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Taco Time Corporate Headquarters Address:
Kahala Corp.
9311 East Via de Ventura
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

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1-866-452-4252Review Needed Please Comment


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9/4/2014 I was recently at Taco Time in Albany Oregon and I
I was recently at Taco Time in Albany Oregon and I ordered 4 Bean Burritos. I gave the bag to my husband to take with him on a drive to Eugene. He called my shortly after that and told me he only had 3 burritos. I went in to the store and the manager basically said without my receipt he would do nothing. I could not find the receipt. Not only was he rude about it but just couldn't care less. I will not go in that store again and I let my friends know what happened.

Thanks for listening. I hope your management cares. They should!
Karen Rey

KarenRead More
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