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TASSIMO is not just another coffee maker. It's a whole new way to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks perfectly, in the comfort of your own home. And it's so simple.

With the TASSIMO machine and the TASSIMO Discs (T DISCs) you can make the hot drink you want, when you want it. No fuss. No bother.

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1-877-834-7271Review Needed Please Comment


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3/11/2015 Tassimo - not the macine i have problem with its great! its
not the macine i have problem with its great! its the customer service from tassimo site when i am buying pods...think they deffo need retraining and to learn some old fashioned manners........
I rang to say i couldnt purchase online as wouldnt except my card.....man was rude.very bored and treated me like i was thick.....he reordered over fone on my same card whitch worked but left me feeling bad.....

lynRead More
12/2/2014 Tassimo has the worst customer service of any
Tassimo has the worst customer service of any company I've ever dealt with. There has never been a more apt description of a company than "the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing". You can waste your time complaining, asking for supervisors, etc... to no avail. Shame on upper management. When my machine finally dies I will be done with them for good.

KarenRead More
5/29/2014 HELP ! I have a Tassimo by Bosch. I tried your service
HELP ! I have a Tassimo by Bosch. I tried your service people and they want me to pay $38.00 just to talk to them and your phone line to talk to someone directly 1-866-918-8763 got me a nice lady who gave this number
(1-800-8347271) and it says. that number has been changed and they want $2.99 to connect you so much for talking to someone directly. My machine shows that I need to add water and there is lots of water. I have ajusted to water container and now I get a yellow light. I shut it all down and started all over again and the same problem. It would be nice to talk to someone or get an e-mail answer so I could solve my problem.

BonnieRead More
4/17/2014 I have found Tassimo customer service very rude
I have found the customer service very rude on the two occasions I have called. Love the product but will not be buying another because of the poor customer service.

JacRead More
3/26/2014 Tassimo - Extremely poor customer service
Extremely poor customer service. Agent sounded like she was eating and my concerns were not her concerns.
Every time I raised an issue with my machine, she had an answer for me, regardless of it's relativity.
Ended by saying there was nothing she could do for me. I guess she was finished her sandwich.
Never, ever would I purchase another Tassimo - Keurig here I come!

DebbieRead More
9/6/2013 Tassimo coffee machine made by Braun model 3107 can't reach anyone
I have a Tassimo coffee machine made by Braun (model 3107) Tassimo tells me to call Braun for info and service---Braun tells me to call Tassimo! The American "pass the buck" syndrone!

"Patty"Read More
4/22/2013 In have 2 none working tassimos in my basement.
In have 2 none working tassimos in my basement. The place I bought them from will not take them back. I loved it and used it all the time. One was only nine months old and the other 3 months old. Also one flaw is the disk centre gets into the spout and it only gives half cups of coffee.


WandaRead More
4/18/2013 Tassimo - April 18/13From Maryann HeaddonI just
April 18/13

From Maryann Headdon

I just e-mailed you with regards to my Tassiomo. I forgot to mention my
Model Number: E - NrTas4511 UC/01. Serial Number is: 1139027. Sorry for any incovenience.
Maryann Headdon

Maryann HeaddonRead More
3/22/2013 Tassimo - Yes to let you know the costumer service was very
Yes to let you know the costumer service was very friendly
and very helpful to answer all my questions, especially
Corina ,Doris and Daniel who helped me to solve the problem.

I am happy with the TSSIMO BOSCh, it works for me very good.

Thank you very much.


NormaRead More
3/8/2013 Tassimo - This is a terrible product. Never actually worked
This is a terrible product. Never actually worked properly. I really made a mistake by choosing this over the Keruig . I am usually a better judge of product reliability. Just trying to help others.....do NOT buy

SherRead More
3/4/2013 Review: Disappointed with T20 Tassimo coffee maker
Ijust wanted to let you know how disappointed I am with my T20 coffee maker.After only 18 months of use it has stopped functioning! I spoke with one of your representatives on the phone and the only response given was ''I'm sorry there is nothing that can be done for you''. A very disappointing product and reply from your company!!!

johnRead More
2/9/2013 Tassimo - I purchased the lattes from tasimo thinking that
I purchased the lattes from tasimo thinking that they'd be descent given their coffee products, however, that was not the case. What a waste of 10$ on these lattes, I had one sip and automatically felt sick to my stomach. It tastes like warm milk mixed with soap, it seriously doesnt even taste edible.... I'm not sure how they managed to put this product on the store shelves, seeing as, I don't think anyone would ever testify to this product being good.... They only sell one size so once you purchase it at 10$ you're pretty much stuck with 15 latte tasimos that are now useless to you, and there's no way to get your money back. There should be a money back garantee, seeing as, you do not get the option to test the product out in a small quantity, prior to buying a package.

KjRead More
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