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12/4/2014 Things Remembered - I placed an order for 6 snow globes on Black
I placed an order for 6 snow globes on Black Friday online. I picked up the items the next day, which I love. I saw a sign that said with every $100 spent you would receive a $20 coupon. I asked the sale clerk if I was eligible and she said to call customer service since the order was placed and paid for on line. When I called the service rep told me I would receive an e-mail the next day with the coupons. I never rec'd the e-mail so I called again, this time I was connected to customer care which I had to leave a message, never heard from anyone. I called again and the rep said the deal started Dec 1st so I did not qualify, so I called the store and they said the deal was for purchases in November. Very poor customer service, no one really knows so it seems like instead of looking into something they make something up -very disappointing since I spent over $300

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