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3/1/2016 I went to the Taco Bueno on 287 frontage road
I went to the Taco Bueno on 287 frontage road mansfield Texas ordered 2 BFT no sour cream and a side of guacamole, got home only to have 1 BFT with sour cream, tried to call them back at 8:32 it is now 9:07 the phone has been busy!!!! Called another Taco Bueno on Broad Street Mansfield Texas, They answered immediately. I Told the lady my issue and she took my name & number and she was going to call that manager, guess the phone is still Busy 9:10 pm now. Very Bad. I would like to receive a gift card to another store will not be going back to that on. Order#504166. TKT #566. # there 682 518-6573. Usually good service.

Erica Read More
5/11/2015 Taco Bueno - this company is so disgusting.. I came to find out
this company is so disgusting.. I came to find out by one of their District Managers Rod Dean that the meat from the night before is mixed with new meat in the morning, That is so gross.... They seems to carry over many items.. So this company saying fresh everyday has been false advertising.. I have visited several locations and noticed some of the GM I met no longer work there.. I must say these location are now in very bad shape... I will no longer eat Taco Bueno disgusting..

JohnRead More
3/14/2015 Taco Bueno - Got 4 taco burgers at bueno for 59cents. What we
Got 4 taco burgers at bueno for 59cents. What we really got was meat for 1/2 burger. Why do they sell it and they put a skimpy amt of meat on it.

AronRead More
10/30/2014 Usually the taco bueno 3067 in Sandsprings,OK, is
Usually the taco bueno 3067 in Sandsprings,OK, is good...but this last Sunday, 10/26/14, the service was not good at all..It was a wait of 25-35 minutes with 4 cars ahead of me when i got in line..
I have noticed the last few weeks its been getting slower & slower...
I think its the mobile phone orders coming in..i did hear the window clerk say they 'd had gotten a $35 order by phone & had to make it.
Please work on this problem...I WASTED ALOT OF GAS WAITING IN LINE....

Tami GRead More
5/14/2014 Disappointed with changes at Taco Bueno
The email address at the bottom of the receipt didn't work.
[email protected]
We were disappointed with changes at Taco Bueno.
1. Coke products have been replaced with Pepsi. Taco Bueno had the best Coke in town. We eat at Taco Bueno once a week and would also drive through and just order a coke.
2. The taco shells have changed. They are not as good as previous ones.
3. The flour tortillas have changed and are tough.
4. The ladies room had no toilet tissue or paper towels.

We'll have to pick a new favorite fast food place.

CindyRead More
2/27/2014 Our Office ate at the Taco Bueno on N. Central
Our Office ate at the Taco Bueno on N. Central Exwy today. Store no: 3100 in McKinney Texas. A girls named Angelia, she claimed to be the manager. Hope she never manages anything for me. She was rude and did not cared that the bun was hard as a rock and could not be eaten. The meat on the bun was no bigger than a half dollar and no cheese on it.
There was a white bread ring all the way around the meat. We were short chips. When I told the lady what was wrong she said in a very rude voice. " Well what do you expect me to do about it." Told her guess she didn't care and so I would go to someone higher and she said " That fine with me"

LYNNRead More
1/11/2014 1/10/14 Taco Bueno Review
1/10/14 I just got home after stopping at the 51st & Sheridan Tulsa store. This is the 3rd time my wife, son and I stopped at this location in the last 6 months. The food was inedible. It was cold and the rice was hard and brittle. My wife took her order of chicken sour cream enchiladas back and exchanged it for nachos. One month ago we ate at the one on 11th street and the food was fantastic as always has been. We have been eating at Taco Bueno since they first opened and loved the food. I will never eat at this location again. The manager is not doing his/her job and needs to be fired. There were 7 cars in drive-thru and they were waited on before the customers in the lobby. There is not enough help behind the counter. The food prep area was dirty and not tidy. This is an example of very poor training and management.

