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Target Visa and Red Card Call: 1-888-755-5856
Target Debit Card: 1-888-729-7331
Target Business Card: 1-800-618-6881
Outside the US Call Collect: 1-612-307-8622

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5/12/2017 Target Red Card - My target bill is due the 7th of each month. On
My target bill is due the 7th of each month. On March 24th 2017 I paid my bill for April. On April 10th 2017 I paid my bill for May. I get a phone call while I'm lying in bed on or about 9:00 p.m. from a very rude Target collection person saying that my bill is pass due. I tried to explain to them that I paid my bill on the 10th of April and my bill was not pass due. I paid my bill ahead of time. I was told that because I paid my bill in advance that it was put on the same bill that I had just paid 17 days earlier and that I was being charged a late fee for my bill which is due in May. I can't believe Target is that hard up for money that it trying to charge me triple the amount that owe for June. This company is the worst. I have never been late paying any of my bills over the past 10 years. Target is messing with my perfect credit rating. If I can't come to an understanding with Target I will be posting this on Facebook everyday, I'm sure I will cause them to lose some business. Waiting to here from Corporate Headquarters.

Ellis Read More
2/25/2017 Target Red Card - I would like to give 0 Stars. Their customer
I would like to give 0 Stars. Their customer service is the absolute worst.

Nikki Read More
11/9/2016 Target Red Card - I've been a card holder since 2010, and I have a
I've been a card holder since 2010, and I have a credit score above 800. I shop at Target frequently. I had an automatic payment set up with my bank to pay off the card every month. A few months ago, Target changed the card number (updated it) without notifying me. My automatic payment no longer went through, and now my card is 4 months past due, with almost 150 dollars in late fees. I am more than willing to pay off the amount I owe, but I will not pay the late fees. I just explained this to someone on the Target "customer service" line and they refused to even consider letting me pay the full amount, minus the late fees. I will never shop at Target ever again, and I will advise everyone I know to never shop at Target ever again. It is such a pity that they lack any semblance of customer service and are willing to lose very good customers over a few late fees.

Jacquelyn Read More
10/8/2016 Target Red Card - please cancel my red card i do not want to have it
please cancel my red card i do not want to have it

Betty Aguilar Read More
10/8/2016 Target Red Card - please cancel my red card i do not want to have it
please cancel my red card i do not want to have it

Betty Aguilar Read More
2/28/2014 Target Red Card - I was charged $30 for a closed account return charge from Target
Ladies & Gentlemen:
I have written you several times before and never received a response. I was charged $30 for a closed account return charge. The reason the account was closed was that I was advised to change account numbers after the Target security breach. I think I was misled by the person I spoke to on the phone. I used to be a very happy Target customer and just can't state Walmart, but at this point, I won't any longer if I am not given a $30 credit for this account. I paid this charge on my new account at my bank and got a new Target redcard. After this, I received another Target letter telling me that $30 was for a returned fee charged. I have been told several times over the phone that this must be referred to some "research committee" and I will receive a letter from them, but I have never received any letters. I cannot believe that you would risk losing a good customer because of this, especially in light of the publicity given the recent Target security breach.

Terri Curry Peace

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1/13/2014 Target Red Card - Once again Target has failed me!
once again Target has failed me. I cancelled my old Visa card and ordered another.
Now today I go into the acct summary and can't get in. No reason. I talked to a team member and he assured me it was unlocked. It was not. I asked to make sure we would get a paper statement and he seemed confused and never answered.
Now I do not know what we owe or what was charged, etc. If we get a late fee charged this will be one angry lady.

None of the phone work right. This answering lady says do this and do that, and then she thanks you for calling Target and disconnects you. I am slowly getting so tired of all the time and energy I have put up with. It is disgusting. I realize Target is in a mess but I would think they would have people to answer simple questions.
Right now I have no credit card and may not get another. I will Target.

roy Read More
1/10/2014 My Target Red Card is locked and I can't find a number to call
my acct is locked and now I can not find any number that I can call that will unlock it.It is so frustrating to have this same recording come on, and she talks like she is going to solve it all and then she says thanks for calling and hangs up and you are left like a moron with the phone in your hand and she is gone. She is that way with almost everything that is going on. I can't even enter the last 4 digits of my credit card because the phone does not recognize that either. So THAT CALL GOES DOWN THE DRAIN.
After being on the phone for 2 hours I am now just furious. Not only that but they charged me 25.00 late fee which was not our fault and that made my daughter and I more furious. They are just not available to help customers over the phone, but why would they not provide a reliable phone number. The big scare is over now so they should be able to take care of us other people. I used to be so fond of Target and loved shopping there but when you really have a big problems there is no one to help you/ luckily our statement is not due yet or we would be in the dark as to what to do as I always check it over before we pay it. We p aid a huge bill in Jan.but now for Jan. bill I do not remember wh at I was doing for the grandkids. I am in my 80's and sometimes get in trouble. Target did not pay attention to the fact that I indicated paperless and my daughter who does my bills was waiting for the bill..As soon as we realized what the problem was I called and wrote to Target. I got nothing. I both my daughters and I are very good customers. They would like to switch to Cosco and we may. Target is not happy to have us as customers any more.And frankly, I am a bit grumpy with Target. They are getting big and do not care about us older people. My widow friends and I talk about it after Sunday mass and breakfast and some are thru for good with Target.
They say they will answer an e mail, but no one ever does, but it is late and I am tired so I will think about Target and Cosco tomorrow.

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1/3/2014 Target Red Card - I have to agree with Freda. Went to their website
I have to agree with Freda. Went to their website & clicked replace debit REDcards, thinking they would send me one with a different number. WRONG!! Waited 5 days, got a replacement card with the exact same number, same security code & same PIN. What a joke! Target is no taking this seriously at all.

Johnny Read More
12/27/2013 Try calling the 612 number for Target Red Card
Try calling the 612 number I was only holding 7 mins and it's direct to customer service

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12/24/2013 Target Red Card - By the way, when you get someone on the phone make
By the way, when you get someone on the phone make sure you ask them where they are located FIRST. I spent over 30 minutes with a girl on the phone yesterday who kept having me "hold for a couple of minutes" while she talked to a supervisor. I thought I might get somewhere but all she ended up saying to me was "sorry, I can't help you. You need to keep calling the RedCard Services number". As I had already explained to her, I had been trying that for 3 days straight! When I finally asked her who she was and where she was located she said the Phillipines. A freakin call center! What a joke! If I had known that from the beginning I would've hung up. I already know a call center can't help me. All this trouble to report a lost card!

Henna Read More
12/21/2013 Target Red Card - Why hasn't Target just canceled the debit REDcards
Why hasn't Target just canceled the debit REDcards and offer to give new numbers? Would solve the problem for a lot of us. Visa did that when their card was compromised. Easy fix.

Freda Read More
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