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T-Mobile is Deutsche Telekom's mobile phone and wireless internet service in the USA.
T-Mobile USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address:
12920 SE 38th St.
Belleview, WA 98006

T-Mobile Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-378-4000
Fax Number: 1-425-378-4040
PrePaid: 1-877-778-2106
Tech: 1-877-524-9524
TTY: 1-877-296-1018
Customer Service Specialist: 1-877-453-1304
Business Customers: 1-888-537-4242

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1-800-937-8997 Review Needed Please Comment


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9/1/2016 T-Mobile - There is simply no corporation on the planet worse
There is simply no corporation on the planet worse than T-Mobile for its customer service, the quality and reliability of cellular service, and billing. I lost count of how many business calls got dropped in the middle of conversation. It takes their customer service reps four tries to make a simple change of street address. They simply cannot figure out how to send paper copies of bills, even though a request has been made and the mailing address verified three or four times. They flat-out refuse to send copies of bills via e-mail at the request of the customer. They cannot figure out how to make necessary changes on a customer's on-line account to made accessibility possible.They won't send an e-mail to a customer notifying them of a late bill, but are most eager and willing to send that bill to a collection agency (which likely will affect the customer's credit score). From the very first week, my experience with T-Mobile has been nothing but dealing with staggering incompetence at absolutely every level. The best business decision I've ever made was to switch to Verizon. I recommend to anyone who will listen to stay as far away as possible from T-Mobile.

Charles Read More
6/24/2016 T-Mobile phone customer service is horrible. It
T-Mobile phone customer service is horrible. It is almost impossible to get the T-Mobile staff to correctly make the simplest changes to your phone account. I wasted almost three hours being passed around to different staff and I still didn't my requested changes done. You absolutely have to sign up for the internet account, log in and make the changes yourself.

yp Read More
4/27/2016 My famiky has been with t-mobile for 20 year's. I
My famiky has been with t-mobile for 20 year's. I brought a phone,"cool pad "rough". Paid $119.54. I didn't like so I returned it back, that was in February 1st, I received it February 5th. !well it'll be may in 5 day's and I'm still waiting on my Refund??.. I wasn't told about a $50.00 deposit. So I'll be ? filing a complaint WITH BBB & FCT..and possibly the FCC! IT doesn't take 3 months to get my refund!

Roberta Read More
2/27/2016 My Samsung S5 was working fine until T-Mobile
My Samsung S5 was working fine until T-Mobile forced software upgrade. My phone has not worked since. I was told I need to upgrade or they'll send a refurbished one. What is wrong this pi tire. I need to spend $600.00 or take some old used phone after T-Mobile rendered my phone unusable. T-Mobile you caused the issue now do what's right. Either fix my phone or give me a new one seeing that I paid over $600.00 a year ago for my phone. Stop RIPPING off your customers with these FAKE FORCED upgrades.

GoC Read More
12/5/2015 T-Mobile - I Went to a T -Mobile Store In Kentucky
I Went to a T -Mobile Store In Kentucky while Visiting to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy s5 to an s6 I told it was a free upgrade as a Black Friday Promotion just trade you phone in if you own it which I did bought it for $650 a year ago from T-mobile store come to find out when I get home I am only leasing the Samsung s6 the upgraded phone so call customer support which connects me to the loyalty department and they say bring the phone back and you can either get another refurbished Samsung Galaxy s5 or $400 trade in credit since that was the trade in value of my phone on that day to find out when I get to a T-Mobile Store that I can neither have another Samsung S5 or $400 store credit just $200 towards my bill and that is them doing me a favor because the phone now belongs to them and is no longer mine, but they said that they would let me buy it back if I wanted to! Who heard of that what a joke they are t-mobile they stole my phone!

Shyla Read More
12/2/2015 My T-Mobile phone says "emergency calls only"
My phone says "emergency calls only". I need technical support

oscar Read More

ANITA Read More
10/4/2015 If T-mobile does not work in an area why do you have a store there?
Geeze I mean if your phone doesn't work in an area don't open a darn store and sell I here... every time and I mean every time I send a message it goes out of service ... 10 minutes later or more it will get bars again and let a reply come through however as soon as I reply .. bam again no service drops calls like crazy I mean I get it I went from being with sprint and dropping calls every day to this and dropping every call more than once a day And the texts won't go through never wanted to smash a phone against a wall so much...

C.J Read More
9/19/2015 T-Mobile store fried my Samsung Galaxy 3, & charged me $16 to do it!
My daughter bought a new phone yesterday and I took her 1 yr old Samsung Galaxy 3. While transferring data from one phone to another, the clowns at T-Mobile store fried the Samsung Galaxy 3, & charged me $16 to do it! Then just said tough! T-Mobile owes me for a new phone plus $16 for work not done! We switched our 3 accounts to Verizon. We now have 4g which we never had in our town before! Thank you, Verizon!

Rick Thompson Read More
9/7/2015 Customer of T-Mobile for 7 solid years - Galaxy S5 Problems
I have been with T-Mobile for 7 solid years. I bought new Galaxy S5 from their shop mid last year and paid $700+ being a prepaid customer I did not qualify for monthly payments, no problem. BAD MISTAKE!!! end of last month the phone started acting up, battery dying soo fast and phone very slow. I visited their shop and we upgraded the software, the problem persists, next visit new sim, the problem persists! supposedly the warranty expired LAST MONTH! and IMMEDIATELY the problems start. I'm soo bitter and feeling cheated by someone I trusted all these years. I feel Its about time our affair ends! My phone is still new, no scratches I really took good care of it after spending soo much and then this. Really T-Mobile?

Aggie Read More
8/21/2015 T-Mobile - Tmobile service is great but the price is unaffordable
Tmobile service is great, but the price is unaffordable for my budget. My girlfriend recently recommended They sell all the cards for 50% off. I've been using them for almost a year now and have saved so much money on my bill. 50% to be exact.

Amber Crane Read More
8/12/2015 T-Mobile - TMobil totally SUCKS! I have been trying to leave
TMobil totally SUCKS........ I have been trying to LEAVE TMobil and go to Cricket, TMobil has been giving me the run around for over a week, sending me back and forth, they {TMobil] won't unlock my phone, saying it should be me new carrier.WRONG TMobil, it's you guys, Now that Iv'e switch carriers, TMobil says it's now able to unlock it. SOO, I'm TOTALLY SCREWED...... Thanks Alot TMobil, You know what they say, "Word of Mouth is the Best Advertizing.

Big Jo Read More
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