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5/6/2015 TheBlaze - Trying to read " the rest of Glen yourn."
Trying to read " the rest of Glen yourn." It is half blocked out by your cover sheet.

SterlingRead More
4/16/2014 It isn't your computer, is slow on
It isn't your computer, is slow on everyones computer. Glenn has "pop-unders", "pop-ups", and ads that are loaded from so many sources that it will often cause your browser to in fact crash. Even as you are reading a article on his site, your screen may jump up or down as it is constantly loading more and more ads. I have 50 megs download and 10 megs up, running a total of FOUR 3.2 Ghz processors on my motherboard with a 2 gigabyte video card and a Solid State Hard drive (SSD drive), and it's still slow on his site. You can solve this problem, as I did by just getting your news from somewhere else. .

WilliamRead More
6/16/2013 I have great difficulty navigating
I have great difficulty navigating and websites. They are both slow to load, won't scroll without tracking, and many times just kick me off. I do not seem to have this problem with other news sites and wondered if you have a remedy for this? It is very frustrating when the technical difficulties interfere with the important commentary and news of the day.

DeborahRead More
6/8/2013 TheBlaze - I joined the NRA as lifetime membership through
I joined the NRA as lifetime membership through your network. I have not heard anything from the NRA, but the $300.00 was taken out of my account. Contact me.

DarlaRead More
4/20/2013 TheBlaze - dfs has took custody of my kids to redrug them.can
dfs has took custody of my kids to redrug them.can u or any one else help. they don't think so but we are good americans and parents.we love our kids.they tricked us into putting them in a mental hospital,and don't want them to come home.laugh now but yours might be next.this is not a joke,it is a sos from our name is preston wells from a small town in MO.fayette. is me and my wife's phone number.PLEASE GET THIS TO SOMEONE THAT MIGHT CARE.I PROMISE U CAN WRITE A BOOK ON THIS ATTACK,ON MY FAMILY, THE BOY IS 8,THE GIRL IS 9 PLEASE HELP IF U CAN

11/1/2012 TheBlaze - Computer Shutting down when I watch your recent
Computer Shutting down when I watch your recent Benghazi Media "hiding documents"
Its like someone doesn't want me to watch it. Kinda freaking me out. Anyone else have this problem?

JeffRead More
10/24/2012 TheBlaze - Not Natural Born TRUTH MATTERS
Not Natural Born TRUTH MATTERS
Found this on youtube, wondering if it is from a true source. Thought you all should know.

Jarrett26362Read More
9/28/2012 TheBlaze - My wife and I have seen both nights of the
My wife and I have seen both nights of the project. We would like to know if CDs are
available for them as we would like to show them to as many people that we can in the time we have left to election day. Can you help us. My email is [email protected]

VernRead More
9/27/2012 TheBlaze - Dear C/S:I signed up last week for the 14-day
Dear C/S:
I signed up last week for the 14-day trial so I could view the Project. I went to log-in last night and it appeared my email and PW (quality) was OK however, I needed to allow cookies. So I checked my security etc and I should have been able to login but what happened is that pop-up after pop-up asked if I would allow or block! It seems omething or someone is messing w/your site because I could not allow all those cookies have access to my computer. I need to know what the name of your website cookie is so I can allow only that one. PLEASE HELP SINCE I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS PROGRAM!

It seems this very issue happened the last time I signed in for the free trial and I finally had to give up for same issue. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thank you,
Patricia Plesh

Pat Read More
9/25/2012 TheBlaze - Homestead and Prepper Discussion. This is

Homestead and Prepper

Discussion. This is something I don't talk about often. I'm sure I'm on enough lists as it is. I get a lot of email and by a lot, I mean a LOT. I may not always get back to respond to them all, but I do read them all at some point or another. I get emails from all over the US, from just about every state, from both US M i l i t a r y family members who tell me about weird, unusual training that their spouses, or children are going through here in the US, such as recon missioins on private properties and such. These are from families who have been in the know for years and see something real strange going on. They don't know what it is, because they are only family members and because they can't they wouldn't say specifics anyway. I get more emails though from people who live near bases talking about strange events, training sessions, things happening that in they've never seen in some cases for the thirty or more years they've lived near the bases. I've been getting these emails, for several months now, and each day it seems more and more of them.

I hate to sound paranoid,!

DonnaRead More
9/4/2012 TheBlaze - My computer crashes everytime I try to read
My computer crashes everytime I try to read articles and stories on your website.
I had "The Blaze" bookmarked because of the quality of the reporting, but removed it recently from bookmarks to see if it were another problem.
I am guessing that you have to have a high degree of protection on your website because of "Left Loonies" trying to assault your webpages.
FYI, I do not have this happening on any other websites I visit.
Is there a solution to being able to visit your website without crashing?

SteveRead More
3/28/2012 TheBlaze - What is or who is a Christian ? A Christian is one
What is or who is a Christian ? A Christian is one who believes and practices the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible states you must be born again to experience the Kingdom of God. Once this is accomplished( By God ) you become a Christian. The supernatural experience occurs when you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus out of a pure heart, or if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus came to earth, that he died, that he descented into the grave and the third day He rose again from the dead you are saved. When the Spirit of God comes alive in you, you are changed from a natural person to a Supernatural person. The power of the Holy Spirit ( Holy Ghost) of God will be demonstrated in a saved individual's life style . The Spirit of Truth convicts us of our sins and we change . We are instructed in the Bible to judge a tree by it's fruit . To tell me that Barak Obama is a christian makes the Bible and the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) a lie.

ArthurRead More
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