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3/8/2017 Thrifty Car Rental - I travel for a living so obviously I rent a car
I travel for a living so obviously I rent a car for each trip. There's a few things I've learned, NEVER RENT FROM THIRIFTY or you'll be sorry.

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1/11/2017 Thrifty Car Rental - I wish I had read these reviews prior to renting
I wish I had read these reviews prior to renting through Thrifty. I used Priceline to get a good deal on a flight/car rental. On the site Thrifty was the cheapest for the largest car. However, when we arrived at the KCI Airport, we discovered the car was not the same as promised and my husband was not listed as a 2nd driver. We informed the desk agent that he was indeed listed and needed to be added. The agent told us no problem he would add my husband, and that he would waive the fee (whatever that meant). The agent then asked for the card I used to prepay for the rental, when I asked why he said it was because I waived the insurance and that I would not be charged unless there was damage when I returned the car. It was the day before Christmas Eve, the airline had lost our luggage, and 1:00 am so I didn't argue with this logic (although I have never had to do this with Enterprise). We return the car after 4-5 days through the drop box like we were informed to do, since our flight was before there car rental desk would be open. Two days later I notice i have been charged $62.68 when I ask why it was because I added my husband, which made no sense because to add my husband cost almost the same as I paid to rent the car ($63). I informed the customer service agent of what the desk agent told me and he said that's not their policy. I tell him that's not my problem. After about 20-30 minutes he states that he will refund the money it will take 7-10 business days, it is now about 14 days later and I still have no refund. I would be okay with this if both the desk agent and customer service rep had not lied, and just told me upfront that I would be charged and that I would not get a refund. I will never rent from them again no matter how cheap they are on online.

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11/21/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - We are extremely disappointed and actually angry
We are extremely disappointed and actually angry about the poor business practices that Thrifty has performed. We booked our car through the Southwest Airlines website. We were quoted a price of $240.59 for the week rental. When we picked up the car they told us we would be charged for any tolls used. When we returned the car we were changed a total of $318.11. When I inquired to why the charges were so much higher than the agreed upon price, they told me we were charged a total of $62.99 for toll charges. They said that I agreed to pay $12.49 per day for tolls. I think we might have gone through a toll twice in the week we were there. They said that I signed and agreed to the charges, but what I thought I was agreeing to was that we had our own insurance and that we would fill the gas tank before returning the car. I also found out that because I requested points be added to my Southwest account for using Thrifty that I was changed $4 to collect those points. I feel that Thrifty is very DECEPTIVE and I will never do business with them again and since I also found out that they are owned my HERTZ I won't do business with HERTZ again either!!!!!

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11/7/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - When I rented from Thrifty the counter rep said
When I rented from Thrifty the counter rep said that for my wife to be an additional driver would be $13. What she didn't tell us was it was $13 per day. (The car rental as $14 per day). I have never paid such an exorbitant fee at any other car rental agency. Janice at customer service said the company was adamant and said she frequently got complaints such as mine but wouldn't change. I suggested they call the company "Price-gouging rental" not Thrifty!! I won't rent from them again

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6/8/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - Do not waste your time renting from this company.
Do not waste your time renting from this company. I rented a car online for a trip to Denver, Colorado. My receipt sent to me online was $144.81. Upon arriving at the store, the experience was terrible. After we checked in at the Denver airport Thrifty location, our bill was $251.61. We noticed this as we walked away from the line. I returned to the line in order to ask why the huge increase in price. The Thrifty employee explained that there was a $100.00 deposit tacked onto the fees. He insisted the $100.00 would come off the charges after we returned the car, as long as everything checked out okay. We returned our car on time, and with a full tank of gas.

Three days later, I called the customer service line to ask why the $100.00 was not taken off of our bill. After being transferred several times, the awful cusomter service agent whom I could hardly understand told me that the $100.00 was not going to come off the bill. She said we must have chosen extra insurance etc. She then informed me it was my responsibility to ask questions if I had them at the time of the rental. I kindly explained to her, I did in fact ask questions and I was told by the Thrifty employee that the $100.00 would come off the bill after the car was returned. I never asked for any extras add ons. Let me say again, I WAS LITERALLY TOLD BY A THRIFTY EMPLOYEE THAT $100.00 WAS "JUST A DEPOSIT". The deposit would come off upon being returned. He NEVER said the charge was for insurance or any other add ons.

Incompetant employees and AWFUL customer service. If your employee cannot explain why there is a charge on a receipt and in FACT tells me that the charge is a deposit, I EXPECT to have the deposit returned.

