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11/20/2017 Super 8 - We stayed at Corning, California on November 18th,
We stayed at Corning, California on November 18th, 2017. I know the hotels are owned separately BUT if it has the Super 8 logo you would think they would expect their hotels/motels to be held at a higher standard than say some mom and pop place. The toilet had not been cleaned, there were nail clippings on the tile in the bathroom, the towel rack in the bathroom was not secure into the wall, the carpet had NOT been vacuumed in some time, we found pet food, cat or dog in two different places. No phone in the rooms. While the young lady tending the desk the next morning was super nice.....we did tell her of what we found in our room when she asked. The advertisements say a 'hot' breakfast....making your own waffle is not exactly what we would call a hot breakfast...we will Not stay in a Super 8 again!

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12/14/2015 Super 8 - the staff at the hotel would make rude nasty remarks when ever they saw them
A couple who is currently homeless(they both work) was given a voucher by a local organization to stay at the Super8 in Dodgeville, WI. The staff at the hotel would make rude nasty remarks whenever they saw them. It made them so uncomfortable that they wouldn't leave their room.
WAY TO GO, SUPER8 STAFF, you really need to grow up.

Cindy Read More
4/13/2015 Super 8 - April 18, 2015My friend & I stayed at the
April 18, 2015

My friend & I stayed at the Super 8 Motel at 800 NW Argosy Parkway in Riverside MO on April 3rd, 2015. In the morning(April 4th) I placed my billfold in my suitcase and then went to breakfast with my friend. We came back to our room and then checked out of the hotel. We put both our suitcases in the trunk of the car, which was always locked. It was Easter weekend so we were very busy. Because of this we did not unpack right away, maybe 4 days. I went to get my billfold out of my purse and it was gone. I put the situation on 1 of the review cards on line. I called the hotel right away about this and the person on the other end said they had not found it. My friend just finished unpacking her suitcase on April 11th and discovered that her jewelry was gone out of her suitcase so I called back to report this to the hotel. I know that she had her jewelry before we went to breakfast because she got it out and I helped her put it on: earrings. This was the last time she got into her suitcase to get any jewelry. The billfold and the jewelry went missing between the time we went to breakfast and when we came back. Approximate time was 9am o’clock to 9:30am on Saturday morning. After we left, we went shopping and did not get the bags out of the trunk until we got home to Omaha. Once again the car was always locked.
On April 11th I called to the hotel to discuss this situation. The person that answered the phone(I believe his name was Angwar), when I told him these items had gone missing from our room, he said it was impossible and nothing like this had ever happened, that no one had gone into our room. He got very angry and belligerent and asked why I had waited 15 days to report this to them. He said that he could prove, from videotape, that no one had gone into the room. He told me to come down in 4 to 5 days. He said something about paying up to $10,000 if we could prove that the jewelry had been stolen. He said the cleaning lady will bring to the front desk any money if it is left in the room. I then said my billfold had my driver’s license and $50 along with my social security card. He got upset that I had not said that the first time I called about the loss(I was very concerned about my license and social security card). He kept saying “are you trying to make me lose my job?" and that he could prove that this did not happen. When I mentioned about call calling the police, he said to go ahead and do this, and then threatened me to not do this because he could lose his job so I better not do this and kept yelling at me. He wanted my phone number, but I did not want to give it to him because I was afraid and very concerned to talk to him again. I told him I would call back on Sunday, April 12th because I want to talk to a manager. I had the phone on speaker so my husband could listen. He heard him yelling at me and told me to hang up on him, so I did.

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10/7/2014 Super 8 - Checked into hotel for weekly business trip for
Checked into hotel for weekly business trip for training, checked into room and found that my door doesn’t lock due to faulty door latch, I immediately went to tell receptionist about door not shutting and that you can just push on door and it opens without key. She said she didn’t have any rooms available, so I ask to speak with manager. She responded by there isn’t one available to speak with, but will leave a note to maintenance to fix door next day and assured me hotel is safe. Due to my door not locking for my personal safety I put a chair behind door to help keep shut if a intruder enter. Next day returning from training, I asked if they fixed my door to room, they said no and maintenance and manager are not coming in today, So I asked again for another room they said they didn’t have any available. So I then returned to my room and notice my door was still unlocked with faulty door latch. I went thru my things and noticed my tablet missing; I went downstairs and told them there was a missing item from my room. Receptionist responded by saying he was unable to review surveillance and management will need to review. But after he made a call to someone they suddenly had a opening for me to switch rooms, stating before they didn’t. I asked again to speak with management and receptionist stated they were coming in, but with no timeline for that day. After returning from dinner, still no management and decided to call Super 8 customer service, I spoke with a rep that took my complaint and will have someone call me back within 30 minutes. I waited and no response, I called back customer service and was informed that it can take up to 4 days until I get a response back about my complaint. At this point very disappointed by service provided by hotel staff and customer service I called police to report a robbery. Once officer arrived I showed him a video of faulty door and advised him to tell them not to book this room for anyone else. I filed a police report and he said it was up to hotel to compensate me for missing item. Day 3 and I am still trying to get in contact with corporate, that morning I spoke with receptionist when manager will arrive and he stated sometime today with no real time frame. So again I called later that afternoon around 3pm to speak with manager, whoever answered and stated they were not there. Returning back to hotel to speak with manager, they said he was gone and that when I called at 3pm that was the manager. Again I was given runaround, finally I told rep to call manager and I can relay info thru him to manager if he didn’t want to speak with me directly. He called manager and I stated my name to him and he disconnected call. At this point I’m glad they put me into another room, so for remaining week I have to bring my luggage with me. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of switching hotels due to my company prepaid for room. Closing this has been the most traumatic experience I have ever been put thru, especially my safety Sunday night only having a chair keeping door closed. I would have not been thru this if they had just put me into another room.

