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SunTrust enjoys leading positions in some of the most attractive financial markets in the United States.

Suntrust Bank's Corporate Office Headquarters in the USA:
303 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-588-7711
Customer Service: 1-800-786-8787
Mortgage Customer Service: 1-800-634-7928
Online Banking: 1-800-382-3232
TDD: 1-800-854-8965
Fraud Report: 1-800-786-8787 option 6
Lost Card: 1-800-786-8787 option 3
Real Estate and Short Sale: 1-800-443-1032
Credit Bureau & Disputes: 1-800-596-5407
Small Business Customer Service: 1-800-752-2515
Commercial Banking: 1-866-476-1460
Wealth Management: 1-866-495-5416
Corporate Fax Number: n/a
Corporate Email: [email protected]
Corporate Stock Symbol: STI

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-786-8787 Press # rapidly and repeatedly.


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3/28/2017 SunTrust - I spent an afternoon attempting to phone Sun
I spent an afternoon attempting to phone Sun Trust. I have banked with Sun Trust for 50 years. This will be a messy divorce.

Shelly Read More
9/30/2015 Love SunTrust Bank! But now no local phone numbers?
Love SunTrust Bank! Today I called three different ST banks in my area only to be told that the numbers had been disconnected. Googled the bank and there were the numbers that had been disconnected. Have since found the 800 service number. Need some way to advise clients that you will no longer be answering the local number.

Bettye Read More
1/16/2014 Suntrust please return to good customer service
Dear sir I have been with Suntrust for as least 30years I have always trusted this institution on 1-9 -2014 I wrote a check for $25.00 it was coded in the bank for $850.00 called the bank I had to talk with someone who didn't understand me and i didn't understand her I was to.d I had to go thru the process before my mo ey would be deposited back in my account never did I get Letter of apology from the bank this is not professional On another occasion I paid my Suntrust credit card the teller gave me the bank copy and the bank had my copy it was not posted to my account this was no fault of mind also never received a letter of apology again I love my bank just want to hear from you when the mistake is on you. I will always have confident in the bank please let's go back to good customer service Sincerely. Paulette Mccrory

Paulette L Mccrory Read More
10/25/2013 SunTrust - I would like to use my debit card to purchase my
I would like to use my debit card to purchase my trip both air and hotel in china through Expedia, It will not go through for %8603.00 i HAVE %30,000 in this account how do i get this done i need to book right away for buciness

Larry Read More
9/10/2013 Stay away from Suntrust!
Stay away from Suntrust! We have been trying to find out where our deposit of cash and checks made on 8-31-13 at the Dunkirk Maryland branch. Numerous phone calls at the bank are not being answered and no one has an explanation as to what has been done with our money, and it does't seem important to anyone at Suntrust bank. We are still awaiting an explanation and our money. If Suntrust really cares about it's customers and depositors, we would not have to struggle for the money we have already earned, only to have it disappear at Suntrust bank.

M Read More
1/12/2013 SunTrust - Gm...i saw on the news that previously foreclosed
Gm...i saw on the news that previously foreclosed homes can recoup loss from lender that foreclosed. St frclsd on 09/04/09. Disabled after working 17 yrs working for 1 lender...various posoitions...see business card...LOSS MITIGATION REPRESENTATIVE.....xcellent CURE rate....! RFD: THREE DENIED AND I PUT 116k cash down w 25 k IMPRVMNTS.

RFD:loss of income 623.00 mo no longer guardian of two nephews...when started court befr bail out... adked ST for assistnc verbally denied. Sooo being disabled...state CA HAS TAX POSTPONEMENT PROGRAM....(w my careers in lending my T/I always included w pmt. Applied to state an approved...they pd taxrs 08...CA BUDGET 09 was late 9 mos....dec 10 delinq budget apprvd 3/09 canceling tax program... next mo 4/10 due
Bailout comes apply for assistanc.....on on and... but actually really on recording date times (ironic w such back lig...thx Ms Leaha Terry!! Even your trustee coord. Thought odd made contact w ST and was then told not to discuss w me proceed.. fcl in 9 mos....... loss income 623.00, delinquent taxes, value even though put 25k in dropped drastically.
I bought home 9/05. Pd 289k 116 cash down, fixed rate, ssdi...?? Grossed up my income 25% (in 17 yrs same lender never heard if and didnt like this...still not at that ssdi income still not there) tax postponement prgrm caceled by state CA...prop value down. Day of sale contacted ST asjed to bring lian ant to 132k w rate pmt would be 647.00 w tax ins.... denied. Attended sale which opened at 120 k. No get it! List at 141, 117, 109 sell at 98k 9 mos late. ...then 9 mos later cheif building inspector tuolumne buys at 99k replacing septic. He owns NINE MONTHS.....lists for sale 130k....sells at 88k. (Capital Gain or loss) all i know now is that my old neighbor cleans what used to be MY HOME I WORKED MY LIFE FOR) is a weekly vacation rental.....
So much more to this....I was in an emotional took the third attorney I went to say to me...."I know what's wrong with you Patti....shocked..looking he said your just used to working for a morally ethical banks anymore. ethical bank...since bailout there isn't any !! I AM HOPING AND PRAYING FOR SOME OF MY 140k CASH DOWN BACK......PD 289...fcl 120, no buyers, sold 97 agn 88....why did i not receive help....something went DRASTICALLY WRONG..
I authorize and give permission to ST bank to leave detailed msgs on both phones. Thank so much

Patti Mettler Read More
9/13/2011 How do I print my Suntrust paystub
How do I print my Suntrust paystub

Ronne Read More
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