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Taco Del Mar Corporate Office Headquarters Address:
2414 SW Andover St. Suite D-101
FAX 206-624-7065
Seattle, WA 98106

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1-206-624-7060Review Needed Please Comment


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6/17/2013 Taco Del Mar - Horrible experience at the Bonney Lake,WA
Horrible experience at the Bonney Lake,WA location. Food was bad (tasted stale and afraid of getting sick if I ate the taco salad). The man behind the counter was rude, I have never seen such poor customer service in my life! He was on a wireless/blue tooth personal phone call while he was trying to take/make the salad. I wasn not sure if he was talking to me, or his friend on the other line. Not mention, I could not understand his english. It was slurred, sloppy, and rude? Once I got the salad, I couldn't eat it.... taco crust was stale,rancid, and dripping wet (who serves up black beans in their juice without using a slotted spoon??) Not sure if he was on drugs, or just plain rude. But--- when I asked for a replacement salad, or substitute it with something else-- he just said ... "NO-- your salad is fine, its just you, you are the problem..." then I gave him the receipt, and asked for my money back.... he said "NO-- you don't get your money back, you took a bite already...." I let him know I would take this to Corporate, and it could cost him his job... he laughed and said ..."yah.. right... you are the problem... food here is fine." AGAIN-- we are in America with lots of competition-- Taco del Mar cannot afford to have locations like this with employees like this compete in the fast food market and survive. Other locations we've frequented have been great-- this one (Bonney Lake) was a disgrace!!

DianeRead More
6/1/2012 Taco Del Mar - Love the food! But service is awful, there
Love the food! But service is awful, there rude!
Every time the price is different! I don't eat meat
So they just make up a price and the portions are so
Small! Not returning!!
This is the one in west linn Oregon on willamette dr
Also the one out on cascade dr in Ptld! Same thing!
Portions small and very rude!

SusanRead More
4/15/2012 Taco Del Mar - Our store has been open a few months. First visit
Our store has been open a few months. First visit was great. Today how ever There was ---glass in my food .I am Praying there was only one.I had a beef enchilata sp. and a chicken taco. with beans black beans rice and mild sauce. Small cut on my tongue. Its a clear green glass1/8inch. Phaye

PhayeRead More
6/15/2011 Taco Del Mar - hey, i am sam i always go to one of yours location
hey, i am sam i always go to one of yours location with my friends, we alway been good fan of your food its great food dude, we love it. well we just want tell u guyz that from past few day we were eating thier we having bad experince,the food was cold,goucemole was bad,i asked them for clintro their was none,bad serivce,they are trying to rush us,like they do know what to do.we love your food,we want come back,but if things were not changed we can go some where else.when we were eating my friend tray was dirty,like they didn't washed it.we just being concerned and hope u guyz improve. this comment for store located in downtown bermerton close to fairy terminal.

samRead More
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