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5/23/2016 TGI Fridays - Twice now we have had to do with the rude,
Twice now we have had to do with the rude, disrespectful and discourteous hostess at the Greater PITT Airport restaurant named "Brenda" . This woman has on two occasions now treated us very poorly and has been rude and unprofessional in her interaction with customers. When asked to move from a cold/dark spot in the restaurant to a warmer, better lit place in a half empty restaurant, I do not expect to have to hear your mumbling, complaints and criticism regarding such a request. Also when standing in line to be seated it is not acceptable to ignore me and my party and walk right past us choosing to seat another couple who were behind us in line. We are your guests, we deserve to be treated with respect, and rudeness or arrogance has no place in the demeanor of a restaurant hostess. Your actions, manners and conduct do a dis service to the company whom you work for.
If you are unhappy with your job or position there, find a new one and don't use your customers as punching bags.

Tim Read More
9/23/2015 TGI Fridays when will you coming back to Columbia, SC?
When will you be coming back to Columbia, South Carolina? I really miss those jack daniels ribs and all the good food. I don't know why you closed. Please call or email me.

simon elkin Read More
7/18/2014 TGI Fridays - We were at the Fridays in sterling hgts mi on van
We were at the Fridays in sterling hgts mi on van dyke at about 1:40pm and we ordered the turkey lunch combo and it took them 20min's to bring us our food when there was not that many customers in the restaurant.

Paula Read More
6/27/2014 TGI Fridays - I have tried to do the feedback survery for 2 days
I have tried to do the feedback survery for 2 days and it keeps saying that based on my info. it won't go thru. I'd like to know why. I have been able to get the $8.00 coupon many times before.If the systems down now can I get a retro-active coupon please? We only go out at Fridays because it's the best place in town!

melanie Read More
9/2/2013 Impossible to complete TGI Fridays survey
terrible web site impossible to complete survey

norm Read More
7/1/2013 TGI Fridays - The Fridays in Toledo, Ohio had the worst manager
The Fridays in Toledo, Ohio had the worst manager very working on Sunday evening, June 30, 2013. She immediately approached my table with an attitude when I question why I had to pay as much as I did for a tip. She was rude and loud and showed very little skills if any in terms of management. she really needs to learn how to perfect her communication skills. It will be a long time before I visit the restaurant again.

pw Read More
5/2/2013 TGI Fridays - My 80 year old mother's molar was damaged on
My 80 year old mother's molar was damaged on Saturday eating a boneless chicken wing at a Friday's in central Florida. We filled out an incident report with the manager and when I called on Wednesday night to notify them that I had not been contacted, I was told that it is my mother's responsibility to call "Corporate" to see what is happening with her claim. It is now Thursday-she has no dental insurance and needs to get her tooth fixed. They were apologetic but of no assistance. Whom do I need to speak to? Thank you.

Colleen Read More
4/27/2013 TGI Fridays - Super upset was on a family outing and we got
Super upset was on a family outing and we got hungry decided to stop at the tgifridays off 4570 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas Nv 89102 will never ever ever make that mistake again server Vin worst waiter ever manager on duty please she needs to be recertified or something took 15 min to be seated mind you it wasn't busy at all than when we finally got seated took another 15 min to get drinks waiter spills my margarita and never cleaned up the mess we told the manager on duty she said shes going to take care of you after that being said she was np where to be found our food was cold the customers next to us agreed with our frustration there were a few that was not happy at all this seemed to not matter we get our check and it was over charged I mean damn people this is your money you would think with this economy you would do whatever you can to make it apparently your too good for hard work and great service will never do this restaurant again. How is this resturaunt still in business you guys need to get your heads out your butt and fix it fast.

Santa Read More
4/15/2013 TGI Fridays - Hi first let me say I am a manager at a clothing
Hi first let me say I am a manager at a clothing store and I know the meaning of good customer service. I went to this location with my husband and a few friends for his birthday and I regret going to this establishment. The server was a rude disrespectful little girl . Her name was zekia or zakia .She got more than one of our orders wrong and then she got mad when e told her. I was so upset with her attitude that I went and got a female manager. She then told me that she can't change our server so we had to deal with no refills, a bad attitude and incorrect meals. Also a friend joined the group about 20 minutes after and he didnt receive a meal at alll.Then she placed our bill on the table without saying anything and the meal that my friend ordered never got to the table. We told three different managers about the service and they did nothing. When we complained about the girl the last time they all stArted to sing happy birthday out loud. This is the worst experience that I have ever had at an establishment . Someone needs to be repremanded. I will never eat at that establishment again store #950 in valley stream, New York.

Felicia Read More
10/19/2012 The TGI Fridays at Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse,
The TGI Fridays at Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse, NY is horrible.
I was charge $85 (the entire bill) for a group meal (that took an hour to get) when I SIGNED a reciept for only $10 (half the reciept). I've been trying to get it sort out through the store managers and each one of them (three different ones) have assured me that it would be taken care of the next morning. Well, now it's morning 3, day 3 and it hasn't been fixed!

I've told everyone who will listen and I WILL NEVER go to another TGI Fridays ANYWHERE.

Meg Read More
10/8/2012 Oh my goodness where to begin with tgi Fridays at
Oh my goodness where to begin with tgi Fridays at Cardiff , last year my daughter wanted to go fr her 12th birthday tgi Fridays completely forgot about her as a result the manager gave her a voucher to use next time she went. We then attended on her 13th , staff were rude no cutlery was given by the time we found someone the food had gone cold. A complete joke will I be going there again....NO

Gem Read More
7/13/2012 TGI Fridays - JULY 12, 2012.MY NAME IS LUZ E. SINISTERRA, TEL.
JULY 12, 2012.

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