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Established in 2002, is a major reseller and wholesaler of blank CD DVD media products in Southern California, suppling a wide variety of blank CD DVD media, CD DVD packaging case, computer hardware, memory, ink and toner cartridges. Being rated as the #1 preferred online store to buy good media with excellent selection, excellent pricing and fast shipping by, we assure that all products are genuine and authentic.

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1-626-363-1490Review and Hint Needed


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5/29/2011 (Linkyo Corp.) - I'm being told I have items in my cart. I ordered
I'm being told I have items in my cart. I ordered the items and got no order number. It also says I have no order history although my Paypal account is being charged. How do I find out if and when my items were shipped. This is really inconvenient. I have the print out of my order but it doesn't give me any information other than telling me my order numer was sent to Linkyo Corp. and the items I ordered. How do I find out any information about my order?

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