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2/11/2014 The manager/owner at the Jasper Texas Super 8 is rude
The manager/owner at the Jasper Texas Super 8 is the rudest man I have ever dealt with, his lack of customer service skills is the reason I will never stay at a Super 8 again!

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11/9/2013 Super 8 - 24 Hour Refund Policy - If you pay by cash you are
24 Hour Refund Policy - If you pay by cash you are expected to give an extra $100 as deposit. When I checked-in, no one informed me that I would forfeit that $100 if I didn't pick it up within 24 hours after checking out of the hotel. When I finally realized that I didn't collect my $100, (one week later), I called the front desk and was told, it's your problem because there is a sign posted on the wall at the back of front desk that states you will forfeit the money if it's not picked up within 24 hours. What kind of policy is this? and Why should I be penalized for this oversight?

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6/4/2013 Super 8 - I have only lived in this town for a couple of
I have only lived in this town for a couple of months and came into a domestic situation. It was late at night and I needed a place for my son and I. We needed a safe place to go for the night to compose ourselves and relax. But after past experiences I was concerned but, this gentleman at the front desk (Scott) was kind, courteous, and helpful even though (if I was him would have been concerned)I was a stressed out mess. The hotel was more than clean but also quiet..the rooms were perfect and after that stressful evening, the housekeeping, front desk, pool breakfast ......shoot! they were there for me with all my concerns and Jennifer (another front desk clerk) gave me resources and advice to help my child and I. All the staff and everyone that works here have been making this bad situation an experience that felt almost like a vacation. I have stayed around the area for family coming in from out of town and I STRONGLY recommend this establishment to all that are in the area or are coming to. THANK YOU SUPER 8 FREEPORT, IL Kimberly Urban and Jacob

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3/25/2013 Super 8 - While visiting CEDAR FALLS, Iowa; I, Jennifer L.
While visiting CEDAR FALLS, Iowa; I, Jennifer L. Foster, presented in cash $120.00 for a room which had an - Additional cost of $150.00 for incidentals. This was one of the few very nice SUPER 8 hotels, with wide halls; but, (dirty carpeting); clean breakfast, and evenly distributed rooms with a fresh shower!; however, I could not pay the additional amount -(HILTON was right next door); (COMFORT SUITES was very next door); and a very clean and trim (SUBURBAN HOTEL was also very close); and an (AmericInn Hotel). I left the SUPER 8 on Friday March 22, 2013 without checking into a room.

However, on Sunday 03/24/13 after making a reservation(s) to this SUPER 8 for 03/24/13; I received a 'thirteen'! numerical digit long - very stretched out reservation number over the #1-800-800-8000 reservation line of the SUPER 8 franchise #800 number; which, never materialized on the computer at the SUPER 8 of CEDAR FALLS, IOWA; nor, the [email protected] email; I had presented.

03/24/13 having checked into the SUPER 8 of CEDAR FALLS, IOWA; by means of the WALNUT RIDGE Baptish Church group minister, - approximately 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm; the room rate was not $78.36 USD with $150.00 USD but a very reasonable $61.60 USD with no $150.00 incidental charge. I had asked the front desk if they allowed late check outs; it was confirmed twice SUPER 8 allowed a late check and provided 12:00 pm; I phoned back for 1:00 pm if not 2:00 pm on Monday of 03/25/13.

1:30 pm was the latest but 2:00 pm was fine if the housemaid was not determined in the room at 2:00 pm. I was thankful.

AT 1:00 pm! I was up and gathering my belongings, putting on my socks and shoes, when I was interrupted by the housekeeper (Caucasian). This person wanted to acknowledge the time of check out as 1:30 pm because she had not checked downstairs; a black female with long black hair refuted me when I had mentioned 2:00 pm unless the housekeeping crew had no other rooms to clean- (there were about 5-6 opened and uncleaned room(s) on the second floor.; other than my closed door room - #217.

The front desk rang a few minutes later to confirm 1:30 pm unless the housekeeper is involved with other rooms; then, I was free to check out at 2:00 pm. Lots of interruptions in those final minutes of checking out at 1:30 pm. I had asked another black housekeeper with short black hair to open the black trash bag; and, as I walked away - about 20 feet away - she was bouncing, showing emotional distress, and asked with a twang "...why do (shoo or choo); {-choo, choo?}, want me to open up the trash bag for you?."

