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11/24/2013 Hello timberland representative I am hoping you
Hello timberland representative I am hoping you can help in some way,six months ago purchased a timberland PRO with safety toe, recently however a metal stability shim
came loose from the middle of the shoe. A small defect but big problem for feet.Hope
you can help me . Thanks for your time to read this. sincerely J Vargas

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11/20/2012 Timberland Men's T shirt: Customer Review 11.20.12
Hem in t shirt unraveled whole way around sleeve, worn two times, still like brand new. Cost more at dry cleaners to have hem sewed back in. What can I do with the shirt?

Clyde Read More
10/6/2010 Timberland - Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Peter Ackerman and I am
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Peter Ackerman and I am the Director of EtonHouse International School Tokyo. Our school bases its curriculum on the schools of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy.
Before the school opened for classes we established our Reusable Items Centre as part of our eco-friendly approach that we have here at the school. The Reusable Items Centre is our collection of things that the children can use as part of their play or to create objects, either usable or purely artistic.
By supplying these items for the children to use, we are stimulating their creativity, increasing their environmental awareness, and keeping the items out of landfills and furnaces by encouraging reuse.
We would like to form a relationship with Timberland where we obtain and use your ‘clean waste’. ‘Clean waste’ includes unsold stock, rejects, and discard materials with which the children use to reinvent their meaning. Please let us know if you are interested in donating resources to our Reusable Items Centre.
We can support Timberland through advertising and acknowledging your company in our bi-weekly newsletter that we send home each fortnight to parents of students at our school and to our schools overseas (Singapore, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia).
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman Read More
11/4/2009 Timberland - hello my name is orlando and and have a pair of
hello my name is orlando and and have a pair of nubuck timberlands custom done from the factory just would like to know can i send it back and by a new pair???

orlando Read More
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