RonRead More
12/3/2013 Taco Bueno steak and chicken had no flavor and I had to wait 15 minutes
51st & Sheridan, Tulsa......Was third in line, waited 15 minutes to get my food. Steak and chicken tacos tasted like they had been boiled, no flavor, tough to swallow, only 3 very small pieces in each taco. Soft shell completely filled with lettuce. Once I got to the window, only saw two people one at the window and one at the counter. No one was making the food. Sat there another 5 minutes and a Mexican guy came out and looked at me, went around the corner and made my terrible lunch. Same wait period last week waited about 15 minutes in line, seven cars lined up behind me at 11:00 a.m. Food was terrible. I have been going to that Taco Bueno 3x a week for 15 years. What happened to the last Manager, the indian guy? He was great.

BrendaRead More
7/30/2013 Taco Bueno - I just tried to call that number because everytime
I just tried to call that number because everytime I go to the locationin Tulsa Oklahoma on 11th Streetthere's hair in my fooddisgusting hair and nobody wears her netI don't think that I've ever seen them wash their handsI just don't understand how a company cannot care what people think or want inputit's ridiculous how to have you leave a message never to call you backI personally with my money returned for every time that I've had to throw out my food because I have hair in itthe most pathetic excuse I've ever heard ofcustomer relations yeah right

devinRead More
2/18/2013 Taco Bueno - hello my name Kelly i live in Tyler and I'm a big
hello my name Kelly i live in Tyler and I'm a big fan of taco bueno i have been to several of your locations the one in Tyler,Kilgore,Garland,Ft Worth, and finally Texarkana i must say the food is great and i enjoyed my visits there every time i go but i must say the one in texarkana have some rude employees i was Telling a little Caucasian girl that i didn't get my chips and no sauce with them nore cheese on my beans and she cocked an attitude and smart mouthed me and the the manager came and assisted me so i asked my nice who was a recent employee of the texarkana taco bueno what was here name and she said Sarah smith so i pulled up here Facebook to see if it was here and it was here and i scrolled threw here pictures and found something verey disturbing a babay in the back of the restarunt now its nun of my business but i was thinking it was kinda unsafe and a hazard if not a health code violation for a toddler to be at the back sleeping i got this email address from the gm in Tyler because i had a recent problem there but the issue in texarkana was rudeness and if i were them i would value every customer because were the ones helping them getting there paychecks

Bueno_fan11Read More
11/14/2012 Taco Bueno - My family and I went into your location on West
My family and I went into your location on West University in Denton, Texas today and I must say that was the filthiest
eating establishment I have ever walked into. There were trays on many tables as well as leftover food and crumbs on tables
and all over the floor. We literally had to wipe table off ourselves just to be seated so we could sit and watch how long the
manager and employees did nothing.
A female employee was preparing food with no gloves on and as you can see in the pictures the food preparation area was absolutely
disgusting as was the condiment table. I did note that when she attempted to pick up a tray or two from the dirty tables she put on
her gloves, not sure in the sense there. After she picked a couple of trays up she used her hands to pick up a few of the items on the
condiment table then went back to work. I never once saw one employee with a wash rag in their hand, nor did I see a table or counter
washed off. I am sure the floors had not been swept all day, there were napkins, plastic wear, straws food - you name it, it was on the
floor or under a table. There was also a guy in there applying for a job, working there should be the easiest money he ever made, you
can be paid for doing nothing.
We were there nearly an hour and things stayed as dirty as when we first got there, and no the place was not crowded. Others were
also looking around at the disgusting mess, we were all just amazed at the lack of care or consideration for their customers.

I have to say, my family and I eat at Taco Bueno at least twice a week and seeing an establishment looking that bad makes me almost
reconsider my food choices.

I appreciate your attention to this matter as I feel assured that had the health department walked in today, they just might have shut
their doors for might have been closed for awhile.

Pictures and my facebook message is attached per your request

Cindy AikenRead More
10/31/2012 Taco Bueno - I drove ten miles in to Granbury, TX to get food
I drove ten miles in to Granbury, TX to get food from Taco Bueno. When I got home half of my order was missing and what food there was looked very old. I had ordered a Mexi Dip, three beef tacos and a peach empanada. There was NO queso in the Mexi Dip, the beans were dried out and the guacamole was brown. The lettuce on the two tacos I got (instead of the three I ordered) was brown and wilted and the empanada was missing. When I tried to call the store and complain, the number listed on the website and in the most recent phone book was not a working number. I spent nearly $10.00 for food I thre away!!!!!! I will NEVER visit this store again!!!!!! Very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!

CynthiaRead More
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