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Taco Cabana Corporate Headquarters Address
8918 Tesoro
San Antonio, TX 78217

Phone Number

1-800-357-9924Review Needed Please Comment


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11/24/2013 I've been to the Taco Cabana 11441 Katy Freeway in
I've been to the Taco Cabana 11441 Katy Freeway in Houston. The place prepares unacceptable food and serve this food in a unacceptable presentation. Presentation is everything even when your food is not at it's freshest in quality. The employees have no concept on preparation or presentation. The seating area is not maintained with dirty tables common and clean tables un-common. The condiment bar is has been disgusting on each of my visits. When my food and presentation were just outrageously bad I showed management, they treated me well and then served me the same poor quality and presentation all over again. That was enough for me to say no more. I see no leadership or effort to correct what must be obvious to upper management. My feeling is leadership and effort is exactly what is missing and is the key to correcting the issues that prevail in this eatery. I know this is fast food but it does not meet par for the standards for fast food places.

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