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Tire Kingdom is based in Florida and they have expanded to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Tire Kingdom Credit Card Phone Number 1-888-867-5658

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9/24/2016 I took my car to Tire Kingdom on 9/14/2016 for 4
I took my car to Tire Kingdom on 9/14/2016 for 4 new tires. The tires were purchased under my mother's name and Tire Kingdom credit card, Jean Hankins. After installation of the tires I went to get into my car and noticed that the silver trim which goes down the whole side of the car was bent on the driver's door. I brought it to the attention of the mechanic and he went and got the manager. the manager said that it was like that when he checked the size of the tires and moved the car into the bay. I had 3 men gang up on me and tell me that my car was like that and they had me in tears before I left. I know that it was not like that because I had just washed the car that morning before bringing it to them. I also inspect my entire car before I get into it every time ever since I had a hub cap stolen not long ago. My car is a 1997 Executive Series Town Car in mint condition with 60,000 original miles on it. It had one blemish on it from when I bought it from the previous owner who bumped a yellow pillar outside of a convenience store. Now the entire silver trim has to be replaced which will cost more than I paid for the tires. When I spoke with the manager, he stated that he saw that the trim was damaged when he checked the size of the tires and then brought over another mechanic that stated the same thing and he didn't even work on my car. I asked the manager why he didn't bring it to my attention if he saw it and he said he didn't think it was necessary. WTF!!! Not necessary??? I have always bought my tires from Tire Kingdom at the SR 52 store in Hudson, Florida but never again will I go there and I intend to tell everyone that I know not to go there.

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2/22/2016 I took my Ford Explorer to Tire Kingdom at Newberry Road in Gainesville, Florida
I took my Ford Explorer to Tire Kingdom at Newberry Road in Gainesville, Florida recently. They were extremely pleasant to deal with and I appreciate the fact that Duane, the Manager, took time to explain everything that they needed to do to repair my car in laymen's terms so that I could actually make an informed decision. Throughout my dealings with them I found every one of the associates to be very polite and professional. I will definitely use this Tire Kingdom location in the future, and will be recommending them to my friends as well.

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7/22/2015 Tire Kingdom coupon online not working to make appointment
coupon online appointment require --- your GD (yes you know what this means) site kept rolling over to TK's sister sites in a continuous loop so i couldn't make an online appt. called this cs number and the guy said to just call the store -- WHICH IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE! this is the most ridiculous run around i ever had. finally i called the shop and scheduled the appointment with the guys at the shop -- who, by the way are great. all i have to do is figure out a way to get rid you you clowns at corporate. PS -- I'll bet you my repair charges your webmaster won't approve these comments. you gutless wonders.

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3/31/2015 Tire Kingdom - UPDATE - 3-31-15. TOOK MY TRUCK TO DISCOUNT TIRES

3/31/2015 Tire Kingdom - new tires instaled on my f150 ford truck on
new tires instaled on my f150 ford truck on 3-3-2015. my truck shook so bad i thought i had a loose rim. returned 3-9-15 & was told i had 3 tires out of balance. thay balanced tires again, same problem ! returned again to winter haven fla tire kingdom where i bought the tires, thay indexed right rear tire on 3-14-15, same problem! my legs would shake at 50 to 60 mph. returned 3-24- 15, thay replaced left rear same problem! all this time thay were very rude to me as if it was my fault. i saw them pick up weights off the floor and install on my tire. a week later i took my truck to auburndale tire kingdom, thay were very nice - balanced my rear tires &said too much weight was put on ( at winter haven ) same problem ! i give up. it cost me $ 568. my truck has 34,000 miles & drives like 8o year old truck. i will never return to-- tire kingdom EVER! RON POLLARD WINTER HAVEN FLA

