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# the Bay Store Inquiries: 1-800-521-2364
# Zellers Store Inquiries: 1-888-226-2225
# Home Outfitters Store Inquiries:
# Toll free: 1-888-595-8786 # Local: 905-595-8786
# Email: [email protected]
# Fields: 1-800-521-2364
# Hbc Credit: 1-800-263-2599
# Gift Registry: 1-877-408-1510
# Hbc Rewards: 1-800-844-8131

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1-800-521-2364after selecting language, just wait.


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11/11/2013 The Bay (Canada) - They don't value your Christmas shopping
They don't value your Christmas shopping business. I went to The Bay (downtown Vancouver), on Sunday of the long weekend, I asked a clerk where the Christmas department was. She sent me to the 5th floor. Half the escalators weren't working so people had to walk up and down on the same one. I finally walked up to the 5th floor and didn't see any Christmas displays, so I asked a clerk and she said it is in the sub-basement. I told her someone told me it was up on 5. She replied "well they're wrong" over her shoulder while she was walking away. So I decided to wait for the elevator which was packed because the escalators were not working. I found the correct department and asked the cashier if I could do a return. She snaps at me and says I have to return it to the department I bought it from. I wanted to return a Christmas tree skirt! No apology, just attitude. A very frustrating experience. I talked to 3 staff members and found them to be untrained, less than helpful and just plain rude.

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9/10/2013 The Bay (Canada) - the Bay at Fairview Mall Toronto does not have enough dressing rooms
I was at the Bay at Fairview Mall Toronto today. I picked out 5 dresses to try on. I went to the fitting room. It was boarded up. I finally found someone to ask where am I supposed to try on these clothes. She said on the other side of the floor. I asked if there is a closer one and she said it was the only one open. I lugged the dresses all the way to the other side in petites. It was full with a line up. I peeked inside. There were 4 fitting rooms for the entire store!!! I dumped the dresses right there near the cashier and went into the mall, into another store and purchased a couple of dresses. Shame shame on you Bay!! You've lost my business!

PatriciaRead More
2/9/2013 The Bay (Canada) - I have been trying to contact the ladies coat
I have been trying to contact the ladies coat department at the Erin MIlls Towncenter for two days and no one picks up. I even had a saleclerk from the Burlington store call and no one still picked up. I even called the shoe department to ask them if they could find out who is at the ladies coat department and they put me on hold and never got back to me. This was also long distance for me. I am going to contact the manager because they should at least cover the cost of my long distance tab. Absolutely unbelieveable. NO wonder we go elsewhere!! Can't wait for Target to open.

angry birdRead More
12/29/2012 The Bay (Canada) - We went to The Bay at the Penn Centre in St
We went to The Bay at the Penn Centre in St Cathariones Ont. We bought a Fridge, The salesperson was very nice, but the wrong fridge finish was ordered we waited a month and when it came it was pulled from the truck and said that isn't my fridge. Reorder waited a week and the new fridge came it was now to big to get in the door and the delivery people would not take off the doors. So back it went now we ordered a smaller fridge same make, back ordered this has been a month and a half waiting to get a fridge. Now I was told it would be here on Dec 29th no one has called and I am sitting here waiting. I have asked for a discount for my troubles and was told after it is delivered we can do something. I emailed the store manager and he got back and said he would look into it and has blocked our email so we cannot get back to him now.....Customer service with this Canadian Co. has gone out the window. You wonder mhy we go state side to buy things where they cannot do enough for you. I did go to the bay one night becasue Bonnie Brooks sent out discount cards for 10% off so before the first delivery I went back to The Bay to apply this to the order and when I went in and upstairs to the appliance dept there was no word of a lie no one to be seen, customers or staff. I had to go to the poll in by the sales desk push 0 and ask a operator if anyone works here because I am upstairs in there store anf no one is up here. It was crazy!!!!!