I indicated it was complete with the cleaning cart and inferred she should be opening it since I was a guest.

Basically, she was closer to it and was in the process of cleaning I really did not want to interrupt and I was a guest she shouldn't be yelling with; or, making a demand to 'make me' dirty by opening the garbage myself.

This black female refuted: " placed a white towel on the garbage bag over there." I inferred her statement was late and the blue cart had a mixture of folded towels and rumpled sheets; she the housekeeper would need to determine whether or not those were clean - I couldn't just toss the small white hand towel into the blue cart of potentially clean folded towels.

Upon reaching the downstairs; I was confronted with an emotional front desk (Caucasian female), this person kept wanting to include ALL Housekeepers with the conflict to perserve this black female; whom desired me to couteously open a black trash bag for myself. I was bemused.

I told the front desk, I spoke to the manager and confirmed to both I was out of the room #217 at the time all desired which had been set at 1:30 pm; unless, all other rooms had been cleaned.

I acknowledge further the door of #217 was open; as others were open; on the second floor, (approximately 5-6 rooms)- from (30) minutes ago; were still needing to be cleaned.

I could have checked out at 2:00 pm! J.e.e.p.e.r...S!


12/27/2012 Super 8 Motel Customer Review 2012/2013From the
Super 8 Motel Customer Review 2012/2013
From the moment I arrived, the woman at the front desk, LORETTA, could NOT HAVE HAD A NASTIER ATITTUDE. I could overlook that, though. I arrive to my room and prepare to shower, only to find that there were not only NO COMPLIMENTARY SOAP OR SHAMPOO but was also an old, used, razorhead left in the shower. So the women that brings the soap and removes the razorhead, informs us that she DID NOT EVEN WORK THERE. Being so late, I decide to even overlook this. Now, as Im eating my dinner, I sip my soda only to see a COCKRIACH STARING ME DEAD IN THE EYES.....No one can spray until morning, I am being refused a refund, and it just kept getting worse. Early morning, we were awoken by the bug-man and asked that he come back in five as we werent up and dressed yet. We arrived at breakfast right at 9, ending time, and the woman had the nerve to TAKE IT OUT OF OUR HAND AND SAY IT WAS OVER! The spray man has gone for the day, so no one ever sprayed, and some CRACKHEAD WALKED INTO THE ROOM WITH A LIT CIGARETTE, AND PERSISTED TO ARGUE with us about the roaches as if we were lying and was so disrespectful, any person with common sense would have knocked him silly. Customer service means nothing these days, absolutely nothing. And it is sad to see a company that once thrived, so ran down. I am outraged and will never stay in such filth again, not even for free! Also, the owner above the whole franchise was the one who did not even care enough about his customers to try and fix the situation.

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12/20/2012 Super 8 Hotel Review Bed Bugs!super 8 in York
Super 8 Hotel Review Bed Bugs!

super 8 in York Nebraska has bed bugs cockroaches the owner don't do what he should for the hotel employees no over time pay holiday pay and improperly trained supervisor i want reform there i dont like the way it being ran he just want arbys he alway over there 03844 is site code.

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8/27/2012 My husband & I stayed at the Super 8, 11900 NW
My husband & I stayed at the Super 8, 11900 NW Plaza Circle, Kansas City, MO. When I checked-in on 6/30/2012 the clerk was going to put the charge on my VISA & I told her I didn't want it on my card that I wanted to pay cash. The next morning, 7/1/2012 we were running late so I did not go by the office to check-out & did not get a receipt (my fault), but did not anticipate a problem. Later I found that on 7/1/2012 the hotel charged my VISA. I talked to the owner & he didn't believe me so I disputed it on my VISA & they tried with no results to help me. Without the receipt I am screwed so I was charged DOUBLE for the room (definitly not worth it). I would think the security camera (if they would check) would have captured my cash payment. The owner said their bookkeeping didn't back up my claim so who knows with it being cash. BEWARE of paying in cash & get a receipt cause if you don't you will get double for your trouble.

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7/6/2012 Super 8 - My wife and I reserved a suite for our honeymoon
My wife and I reserved a suite for our honeymoon on June 30th in Cuba Mo. My wife set the room up before the wedding with flowers, candles and more of course personal effects, was the honeymoon.. And when we arrived we found that the lady at the front desk let some stranger man into our room on his own, and he lit our candles and filled our hot tub and went into our bedroom and saw the personal effects. The lady at the front desk said it was mo. Law to give someone a key to the room if they didn't have it!! What crap. We called the cops and are in touch with corp. but we are suing them. We ended up at home at 3:30 am. Make things worse we tried again in rolla mo. The next day at super 8 and after 5 mins decided a refund and did get it and left. We just found out that this morning they charged my wife 108. For a room we did not stay in. And the lady said she would never run that card!!!!!! Fraud!!!!!!! We had to fight for our refund in Cuba. We never even got a sorry or anything...!!!!

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