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6/24/2014 Tire Kingdom - I will try my damest to contact Corperate
I will try my damest to contact Corperate concerning the service received at tire kingdom in Lehigh Acres, FL on Lee Blvd. I would advise all who have a problems to do so. Took my car there for an oil change. I was told that I couldn!t use my coupon because it was for a standard oil change but because I needed 7 1/2 qts of oil he would give me $10 off. He also told me that the oil change came with tire rotation. Ok cool. Almost 4 hours later i was told as soon as the tech (lol) finished tighting my tires back on and fill my oil I would be ready to go. Mind you I had just finished talking to him about women being handed a bunch of bogus charges for services they did not really need. So i said ok. Looking from inside the shop a large van was blocking me from seeing my car, so I walkied outside to view my ride, which was still on the ground. Then it hit me how did he rotate my tires when i have locks on my caps and rims??? Did he even put the high mileage blend in my car and did he put enough oil in my car since he brought it to my attention that he did!nt even charge me for the extra oil. If you ask me as a Business Major would the owner of this business be concerned about this type of customer service going on causing clients to go else where for Better Services.

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4/9/2014 I usually use tire kingdom, mainly because it is
I usually use tire kingdom, mainly because it is handy to where I live. And I have emailed once before with a great experience with one of your managers at the West Palm Beach store on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Now, once again, I would like to let you know about one of the men in the bay (same store) who worked on my car, Joe. Due to being towed, my car developed a "shake" at lower speeds, something it didn't have previously. I told Joe I did not know the difference between alignment and balancing, and which would correct the problem, but felt it needed one or the other. Joe took the car for a test drive, and although he didn't notice what I described, he did say that the problem was likely the balance, and not alignment, and I agreed to have it done. I have driven my car for a week now, and is seems even smoother than before being towed. I appreciate someone who can listen, and also talk to the uninitiated in auto care, without making you feel trite or stupid. I think this man is an asset to the store and company, and hope he is the standard that is used in accepting applicants for positions in the company. Thanks Joe! You will keep me coming back!

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3/24/2014 Tire Kingdom Customer Service Review 03.24.13
Fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you. Had a complete inspection on front end,they said they installed new bearings and ball joints at a cost of over 1,000 dollars, leaving my brothers next day, I had a huge vibration on a major highway in Cleveland. I was able to limp to a nearby Tire Kingdom, they told me I had broken a tie rod and couldn't beleive I wasn't in a major accident. They apologized and charged me another 200 dollars only a 2hour wait. We contacted Customer service when we got home, nothing was done. Within 3 months my truck started making a heavy squeek again. In March I stopped in a Tire Kingdom in Englewood Florida, they told me my brakes were gone and I needed new ball joints. I told them I had new ones installed within the last year by tire kingdom. They kept my truck for two days and I had to fight with them to honour their warranty. I mentioned I had a life time warranty on the brakes and I needed to return them for a refund. Go figure they through them out. I made them go through the Dumpster and after a half hour we located them. So I think to myself it's finally over just gouged me for 546 dollars. On my way home at 10 pm that night my back tire started making a loud noise. I managed to get off the highway and an hour later find accomodations for the night. Next day I woke up and found a Midas which has just been recently purchased by Tire Kingdom. Nice Manager in Florence S.C, he had me in an hour and told me that my self adjusting kit had let go. I asked him to phone the Manager Craig at the Englewood store to see if he would compensate this store for work. He stated no and we are to send a bill to him and he would send a check in the mail how cliche.I left and got back to my hotel and noticed that the noise was still coming from my tire I returned and had the mechanic straighten out the track thathad been damaged and he said the drum was scored. The tire Kingdom in Kissimmee Installed my first ball joints but a Mechanic in Englewood told me the ones he replaced were original, which accounts for the squeeking 3months later. In closing I just want to warn people of these Clowns and remember Midas is know owned by these guys.

