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12/5/2015 I recently purchased a split cal king Tempurpedic
I recently purchased a split cal king Tempurpedic mattress & base setup. This setup included the message base. From day one when we made our purchase from Mattis Brothers, we have had problems with the 2 remotes. I have called the store and they referred me to Temperpedic who intern referred me to Reverie. I was told early on the Reverie is the warranty department of Temperpedic but today I was told that they are the manufacture of the basses that Tempurpedic uses BUT the public ONLY knows the whole setup is Tempurpedic. Getting passed off to them by your people is ridiculous, maddening and frustrating.
Tempurpedic has a prestigious and status name in the marketplace so I am very perplexed why your people were passing me off to one of your suppliers to try and get the 2 remotes replaced. In addition, when I spoke with Natasha of your company today I have never been treated more rudely and with such a dismissive attitude and not trying to keep a user of your products happy by doing a very small good will jester by just replacing the 2 malfunctioning remotes. Natasha threatened to hang up on me and she was very argumentative and abrasive. It was very stressful to hear her come on so strongly to be and not in an empathetic manner that most customer service people are trained to do.

As a side thought I would think that the remotes have a cost to you of about $20.00 and a retail price of $125.00. Having said this, I would think that for this small cost to Tempurpedic would not be worth it to Tempurpedic to have a negative user base.

I am a past owner/businessman who was in the corrugated box making industry. We always tried to listen to our customers and go beyond to keep them happy with us. I hope you will also do the same with me as I believe that I am standing on principle and good business practices.

PS - Natasha also lied to me as she told me the CEO name is Rick Maynard, and she actually was precise to spell it out for me. I had my email come back so I went on the internet and then called customer service who told me that the CEO's name is actually Scott Thompson

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4/13/2014 Tempurpedic - My wife and I purchased a Tempur-Pedic Cal King
My wife and I purchased a Tempur-Pedic Cal King Celebrity with Cal-King Foundation Item # 109575. , invoice #3129, delivered 12-11-2004 to
7008 Brookcrest Way
Citrus Heights, CA. 95621

We received a mattress that had a tag with another customers name, it had been refurbished. We requested a new mattress which we had just paid
$ 3,299.00 + tax. The new mattress was delivered. When we moved to : 4844 Echo Ridge Road, Rocklin, CA. 95677 in 2006, the mattress was still nice and firm. After a total of 4 years the mattress had started to feel soft and I noticed uncomfortable to sleep on my back. The problem has increased and the center is firm and my wife and I are both uncomfortable with support issues. We both love Tempur-Pedic products and want to purchase twin or double size adjustable beds in the next year or so. We would like to speak with your representative as soon as possible and discuss resolving this issue. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Sincerely, Bobby Janca

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1/11/2013 Tempurpedic - we made a claim and was told they no longer made
we made a claim and was told they no longer made our mattress so they would replace it with another one close to the one we had, well my husband has tried to sleep on this one but it's alot harder than the old one and hurts his back and hip. The one they sent out is the Contour # Pt0035 A . Can you do anything about this. Thank You.

Evelyn Lehenbauer Read More
12/19/2012 Tempurpedic - I made warranty a claim on Dec. and the em-mail I
I made warranty a claim on Dec. and the em-mail I receivded said that I would hear back in two days. It has been eight days now. Could you please update me on the progress of my claim?

Thank You

Dave Curfiss

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