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Finish Line, Inc. is a leading athletic retailer specializing in brand name footwear, apparel and accessories. Every Finish Line store offers the best selection of product built for your Sport.Life.Style. Finish Line began operations in 1976 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently serves customers in over nearly 700 Finish Line stores, nearly 90 Man Alive stores and 15 Paiva stores and online.

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1-888-777-3949Review Needed Please Comment


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10/26/2015 The Finish Line Inc. - I had the worse experience at Cherry Hill Finish Line
I had the worse experience at Cherry Hill Finish Line, I will never shop there again. I ordered a pair of sneakers on 10/17/15 that had to come from another location. I was assured they will be in on 10/20/15 and I would be called when they do. I waited until 6 PM on 10/20 to call and when I did I was put on hold forever and when I finally decided to hang up and call back the phone stayed busy for the rest of the night. this continue until 10/23 a week later when I decided to call customer service which was worse than the store location (they were no help at all and the operator said she would look into it and call me back in the next hour and never did. I finally went back to Cherry hill (mind you I live in Phila) and the manager said with a cocky attitude they want there and what did I want to do , have my money returned or reorder. When I said just return my money he got an attitude and made one of the other workers finish the transaction. They asked me to sign a receipt saying I was returning because i did not like the sneakers but i would have had to recieve them in order to know if i liked them or not. #neveragain

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4/4/2015 The Finish Line Inc. - Been on hold forever!!!!!!! This is
Been on hold forever!!!!!!! This is crazy...someone please help that speaks that to much to ask?????? We are in America...

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6/10/2014 The Finish Line Inc. - I agree finish line have the worst customer
I agree finish line have the worst customer services ever.... Never will I shop there again! Chesterfield Mo. Mall,My daughter was treated with poor customer services and lost money with them. It took several attempt to retrieve her money and hold time and drop calls in order to get a resolution. I really think they need to improve their customer services.

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5/28/2014 The Finish Line Inc. - Will never buy another pair of shoes or anything from Finishline
Bought a pair of shoes for my son. He wore for one day and the right outersole starting peelling. This, unofrtunately is just the start of our nightmare! Brought the shoes back for replacement but they did not have the his size. They offered to ship the shoes and guess what? They never arrived. Called the store and spoke to a sales person who said he would call me back in 30 minutes to let me know where the shoes are. No one called! Had to call the store again and they have no answer as to where the shoes are. Asked for a refund and they said that I have to call customer service. Really!!!!

Will never buy another pair of shoes or anything from Finishline and will tell friends to not shop for shoes at Finishline.

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12/21/2013 The Finish Line Inc. - My daughter was #4 in line since 5am... This don't
My daughter was #4 in line since 5am... This don't make any sense at all a lady went into finish line and purchase 3 pair of shoes the same size 7 and managers told my daughter they was all out of seven and that I don't understand.someone need explain to me what really my understand you can not purchase the same sizes shoes at one time...I called customer services no answer

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12/17/2013 The Finish Line Inc. - Wish i had read these comments before purchase
Wish i had read these comments before purchase because I had the worst experience ever dealing with finish line. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes in which I only received 2 in which I ordered then when I called costumer service I was told the one I didn't receive will be mailed right out to me the next day. I waited 4 days didn't get an email so I called to inquire about my item that I have already been charged for only to be spoken to as if I'm committing a crime for asking about my payed for item, conversations must not be recorded because there's no way that man on the phone could still have a job after talking down to anyone like he did to me. I don't like to say this because I believe everyone deserve a 2nd chance but if they don't correct my order I will make sure they never get another dime from me or anyone that I know

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1/9/2013 The Finish Line Inc. - I'm fed up with finishline! They sent me two
I'm fed up with finishline! They sent me two shipping when I only wanted one!! This could have been avoided but however they are still dodging me to refund me. I'm calling my bank to file a claim against them it won't be to pretty. So unorganized and the worst customer service!

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1/3/2013 The Finish Line Inc. - Finish LIne Please get your Customer Service
Finish LIne Please get your Customer Service department in working order. On hold for way too long!! 30min one day, 45min the next day. Got plain disconnected the next day after a 15min wait. You can barely hear the automated system, its dysfunctional!! My order was supposed to be here before christmas, still not here. You may just be loosing a customer that orders often.

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1/2/2013 The Finish Line Inc. - Paid for rush shipping to have it by the 28th. Got
Paid for rush shipping to have it by the 28th. Got an email on the 23rd that it was shipped out. Then on the 27th I check to see what the status is and says it was shipped that day with delivery by 1/03????? I call customer service and waited 45 minutes, no answer. On hold the whole time with the same message and song just looping. Called the next day and on hold for 55 minutes with no human answering. Finally I called the company HQ Ph: 317-899-1022 and got the front desk. Told the lady i want cs and in 10 minutes I was transferred. Got Moeshia on the line and told her my problem and she said it was UPS' fault not theirs as UPS was late to pick up. Asked to speak to a supervisor and after a 10 min hold I got her vmail, left a message and never heard back from them. I will stop buying from finishline, they obviously dont care about their customers.

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12/30/2012 The Finish Line Inc. - I will never order from them again. They are
I will never order from them again. They are terrible. Worst Customer service ever. have had two major problems with them, causing me to wait three weeks for a pair of shoes and over 2 MONTHS on a giift card refund. Anytime you call you are on hold for over 30 min. and it dosnt help to send emails. Finish line please do something about your cusromer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12/27/2012 The Finish Line Inc. - is the most complete rip off, is the most complete rip off, 12/26/12. 8am ET kd v and lebron release online and instore is a complete waste!, we All know the release date because they post in on twitter. And listed in their website. I even twitted thei account to ask and be sure the release is correct, Twitter finishline confirmed the date And time. So after the online nightmare with them. We hurried go to the nearest store irvine ca arrived at 6am cold and rainning. Waited for the store to open. Lady came i ask her if they have it. She said we dont have stock of kd's and lebron. Can you believe that? I called another store and same thing they dont have it. i called customer service. Cant give me a good answer. Just they cant do anything.finally i twitted again to ask if the release is today, answerd yes. Then i told them im here in store they dont have it. After that they will say only limmited stores only!? Can you feel the steam coming out of me? Is that reasonable? Do i have the right to get mad and upset? What do we deserve as customer supporting finishline? Is this the real immage of finishline? No quality of service? The grinchnof our christmas. Paying customers like us have the right to get what we desrve. This is not a simple problem. I dont whant this to happend again and the others who will be victims going through what i experience. Be responcible, be honest, give customers care and quality of service.. Dont waste our time and family time. Stop this crap. Anyone who dont believe me follow my twitts. @GianAng08.

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12/27/2012 The Finish Line Inc. - is the most complete rip off, is the most complete rip off, 12/26/12 kd v and lebron release online and instore is a complete waste!, me and my mom and dad shopped omline and luckily got pairs ok kd,s and lebron in the cart, checked out filled up payment information. Also have paypal confirmation that ther recieve my request payment. But finishlines website wouldnt accept my payment, system says wrong address something but its not, we tride 2-3 times. But no succes, inhave taken screen shots to prove we gone to the final process. But the system hangs up.! Kick is out with the cart empty. Customer servie cant do anything, is that right? To donthat to customers? Below average service? We need justice. We got robbed at your website, its your responcibility to take care of us. Not to put us in great stress. Let are frustrations and dissapointment be heard. Donaction. Ressolve your site problem. Do something you made our christmas a living hell full of anger and dissapointments. I have a 2nd problem complaint with finishline.

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