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1/10/2013 The Buckle Inc. - BKE Brand The Buckle Customer Review 2013
BKE Brand The Buckle Customer Review

I'm not certain if the BKE brand is a Buckle label or if it is just a product line you carry. If it is actually manufactured by another company I would like their information so I can contact them directly. I purchased 3 pairs of BKE jeans recently-Once I was home with them ALL 3 pair had defects. The Buckle replaced one pair for me and sent the other two pairs to alterations to have the seams re-sewn. I appreciate the fact that they did take care of the product but it is very disappointing to pay that dollar amount for jeans that are not manufactured to a quality standard and then have to be troubled by returning to the store with damaged merchandise. The fact that all 3 pairs of jeans were damaged makes me question the quality of this brand. I'm not disappointed with The Buckle in general, but, I am very dissapointed with the BKE brand. The person helping me (an assistant manager) seemed to be aggravated with the fact that I was returning damaged merchandise and expecting

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12/26/2012 The Buckle Inc. - Buckle Customer Service Review and Rating 2012
Buckle Customer Service Review and Rating 2012

ove the clothing, but since discovering Buckle on a recent business trip and going into 4 different stores in different cities, my experience has been marred 3 out of 4 times by employees constantly coming up to me with clothes and suggesting I try this and that before I can even look around. And as I'm looking around, they're relentless, suggesting stuff I don't want and didn't ask for. The commission motivation is obvious. It's sad when you're hesitant to go into a store because you the employees will pester you and make you feel uncomfortable.

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12/26/2012 The Buckle Inc. - The Buckle Customer Service Problems 2012
The Buckle Customer Service Problems 2012

recently had a problem with the buckle. I purchased 3 pairs of $80 jeans from the buckle and the leather tag on the back of the jeans have started to bleed, staining the jeans and my other clothes. This is a stain that will not come out. When I called my local store the female that I talked to said no problem bring them in we will exchange them. When I got to the store the manager was very rude to me telling me that It would of never happened if I didnt starch and iron them. First of all I wash them with soap, dry and fold them. He proceeded to tell me there is nothing they can do because the jeans are not resaleable. I asked to talk to a manager and he said he was, but there was another one in the store to. So they go in the back and come back about 15 mins later and he tells me that they talked and called corp. and there is nothing they can do. He said they would take my jeans and I would have to purchase new ones because these current jeans were on sale for $30. I then called corp. myself and they tell me the same thing that there is nothing that they can do to help me because these are older style jeans, she does not believe me that I bought them 3-6 months ago, she tells me that I need to check my bank account and get proof. I think that the buckle needs to back their products ecspecially when these products are so crappy. I have 3 pairs of jeans that are doing the same thing, $240 down the drain. I will not shop at the buckle anymore, I dont deserve to be treated like that I want the product that I paid for not something that is defective.

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12/26/2012 The Buckle Inc. - The Buckle Customer Service Review December 2012
The Buckle Customer Service Review December 2012

I spoke with someone named, Jeri Peeks, and was told I should act "professional' if I return to my local Buckle store. She had only just said hello & her name, yet directed me to act "professional".... I was told that on a phone call after reporting a rude employee from the Greenwood Mall Buckle, in Indiana. The employee "claimed" to be part owner which was false and he was angry/trembling when I said I was reporting him. He was loud, rude, and holding back his temper, at max. I felt he had gone his limit and if I didn't leave the store, he would become physical. With the current tragedy in Connecticut with the shootings... you can't be too cautious. I informed the hot headed employee (not part owner) that I was reporting him, however within the 10 mins of leaving the store, he had already contacted this Jeri person. He provided her with incorrect info to cover himself & his job safety. He should be happy I didn't video his behavior on my iphone; my mistake! All this nonsense over a pair of $180 jeans which were hemmed incorrectly. He said he was ONLY allowing them to be hemmed as a courtesy; he didn't have to. I thought Buckle guaranteed their jeans, and repaired anything that might happen to them??? (Long time shopper of Buckle) The employee wasn't knowledgeable of the store policies; changed his stores 3 times within 15 mins. *tisk tisk* I actually had picked up another item I was going to purchased and asked if they were on commission, he cowardly/quietly said yes... I insisted on another employee to check me out. The non-part owner had not assisted me on the new item whatsoever and did not deserve a % from the sell. He completely LOST it! He refused to have my jeans hemmed correctly (this time around). You would think being "part owner" ((LOL)) he wouldn't be so tight up for money! Like I said, it's a good thing I left when I did, or I most likely would have become a victim from being physical assaulted. #poorservice #notpartowner #pathetic

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7/19/2011 The Buckle Inc. - love it
love it

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