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12/11/2012 The Bay (Canada) - Furniture from the Bay: Missed Deliveries 12.12.12
We purchased some furniture from the Bay and it was to be delivered in October 2012. Well after two missed deliveries they finally delivered it the third time. The first missed delivery was a Saturday so we stayed home all day but no furniture. Going to work Monday morning I found a message on the work phone saying that the Bay would not make it out today (Saturday). Why they would leave a message on my work phone on a Sat. is beyond me. After the two missed deliveries they did delivery the furniture the third time. My problem was I contacted Customer Service right away and told them I wanted my delivery charge refunded. That was October 30. Since then I have sent two more e mails and have talked to 3 different people from the Customer Service 1-800 number. Finally on Dec.10 got fed up and contacted the salesperson at the store and she refunded my delivery charge immediately. I would have contacted her sooner but just wanted to see if the whole customer service web site and number would respond. No such deal. I even requested a person to return my call and expressed my disbelief that no one has responded. Didn't do any good. This customer service sucks. Love my furniture but very disappointed in the Bay. They used to be the best for customer service. What good is there web site if they never responde. Shame on the Bay

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9/5/2012 The Bay (Canada) - I purchased a refrigerator from the Bay at Yonge &
I purchased a refrigerator from the Bay at Yonge & Queen Street in Toronto, 5 years ago.
At the time I purchased an extended warranty for years. The fan in my refrigerator stopped working in May 2012 - customer service sent me to a "call centre" Lime Route that held the warranty. Lime Route arranged for a technician to come to my house - took several days - a part was needed - they do not carry parts - had to be ordered. I did not hear again from anyone for 2 weeks during which time my fridge was not working. Neither Lime Route nor the technician bothered to contact me. Unfortunately I now find myself in the same position - I have been 2 weeks without a working fridge - again waiting for the correct part as the 1st one did not solve the problem - and again little or no contact with either Lime Route or the technician. The Bay Customer Service department needs to change their name as they do no longer provide any service to their customers. If my refrigerator cannot be repaired you can be sure that I will not purchase another one from the Bay.

When you find yourself dealing with a call centre and a nameless technician - neither of whom feel any need to keep you informed - it is most frustrating

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6/24/2012 The Bay (Canada) - Has anyone had this experience in the Beauty Dept.
Has anyone had this experience in the Beauty Dept. at The Bay at Limeridge Mall? I picked up an AntiAging package with 4 items in it---CLINIQUE marked at $113 for the whole kit on Sat. June 23 2012. I took it to the cashier who proceded to tell me what a great product it was . She then went to the display where I picked it up, came back to the counter and showed me a couple of the products, said something quickly about "Oh that was a large one" and you don't need that. Little did I know the girl took out 2 of the items from the Kit and had put ONLY 2 items of smaller size in the KIT and charged me full amt for them which was close to the other price of WHOLE KIT of 4 items. She put it in the bag and kept talking. I did not realize what she had done until I got home. I live an hour from the store an it was too late to go back. I will return tomorrow and find a manager. This girl should lose her job! She really pulled a fast one. I am a senior and she must have thought I wouldn't do anything about it?? Rest assured she will pay for this.

BarbRead More
3/1/2012 The Bay (Canada) - Do other people have a problem with the Bay
Do other people have a problem with the Bay failing to remove their security dye tags from their purchases? This is the third time I have unpacked or tried to use my purchase only to find I need to make a trip back to the Bay to remove the tag. Unnecessary trips cost me time and money but its their error.

CaybeeRead More
2/17/2012 The Bay (Canada) - We purchased a mattress at The Bay, Victoria, BC.
We purchased a mattress at The Bay, Victoria, BC. a couple of weeks ago. My wife has serious back problems and her doctor told her to get a good one. It was delivered promptly, but was the wrong mattress mislabeled with a cardboard tag someone had stapled on. It's hard as a rock. My wife went back to the store to ask them to send the right one, because this one is causing her a lot of pain. The first salesman was extremely rude and she left in tears. Another salesperson agreed they'd sent the wrong one and arranged for a replacement to be sent... but we've heard nothing since. Looks like we're just out the money... My wife's daughter is a lawyer, but we really don't want to go that route. We just want the mattress we paid for.

