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7/16/2014 Taylor Made - I bough a brand new Jetspeed driver from MST
I bough a brand new Jetspeed driver from MST Malaysia dealer, after several time used, noticed of looseness sound from the inner of the driver head.
Back to dealer and feedback, after tested by MST staff, he agreed about the defect but need to send to KL HQ for decision, waited for 6 weeks and finally replied with driver is OK and no defect found.
I felt very sad and this kind of defect can not just simply judge by few hitting, need to study carefully before simply judge. may be the bond of the counter weight loosen in certain time and not all the time.
MST decide to return the driver to me without replacement or repair, for sure that this driver can not be use. I felt sad because a branded products end up with poor after sales service.
As a product design and manufacturer, must treat all feedback as study for improvement, I felt sad about this replied.

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