That hasn't happened. After being transferred to a third party customer service company, they agreed to give back half of what I was told was a deposit. That was over a week ago.

We also tried to reach out to Thrifty on social media. They asked if we would like to receive a call, we said yes. The call never came.


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2/16/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - Never in my life with Thefty. I paid for a full
Never in my life with Thefty. I paid for a full size car and got a midsize corolla and the clerk was arrogant on top of that.

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1/14/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - The absolute worst rental company I have ever
The absolute worst rental company I have ever dealt with!! Counter reps must be on commission. They tell you the computers not bringing it up and verbally tell you the price, and ask you to sign, but don't show the prices to you...then when you go to return its hundreds of dollars more. They get you on the loss damage. Even if you say you don't want it, the agent says yes on your form
We purchased a toll box and they didn't tell us to slide the bar out to activate.
This was at Logan Airport in Boston.....
How do they stay in business? Enough people just give up trying to deal with them

Buyer Beware. Use Enterprise....

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1/4/2016 Thrifty Car Rental - Horrible customer service. Price gouging once you are stranded in another country
Horrible customer service. Price gouging once you are stranded in another country.
I booked a car rental to San Jose for 11/8-11/15 back in September. My confirmation number is GCFBLC. I called and spoke to a representative in San Jose. I requested liability insurance and was told $8.99 and I would be charged $99.43 for the week once I picked up my car. I was given the above confirmation and the price by phone. I did not reserve the car online, as this is what I was told when I picked up the car. I even received confirmation by Jael Mora G.

This was not the case once I arrived. I was charged $401.22. I was told when I returned the car by David, the manager that he would do something about it since I was already charged the $401.22. When I returned the car he was not there and there was no manager. I am filing a dispute. I was overcharged once I arrived in Costa Rica, San Jose. I paid $100 extra. They contacted me through email and Thrifty did nothing to help the situation. I will never book a rental through them again!

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9/1/2015 Thrifty Car Rental - Just rented Thrifty for one week in Phoenix - What a joke!
Just rented Thrifty 4 one week Phoenix-- what a joke. Got a smaller car than I reserved, agent comment: we are out of compacts, got sub-compact. Offered larger car for an additional fee. Asked them to examine the car for existing damage, was told: look it over yourself and let the person at the exit gate know what you found and she will initial it. Got to my location and noticed the rear passenger's window crank handle was missing, tried to call and notify the company so as to not be charged-- good luck with reaching anyone. At airport, couldn't find the mirror adjustments, went back into the booth and joked-- they aren't manually adjustable are they? Yes they were-- asked how sitting in driver's seat driving I could do that-- was told, exit the car and adjust. Final insult-- was quoted-- originally a rental fee of $85.00 plus tax, airport, etc. for a total of $175.00 for a week. Final bill $205.79 [car not returned late or anything AVOID THRIFTY at your own peril!

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6/1/2015 Thrifty Car Rental - Thrifty has the worst customer service of any
Thrifty has the worst customer service of any rental car company I have ever done business with. I rent three to four times a month and truly this experience is the worst that I have ever experienced. Beware that do a bait and switch. I called to extend my rental and they told me that it would be the same rate. When I picked it up they charged me an additional 15.99 per day and called it a late return. If they would of told me I could of made a decision as to return and just rent another car.

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1/20/2015 Thrifty Car Rental - Was a fan of thrifty. Rented in May of 2014
Was a fan of thrifty. Rented in May of 2014, no problems, everything was great. Rented for Christmas in Boston, everything was the complete opposite. The car I got was making a terrible noise from the rear when my family was in there while we drove into Boston. The rest of the trip, didn't even drive the car. When I dropped it off at Logan, I told the attendant about the noise and that I was afraid to even drive the car. explained I prepaid for the gas fill up and I barely even used any gas. He told be that I was probably shifting wrong (the car was an automatic). I thought that the minimum they could have done was to return may prepaid gas. Instead my rental was TWICE what I was quoted. I was charged for loss damage waiver that I don't remember accepting. RIP OFF.

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1/16/2015 Thrifty Car Rental - How does this outfit stay in business?I've
How does this outfit stay in business?

I've been overcharged ... I've been undercharged ... they once rented me a $60,000 Ford Super Crew truck for two and a half months and only charged me $125 a week. Couldn't buy one for that price !

Last rental they charged me $240 dollars for less than 24 hours for a minivan ... accent on mini.

They have some good folks but the majority are rude rude rude.

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