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10/1/2016 Tide - I would like to have the mountain spring scent in
I would like to have the mountain spring scent in Tide pods. Thank goodness I can still buy it in the powder which I use for smaller loads. Is there any possibility that you will be marketing Mountain Spring scented pods in the near future or ever?

janRead More
5/10/2016 TIDE has discontinued TIde Original Powder. It
TIDE has discontinued TIde Original Powder. It has been replaced with Tide Original Powder ACTILIFT.
Bring back the TIde Original Powder. The TIde liquid stained a good shirt of mine. It has a blue mark of liquid on it that wont come out.

gRead More
5/4/2016 Tide - I do not have a computer at to get the coupons.
I do not have a computer at to get the coupons. Are computers at work will not let us get the coupons. I am
upset that we can not use coupons anymore.

KathyRead More
4/26/2016 Tide - Why can't you just put a truly scary face on your
Why can't you just put a truly scary face on your pods. I believe the kids that are swallowing these pods would be frightened of the scary face, thus preventing dangerous consequences to our most precious treasures.

TomRead More
3/29/2016 I love the smell of original Tide - Don't change it!
I love the smell of original tide. I purchased the others and feel like I'm wasting money. I keep getting itchy with these ones. I rather have the original scent. Don't change something if it's been great for years. I like some of the tide pods, it would be nice to get coupons to save on these products scent to me for the items I've purchased that I had to throw aways since I had a,reaction to the scents.

vickieRead More
3/25/2016 I purchased a 225 oz. bottle of Tide and started
I purchased a 225 oz. bottle of Tide and started to use it yesterday. Today when I went into the laundry room, there was Tide down the front of the dryer (I put the bottle on top of the dryer and on the floor below.. I cleaned it up thinking maybe I didn't wipe it off. I came back a few hours later and again I had Tide on the floor. I tried to transfer it to another bottle but really had a mess. I have never had this happen before and I have used TIDE for many years.

I would appreciate a coupon to purchase another 225 oz bottle considering all the trouble I have had and hope this does not ever happen again.

DorothyRead More
12/28/2015 My review for Tide for sensitive skin - I love it!
I have been using your Tide for sensitive skin for the past 4 months and I love it.

It is clear and cleans well. Most of all it is now affordable. Many years ago I used Tide but then stopped
because it was considerably more expensive than the other brands. I always felt it cleaned the best.
Then I noticed that the price became much more affordable. That and the clear color (which I prefer)
made me start using it again. Keep the price down and please keep the dyes out of the detergent.
It is much better on our skin.

Since most people only write when they are unhappy I just wanted to applaud your new price and
sensitive skin product.

JeanRead More
9/21/2015 Why would you change the wonderful old formula of Tide?
I have purchased a total of 10 bottles of liquid Tide in the past two months from two different stores. The label says
"Original" but it does not suds, the water turns brown, and I hate the product. All of these are either 100 oz. or
50 oz. liquid. I am trying to return the unopened ones, but the stores don't want them. Whatever this new
formula is, when I lift the lid of the washing machine, it looks like my clothes are being washed in dirty, brown
water. Why would you change the wonderful old formula?
I feel like I am going to throw away about $200.00 of terrible Tide.

LEIGHRead More
7/27/2015 I used to love Tide but for years, I've instead
I used to love Tide but for years, I've instead bought Costco's Kirtland unscented liquid detergent and it works just as well, if not better, for less. I am not sure why P&G claims that it takes less time for an automatic washer to do the clothing with Tide, when the machine automatically matches the weight of the load with the wash setting and temperature I choose, but it can't measure the dirt itself or the brand of detergent while making a decision. So why is it supposed to take less time if we use Tide? The cycle length is the same for my front loader. No matter what soap I use, it doesn't matter to a washing machine. When I think of women in third-world countries who are still beating their clothing on a rock while trying not to get kidnaped or shot, I think being fussy about a brand name soap is spoiled and ridiculous. Kirtland gets it clean, without fragrance. As for those pods, they are a danger to children, and P&G was forced to display a warning but even so, kids might still ingest it. I think we have become so lazy and spoiled that some need to pay more to buy brand-name pods. Well, not I. Soap is soap.

MaryRead More
6/23/2015 I have used Tide for many years
I have used Tide for many years. Recently I purchased a new sent of tide called febrile and when I got my clothes out they literally smelled so bad I couldn't wear them. I think you owe me a new bottle of Tide regular sent since I paid twenty dollars for this stinky bottle.

ColeneRead More
5/27/2015 Hi I am a faithful mom who uses tide pods. They
Hi I am a faithful mom who uses tide pods. They were on sale so I bought 4 bags. When I went to use them they were all busted at all bottoms of each bag! Can't use them! Very unhappy!

kyrstinRead More
4/25/2015 Permanent stink in the clothes. i used tide with
Permanent stink in the clothes. i used tide with febrezze on my boyfriends work shirts and when you mix it with any thing that might have an odor its really nasty like using perfume to cover arm pit odor.Then i decided that i would use a combination of Borax, washing soda, oxi clean, and vinegar to get rid of the smell. So i let 3 shirts sit in the mixture in a five gallon bucket with warm water for 24 hours and when i walked in the laundry room the next day i was horrified buy the smell of body odor mixed with sweat and tide with febrezze. i was really disgusted because it came all through the house i opened all the windows and the smell was everywhere this is when i decided to use something else that doesn’t damage my clothes. Everyone in our house was getting nauseated and we had to go get blankets from thrift stores and replace everything because before we new how we were damaging our clothes we had washed just about everything. I vowed to myself that i wont use procter and gamble products anymore because they should have corrected this problem. i have searched endlessly for a way to get the smell out and nothing works. I am not an obsessive person but i really feel tormented By Tide with Febreeze because its in everyones clothes out in public even at thrift stores i never buy clothes there that i can smell it in the fabric. One wash and the smell never leaves never goes away.

shawnaRead More
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