards. Then using the same gloves she began making the next customer's sandwich. The franchise owner was there running the cash register. This was disgusting and I will not return to that store.

Troy Read More
4/2/2016 Nobody mine paying for a subway sandwiches, that
Nobody mine paying for a subway sandwiches, that is only when you have to check to see if anything is inside the bun? We asked for a foot long club with everything on it, the employee acted like she was afraid she might put something on the sandwich??? This was at the subway near Walden Road, we have frequently purchased Sub Sandwiches there, however it seems like we're receiving less and less lettuce, tomato, olives, onions, cucumbers, and so on.
Even their pictures show a full looking Sub Sandwich, not a flat piece of bread touching bread!! Like we stated above we had to check to see if there was something on our sandwiches, we not saying this to hurt or sound upset with the employees, it must be the management trying to save $$$$$, just give us something for the $$$$ that's all, now we will think twice before purchasing any more sandwiches, we want more than a piece of bread!!

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1/23/2016 I have worked for subway for 9 months and have
I have worked for subway for 9 months and have never received a pay check. I have been called by the international rep 2weeks ago and was promised in 72 hours I would have my money.. I am still waiting!!!!!! Because I didn't get paid I lost all my household furnishing because I couldn't pay the storage fees. My glasses got broke a while ago and I can't get them replaced because I can't get my money from subway. I can't log into my account on Subway. I have done everything I can think of to login to my account. Anybody got any tips? I can't get information from subway managers or any body else. I can't get my subway check stubs printed off. HELP anybody.

former employee Read More
12/21/2015 I have been getting money on my subway card for a long time
I have been getting money on my subway card for a long time hundred and hundreds of dollars I went to put 30 some dollars put on my card I've gone to the fair amount one never had a problem. I went to the Marion one and put 30 some dollars on it they did no how to put it on as 1 amount so they put them on numerous ones for instance for 30 dollars the did some 10 dollars and some lower ones instead of one it makes my card froze due to suspicious activity so the next time I have 8 dollars on I can't even use it they won't fix it so its been like that for about a week I try to tell them that they can't do it like that they shut my card down nicely trying to tell them so I can use my card they tell e to leave and if I don't there going to call the police on me totally embarrasses me and demotes my character I've been up there since about 7 times they still haven't unfroze my card so I could use it I had done nothing wrong they didn't know how to ring it up as 1 price the do multiple ones and cause it to be frozen and are doing nothing about it I think I should have more money put on for the gas money that I have spent trying to get them to striating this out besides the definition of my character telling me to leave or there going to call the police for the only thing I was doing is trying to tell them they had a button to total it one time instead of a lot of 10 and 5 cause they don't know how to run the registry card number is the pin is 7 and think you should unfreeze it cause they want and add money for gas my time and for embarrassing me in front of customers and for threating to call the police at no time was out of line I was trying to help them by telling them they cant run a bunch of 10s and 5 s to get it to add up to what you want on your card telling them they will freeze everyone card please unfreeze my card so I can use it the store that's doing this is 3411 south western Marion and at the least for all I've gone through I should get more added on for the gas money to keep driving up to get this strait and my time and it still isn't did would love to wair a wire to show you how they treat me everytime I go in very rude never in y 50 yrs on living has a restaurant threaten to call the cops to make you leave cause I'm telling them wy the card is frozen my number is I could get you a inside tape of what really happens at that store would love for somebody big like bosses undercover cause I know this isn't what kind of service you want coming to the customers my name is brad I would like to get this on the news to prove a point so if you would call me

brad cox Read More
12/3/2015 Subway coupons are not very good
the coupons you have in our paper are not very good. suggestion one to two dollars off any sandwich. keep it simple. and the on line coupons did not come up ' something is wrong.

phillip Read More
11/13/2015 Subway - Me and my sister went on the buy one get one free
Me and my sister went on the buy one get one free day just last week,the employee had acted like she had no clue about the sale,i she would not let us buy a whole she said only a half,i said well that is not what the commercial is saying,she said i dont know,she gave me my receipt and did not give my sister hers,so i came home called the franchise,said i had my proof ,instead of saying we will send you free coupons like a franchise should,the woman tells me she was gna give my sister a free sub anyways,along with myself,but she had to e mail the manager on the complaint,and they would call me and make it right,well guess what,i never have even got that call yet, much money as i spend there.....they need to hold their end of the very angry about the whole situation! and the employees catch the hear for irresponsible managers !!

missy Read More
11/3/2015 local Subway at Cagens Crossing in Clermont, Florida
On Nov. 2, 2015, I went to our local Subway at Cagens Crossing in Clermont, Florida. A heavyset young lady waited on me, I ordered a 6" tuna and she placed two scoops of tuna on the bread, but not before she scraped almost all the tuna out of the scoop. She proceeded to spread what tuna there left was over the bread leaving most of the bread with no tuna at all. I asked her if she could spread the tuna to the end of the bread whereupon she took her finger and moved some of, what little tuna there was, to the end of he bread. I then said, in a joking way, that sure doesn't look like the picture and then she snapped saying, "It looks like the picture too me, Mam!" Because of her tone I said, "Then you better get glasses," and her reply was "I have 20-20 vision and just take a look at McDonald burgers they don't look like the picture either.". She is one of the rudest clerks I have ever met and I am sure there are many young people looking for jobs that Subway could hire. And while we are on the subject none of your sandwiches look like the ads and perhaps that is why I don't go to McDonalds..... P.S. I spoke to others in the area and they said they don't go to that Subway because of this girl. Please do no send me coupons or free meals as this is not why I am sending you this comment. I am just tired of rude employees that operate on the premise they are right and the customer is wrong.

Jeannette Hinkson Read More
10/30/2015 Today we were in Subway in Portville NY and my
Today we were in Subway in Portville NY and my husband got the worst salad ever! Very, very stingy with their portions. He will not be going there again!

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