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9/23/2009 Systemax Inc. - My computer compartment for the disk was stuck
My computer compartment for the disk was stuck closed so instead of going to the geek squad as I have been doing I went to your Ft. Myers location. One of your employies got it open with a paper clip- he then suggested that I do the TECHPOWERCLEAN for $89.96. That was yesterday about 10.30 am. I picked up the computer to-day around 1.30pm. when I got to the car I noticed that the computer was full of dust -it had the dust when I dropped it off however the service person said he would do a thourough clean up of the machine . I returned to the store and showed them the dust som they took it in the back and kinda cleaned it ---I havent seen any improvement in my machine since I got it home so Im wondering just what did they do if anything. When *I was checking out I was asked for my licence, telephone number and e-mail address, also my home address---why is all this necessary I have a master card issued by Morgan Stanley and thats how I was paying. The last time I was asked all of this info was at the LaQuinto in Columbia, S.C. andit resulted in identity fraud to the tune of $13,000.00 . It was cleared up in about 3 months so all this info seems unnessary for a purchase of $49.00 . The $49.00 item has to be returned to-morroow since they sold me the wrong item. They better not try to charge a shelve fee as it was their mistake . Im 74 years old and dont need this annoyance

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