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Email: [email protected]
Adventure Members: [email protected]

Phone Number

1-877-464-6936Hint Needed - Please Comment
1-888-640-1528For Adventure Members


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11/18/2014 The Clymb - they are the one of the competitor of many on-line
they are the one of the competitor of many on-line merchants that sells sports related products and fashion clothing. I have account open from Sierra trading post, REI, Campsaver, etc. By far the Clymb has the worst customer service. if any. when they finally answers the phone after many tries, their attitude is not to assist but to be sarcastic. I've spoke to 2 different rep with same attitude. conversation lasted not more than 2 min. because their answer was No, No, No, No. like talking to the wall. Tied customer support via email. never received the response. $10 credit is a joke. I nor my friend received the credit, til today, we have not receive the credit or any answers as why we didn't. Waiting for item to receive from them as 1st purchase. they are telling me to expect to receive after month later!! From Portland to LA!! By far the worst customer service experience from any on-line merchants. I have far better experience with over sea Chinese merchants than US base company like CLYMB. BOOOO.

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