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SureWest provides TV, Internet, Phone and email services in the KC area in Missouri and Kansas.

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8/2/2013 SureWest KC - I contacted Surewest, Lenexa branch this evening.
I contacted Surewest, Lenexa branch this evening. I informed them of my displeasure of having recently contracted/upgrading to High-speed cable/internet services that has not worked since installtion...recently installed in the past month of July. I explained the upgrade was completed without ensuring my connections were made. I was issued a modem and a router box and have not been able to connect to internet as of today. Today, the operator was nice and cordial, he explained, "He needed me to be home so that, he could walk me thru the connections." As a paying customer, who has upgraded to have these devices installed, Surewest advertised "all connections would be made and i would up and running in one installed visit." As a home owner, who knows little about how to use the installed hardware that I'm paying a monthly fee to use, I since some sort of bait-&-switch to have a customer upgrade and pay for services or product that has no intention of working as advertised. The fact that I have been with Surewest for several Years, in fact since probably day-1 when they walked house to house in my neighborhood known as the library District of Overland Park, did not win me any brownie-points either. I, as a good faith Surewest customer have never abandoned the company like a good pilgram and continued thier service even recently deciding to upgrade. What does it take to have an American cable networking service stay in business and in good standing with it's legacy customers? without having to whistleblow the apparent shenanigan TV & Radio advertisement I'm personally experiencing? My next act will surely be monumental throuhgout my neighborhood association, JCCC Community and vast social networking environment I've aquired. Retired/Disabled Vietnam Air Force Police K-9 Dog handler Vet.

Barrett Read More
7/11/2013 SureWest KC - Sure West also tore up my yard and damaged the
Sure West also tore up my yard and damaged the roots of three trees. These three trees now need pruning as they have many dead branches. They also failed on three occasions to get our correct e-mail address. Therefore they have been sending our bill to only God knows where. They now want all their money plus late charges. They are some serious tards. I believe the entire cooperation needs paras. You can not talk to them or get them to understand. They all have an attitude that they are right and you are wrong. They have not been right yet. I will find a new provider soon as I refuse to support the mentally handicap.

Charlie Read More
2/8/2012 SureWest KC - I had a problem with them as well. Their
I had a problem with them as well. Their contracted crew removed a slab of sidewalk between my yard and the neighbor, which they then put back in place and broke it. they marked it "to be repaired", but only came to replace it after several calls to contractor and Surewest on several occasions. you have to hound them. Good luck.

Steve Read More
1/4/2012 SureWest KC - Does anyone know how to file a claim against
Does anyone know how to file a claim against Surewest for damage to my yard in Olathe?

Bill Brasky Read More
7/31/2011 SureWest KC - Your installation in Olathe has also caused damage
Your installation in Olathe has also caused damage to MY yard. Due to an Olathe storm drain existing between my yard and next door, trenches had to be dug on my side resulting in a broken sprinkler line and an underground drain line coming apart at the elbow. This was repaired but the subsequent holes that were required to be dug in order to locate the problems has left my side yard a total mess, with one sprinkler head still buried in mud causing water to pond up around it.
Later, the large operator-controlled tunneling machine was parked in my yard most of the day while I was told the location of the conduit at the front of my lot was IN THE WRONG PLACE! This caused more holes to be dug and, as of this writing, leaving TWO ends of conduit sticking up out of the ground only a few feet from each other with sod broken and upheaved. The boring machine left ruts in my yard.
I WILL NOT support your company and their quest for billion$ after obliterating my yard.

Don Read More
6/20/2011 SureWest KC - I am very dissatisfied with how my yard was left
I am very dissatisfied with how my yard was left after the crew dug in it. I spend a lot of time keeping my yard in good condition and had to go out and redo what was done. It still needs work before it's even adequate! I was told that my yard would be left in good condition.

Paul Read More
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