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3/8/2014 Tire Kingdom - Before I begin, I wanted to say thank you to Woody
Before I begin, I wanted to say thank you to Woody Scalf (Service Manager) who was the one person who tried to make this very bad situation right. I appreciate he tried to make it right, when no one else there would. Very frustrated customer, it took 4 times to get the car fixed correctly. I took my car (Nissan Altima) to Clermont Tire Kingdom on 2/18, they tell me my power steering pump went out because the power steering pressure hose broke also. They tell me it will be about $800 to fix, but I said wait a minute I just go a new power steering pump about 1 year 4 months from you, so they said they would take money off the bill. I tell the manager to go ahead and get the part, it did not come in until late, so they had to keep my car for 2 days to fix. I picked it up 2/19 at 7:30PM (Wed) drove to work Thursday morning, loud nose coming from the pump when drove and turned the wheels. Friday on my way home my power steering went out completely, I could hardly turn into sub to get my husband to follow me back up to Tire Kingdom this was around 6PM. I tell one of the manager's Derrick what happened, he said he would have to keep the car tomorrow to take a look. I get a call Saturday morning that there was a problem with some brass piece that connected to the pump and there was nothing wrong with the pump. I picked up the car around 4:15, still sounded loud, but I thought I would wait a few days. Called Monday 2/24 took the car back a third time told them I just want my old pump back and money back and that I wanted to take to Nissan to get fixed right, but Woody Scalf said he wanted to make it right. They put another pump from Napa in my car, picked it up on Tuesday. Drove it again, still not happy, still loud and really makes noise when turning the wheel. 2/27 Woody called me to check, told him still not happy and he said he would order the part from Nissan. On 3/5 spoke to AJ the manager said the part was in, dropped off car for 4th time he opens the sealed box to show me the part came directly from Nissan. On 3/6 it was ready. Woody assured me it sounded good with no unusual noise. I drove home that night, finally much better. It should not have taken 4 times to put a new power steering pump in. The company wasted so much time and parts, which seems stupid. The company should really think about who they order parts from, they put wrong parts in the box and it also appears to be remanufactured parts, not new. I was so disappointed in the customer service I received except for Wood Scalf he seemed to care and tried to make it right by putting in the correct part and making the customer happy. All I wanted was for my car to be fixed properly, that is not asking for too much.

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3/2/2014 Tire Kingdom - My husband and I were on vacation in Florida at
My husband and I were on vacation in Florida at Lehigh Acres. We had a major problem with the car your store told us who to call to get a tow and then a cab company to bring us to the store...We had to leave the car overnight which was a Saturday they drove us home and then Sunday when the car was ready they came to pick us up...We were advised to have the oil changed after 300 miles which we did the mechanic came out and talked to us about the car..All the guys on desk were a great help even calling to check on the car after a week... The mechanic's name I'm not sure of but the guys on the desk were Leo,Ray and Geo... We also brought 4 new tires from them and are very pleased... Pat these guys on the back and give this store 10 stars. A great experience and a great vacation... The store is 2911 5th St West Lehigh Acres, Fl 33971 Thanks again for everything

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2/18/2014 Tire Kingdom - I had work done on my car and I used to love it at
I had work done on my car and I used to love it at the Terry Town store until they made changes with the crew I don't like the manager or the crew. When Bryan Richardson handled my work on my car I didn't have no problems if anything went wrong.I will take my business somewhere else or back to the marrero,La. store where Bryan said he was going.

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7/9/2013 First time I got an oil change from Tire Kingdom,
First time I got an oil change from Tire Kingdom, I ran out of coolant less that a week later. When I called and asked if they had topped off my fluids, the employee said that I must have a leak. I refilled it myself and it has stayed at the same level since.

The second time I went to Tire Kingdom I was told I needed to tires, so I went around and got a few estimates. When I got my tires replaced else where they found that my lug nuts had been completely stripped so that they had to be beaten off with a hammer.

DO NOT GO TO TIRE KINGDOM! It cost me more money in the long run with having to but coolant and new lug nuts.

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