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12/29/2016 Tag Heuer - Zero Stars. I bought a Tag that was supposed to be
Zero Stars. I bought a Tag that was supposed to be good for 100 meters of water at Costco. The first time it was wet for a few minutes (in one foot of water at Lake Tahoe), water filled the watch face. I had purchased it at Costco whose repair department sent it back saying it would cost more to fix it than it was worth. I called this miserable excuse for a customer service department where a nice lady told me that Costco isn't an authorized dealer, so they won't cover a warranty. Clearly, Tag Heuer makes junky watches that they won't back. FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS BUY TAGS!!

Lainey Read More
9/30/2015 Tag Heuer - I bought a tangier aquracer 300 with alarm in UK
I bought a tangier aquracer 300 with alarm in UK Ernst jones Portsmouth the alarm is not working I wen to the local agent SRILANKA COLOMBO they refused to accept because in the warranty card serial no not mentioned instead

Ganesh ravindran Read More
11/18/2014 Tag Heuer - I am extremely disappointed with my Tag watch -
I am extremely disappointed with my Tag watch - it's required two servicings at over $700. My Seikos have been running flawlessly without repair for 30 and 20 years respectively. I have declined having my Tag repaired again (first watch I ever saw run backwards) and will probably trash it. It's definitely not worth having repaired. An incredibly poor experience with what is touted at a premier product.

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1/31/2014 To the Tag Heuer Complaints Department
Tag Heuer Complaints Department

Brian Hicks

I with great dismay will no longer be buying Tag Heuer products. I had sent back my first watch ever purchased 17 years ago and they have refused to refurbish it due to its lack of a serial number. The serial number is located on the back plate of my watch and It is no longer there? why would there not be a serials number on the inside of a quality product like this. The watch was purchased at a certified dealer Nordstroms which I no longer have the receipt for. This watch is an original Tag Heuer. This was a very sentimental purchase what a shame. For the 17 year that I have owned this watch I have received numbers complements and was a proud and loyal customer


Brian Hicks

Brian Read More
1/26/2014 Tag Heuer - Received Tag calibre 16 Link for christmas and no
Received Tag calibre 16 Link for christmas and no one in florida knows how to remove the links to fit properly! Finally got one store Jared to do it but was only able to remove 2 links after hammering for quite some time. In all timepiece still does not fit and trying to get customer service from Tag is nonexistent. Sorry Tag but your product and the way you treat your customers is PISS POOR.

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10/18/2013 I've looked forward to owning a Tag Heuer watch
I've looked forward to owning a Tag Heuer watch for years. I got a Men's Formula 1 Chronograph Black Dial with black textured rubber band. The watch itself has worked fine but the band is really problematic. It does not handle sweat well and has developed an odor that is really off-putting. Disappointed that such a storied product would have this kind of problem.

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9/21/2013 I purchased my second Tag Heuer, a Tag Heur
I purchased my second Tag Heuer, a Tag Heur Carrera Calibre S Laptimer Retrograde CV7A10 EWQ0010, in the United States of America, July/2010.

Last May /2013, the watch stopped working.

In my city does not have an authorized dealer Tag Heuer, so I went to a common watch repair to change the battery. The repair opened my watch in front of me and only replaced the battery, but unfortunately the watch did not work.

I culdn't stay without my watch, so I sent the watch to H. Stern, autorized Tag Heuer dealer in Curitiba, Brazil, near my city.

Some days later I received a budget of R$ 3,000.00 (three thousand Reais, around US$ 1,360.00). The diagnosis: the machine was damaged and had to be changed. Because of the very high price, I did not authorize the service.

Two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas, USA, and took the same watch to a Tag Heuer Dealer, Tourneau Time Dome Caesars, and requested a budget for the repair.

The seller was stunned by the story I had told him about the abusive budget of H. Stern. He asked me an authorization to open the watch to verify if its machine really should be changed. In five minutes the man returned with a budget of US$ 25.00 (twenty five dolars, plus fees) for the battery to be replaced. Just it!

I authorized the service and since then my watch is working normally.

I would like to know why the authorized dealer in Brazil told me it was necessary to change the machine (for a very high price) and the Tag Heuer dealer in Vegas just replaced the battery to solv the problem?

Why the diagnosis and the budgets for the same problem are SO different?

*As a Tag Heuer client (my wife also has a Tag Heur), I sugest you to supervise H. Stern in order to prevent that the same situation can happen to other uninformed customer. This company is not being honest and reliable with customers, neither with Tag Heur.

Thank you very much for your attention.

My best regards,

Rubens Read More
9/9/2013 I bought a Tag Heuer Link automatic on 7/5/2013
I bought a Tag Heuer Link automatic on 7/5/2013 and registered it on 7/15/2013. Since registering the watch I have had 34 instances of the watch ceasing to keep time (meaning it stops completely). I need resolution to this issue. I even took it to a Ben Bridge who distributer who I didn't buy it from, they stated I had to get directions from TAG in New Jersey. I am dissatisfied with this watch, my prior Rolex gave me better service than the watch from you.

Don or Donald Read More
8/3/2013 Tag Heuer - TAG service in Dubai is a disgrace - poor service
TAG Service
Having had a TAG watch purchased in Dubai I recently need it repaired. The sole distributor in Dubai (Siddiqi) is a disgrace. Obviously the attention to detail only goes as far as getting you to buy a watch in the first place. Once you have bought it you are on your own. Poor service, broken promise's aloof staff. In truth if you want a good watch that you will come back to time and time again. Buy a better quality watch. TAG like Jason Button have had there best years in the past

Scottedxb Read More
4/24/2013 Tag Heuer - I sent my tag for a batterie change in argentina,
I sent my tag for a batterie change in argentina, at SHHS TUCUMAN 620 BUENOS AIRES, they changed my batterie and charged me 100 dolars for it, then the watch fell behind...took it again to shhs, and they told me I have to pay more, to repair it! They did it, it worked perfectly well before I took it to them. Miss Sandra answered the phone, she was disgusting, she was in a very bad mood.

graciela roveta Read More
3/12/2013 Tag Heuer - i wouldn't recommend tag watches to anyone; my
i wouldn't recommend tag watches to anyone; my kirium automatic screw down crown broke within the 2 year warranty period. it was repaired, but this lasted less than a year, and i got it repaired free again only after complaining at the quoted repair charge of £385 ($600). This repair lasted less than 3 weeks, and then the watch stopped completely: ie it came back from the repair centre worse than it was when it went. They then sent another quote for repair which i refused, and so they refused to repair it. I feel like i want to sue them for damage.
You buy an automatic watch to avoid the hassle and cost of replacing batteries, and then they tell you it needs a service every 3 years. citizen watches run for decades with neither service nor batteries.

anthony Read More
2/7/2013 Tag Heuer - I was given a Tag Formula 1 about 18 months ago. I
I was given a Tag Formula 1 about 18 months ago. I always tighten down the crown, always. It wasn't my first Tag. On a recent trip to the Bahamas, I unscrewed the crown to set the correct time on the airplane and tightened it down. I wore the watch the entire time, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling. After all, what makes the watch special is the water-resistance. After a week I noticed condensation on the crystal. I was horrified. Then I tested the crown and it was loose. I never loosened it or even touched it during the week. I am stunned. I believe the larger sprockets on the crown, which Tag refers to as "easy to adjust" or something like that, press into the back of my hand and inadvertently loosens the crown over time. I had noticed it loose before, but figured it was my error. Of course any moisture damage is always going to be due to misuse by the owner, never Tag. A waste of money for a watch with a warranty that can never be utilized. What a joke on me!

kevin Read More
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