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2/8/2012 The Bay (Canada) - I was at The Bay at Fairview Mall today. Recently,
I was at The Bay at Fairview Mall today. Recently, there have been improvements there, certainly in Ladies' fashions--much more stylish and well stocked. Men's wear was always a good dept. And they have had this man in the shoe department for a few years who is the best sales person in the store. But honestly, today's experience in the Bay was really off-putting. I visited house linens with my mother and she picked out some stuff. The cash register in that recently redesigned area is hidden from the aisle by a wall. Nothing tells you that this is where customers with 'points' issues are supposed to go. And there was a customer attempting to redeem some problematic points at the time. The cashier had obviously called in someone to assist her with this and approve it, etc. The young woman had to wait for some 'paperwork' to arrive. My mom and I were next when a very 'pushy' woman just breezed right up to the cash register and got to pay her overdue bill with not a word from the cashier that she was not next to be served. In the middle of this transaction, the paperwork arrived for the lady waiting for her 'points' The cashier stopped what she was doing and went over this with the other saleslady (was this a manager? I wonder) and then went over the paperwork with that poor lady waiting for her points. Paperwork???? Now I'm debating leaving, but mom does not get out much and needs the items we have. Another woman asks me if it's the counter for HBC points inquiries. OK, so that's it!!! The cashier at linens is the points desk too!!!! Interesting that it's not in men's wear. You can bet no man would put up with being treated to the slowness and inefficiency of that experience. Too bad that the person who arrived to assist the cashier with the points paperwork didn't stick around and handle it herself so that the cashier would serve the paying customers. She did, however, disappear back to whatever she was doing that obviously did not involve customer service. No respect for the time of that lady with the points issue and absolutely no respect for the time I spent there with my elderly mom.

MariRead More
2/6/2012 The Bay (Canada) - Purchased a mattress and was told an additional
Purchased a mattress and was told an additional 10% would be discounted if I applied for a HBC credit card and used it for the purchase. Although I did not need the card I figured it was worth the savings and I would simply pay for the mattress in full when the bill came. After two weeks I was contacted that the mattress would be dropped off between 11 and 6 PM and was was to make arrangements to be home. At 6:30 I called wondering where the mattress was and was told it was on the truck but they are running behind. The mattress did not show up and was told there was a mix up and it would be sent in two days. I took another day off work and once again after half an hour past delivery time I phoned. I was told it was on the truck and should be there any minute. An hour later I phoned and was told the mattress was now on back order and they won't have any stock for another two to three weeks. After a few hours on the phone they said I would recieve a discount and they would send a loaner mattress in the mean time but I would have to pay the delivery guy sixty dollars cash and they would reimburse me. Some sketchy guy showed up in a small pickup truck with the loaner mattress and told me I have to help unload the mattress. The loaner mattress was very uncomfortable and Customer Service kept calling asking me to take it instead as it was already delivered. After a few more hours on the phone I was promised the mattress I had purchased when stock became available. Three weeks later I finally had my mattress delivered and was promised a significant discount due to the problems I had encountered during this whole process and was not to pay the HBC card until they got back to me with the discounted price. Since then HBC credit has called me and they have put me into collections for lack of payment. When I informed them that I was told by your company not to pay until the final discount was figured out they informed me that it's on the store end not the HBC end and they have put me into collections. I argued that they are one in the same company and I had been put into collections before I had even recieved the mattress and was told by the operator it was not her problem and I've been put into collections and I should call back the next day with information of when I pay. This has been the retail experience I have ever encountered and once all of this mess is figured out I will never step foot in this companies stores ever again. So long and short I'm out two days work, sixty dollars, and am in collections.

MikeRead More
1/4/2012 The Bay (Canada) - I bought gift cards for XmasThe clerk keypunched
I bought gift cards for Xmas
The clerk keypunched them wrong
And actually gave me 1 card that had
Nothing on it.
The person I gave it to complained.
I called customer service,now in Pennsylvania
They dissed me and told me its my fault.
Not the Bay I know.
Should be eventually out of business
I don't think the Canadian public
Is going to put up with this crap.

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