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4/20/2017 Supersonic TV - If I could give less than a 1 rating, I would.
If I could give less than a 1 rating, I would. The tech support for this company totally SUCKS!...basically non-existent. No call back when phone messages are left and no response to email at their tech support site. I will NEVER purchase one of their products again and am telling EVERYONE I know not to as well.
My issue is that once I watched a movie on the onboard DVD player, it will not pick up channels...I just keep getting the screen telling me to do an auto channel search which I have done about a zillion times in hopes that THIS time it will work. The entire unit will be headed for the landfill VERY SOON!!! Piece of junk

MoorganRead More
5/24/2016 Supersonic TV - recd 9 inch portable tv and having trouble . first
recd 9 inch portable tv and having trouble . first do i use antenna that screws into port at top of tv and if so what are other cables and where do they go?also what about the small antenna that has a cable attached to it? also there are red. white and yellow cable sathat are too large to fit into ports. also i am just getting snow cannot change channels or any sound. please help regards

Bill SargentRead More
3/10/2016 Bought Amazon Supersonic TV. Scanned channels.
Bought Amazon Supersonic TV. Scanned channels. Worked. Then started locking itself into channel 22.159 which does not exist. Power on power off. Switch on switch off. Un plug plug in. Clicker menu. TV menu. Channel up channel down. NOTHING interrupts its search for a different channel. Totally no response.

How to fix

SteveRead More
1/4/2016 Supersonic TV is not showing red light when charged
i cannot seem to get a small red light when it is charged. HELP

J J Read More
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