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Suunto has a long heritage of making quality sports equipment and watches. Suunto makes instruments that you can trust, regardless of the extremeness of the sport.

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1-800-543-9124 Press 3 for Tech Support


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9/12/2015 Suunto - Bought this watch over 7 years ago and now it does not work
I bought this watch over 7 years ago.It lasted 6-7 months. But every time I open the drawer, that it is stored in, I think about how much $ I paid for the watch. At that time in my life, $ was not that much of a factor. I just bought a new watch. That was then, this is known. I am asking you if you will have the decency to repair my watch to as new working conditions? it is 9/12/15. I will be waiting for a reply.

Bob Read More
1/19/2015 Suunto - Hi ,where can we find a costumer service for watch
Hi ,where can we find a costumer service for watch repair in hongkong ,we have three watches of sunnto ambit 2 with broken strap ,is it possible to replace it with a new strap??
thank you
please reply

MJ Read More
10/3/2013 Hello I own a Suunto X10. I have lost my power
Hello I own a Suunto X10. I have lost my power cable to the charger for the wall plug that connects to the watch itself. I am having a hard time trying to find a cable that is compatible with my X10. An you please help. Thank you in advance.....

Matt Hmmond Read More
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