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TitleMax Corporate Office Headquarters
15 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia 31401
Corporate Phone Number: 1-912-525-2675
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-485-3629

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1-888-485-3629 Review Needed Please Comment


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11/6/2015 I had a falling out with title max last week than
I had a falling out with title max last week than the bastard Manager lied to my wife today said I was cussing in front of the customer hell what customer. Threating me is it a crime to threating and bully some one telling them I better make a payment on a certain day or else. I guess title max don't give a shit about their business they scalp the bottom of the barrel for these bastard Managers. I never cuss once until the ass hole said I better make a payment or else and when I ask him else what he never would tell me I told him if he came and got my car I would sued his ass off than that is when he cussed me out lying bastard.

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8/6/2014 Title Max - I'd advise all to read the title lending act of
I'd advise all to read the title lending act of your state most all these are breaking the law. But you have bring to their attention. They can't charge over certain %. According to state. The can't contact and set up repo until they send you letter 30 days prior with payoff info and give you that 30 days bring current. If they contact repo before that they broke law. Do research on your loan. Email them constantly that they broke this and you will sue

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12/27/2012 Title Max - TitleMax Customer Service Review 2012/2013
TitleMax Customer Service Review 2012/2013
Titlemax located at 2132 Campbellton Rd SW in Atlanta, GA 30311 with Phone:(404) 756-8285 has an extremely rude and disrespectful General Manager named Stephanie King. As a new client, I called to ask a few questions and she took over the conversation and started to bull dozier the conversation and would not let me ask the questions I had called to ask while on vacation for the Thanksgiving holidays. Then she questioned why I did not have the paperwork with me while on vacation. She started with a long list of questions at me when I was the one who called them to get two questions answered. I could only get one question answered. The disrespect was so awful, I am ending my account today and will never use the company again. She should not be permitted to train anyone and she definitely needs a few customer service courses. I felt like a terrorist being questioned for a hate crime and all I wanted to know was how much I owed. It was awful. Instead of waiting 6 months to pay off the debt, today might be better so I never have to deal with her again. Finally, I tried to contact Corporate to let them know about the horrible experience on the phone with Ms. Stephanie King, to no avail. I could not reach anyone. She cut me off, had a really disrespectful tone and was not considerate or professional. Not sure if she has had the customer service courses, but I pray the young new worker is not being trained by her or picking up on her bad habits. I have never missed a payment and should have at least been able to have a courteous conversation to get two questions answered expeditiously.

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12/27/2012 Title Max Customer Advice 2012/20131. Don't
Title Max Customer Advice 2012/2013
1. Don't borrow money you can't payback.
2. If you know you are gonna be late call them and they won't call you.
3. They are rude cause you giving them a hard time about there money

I am real i have had 4 loans. this loan will be paid off in jan 2013 and i will get my title back. i lost my first car cause i just didnt manage my bills right. and even after that when i got a new car they still took me back. when rent falls close to payments i call and say this is when i can pay and they say this is what you will owe THAT simple. the one time i forgot to pay i am glad they called my job the next day cause it saved me on paying extra fees when i really had the money. College park

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