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Titleist is famous for golf balls like the PROV and PROVIX. They also make high-end golf clubs, bags and clothing.

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1-800-225-8500 Review Needed Please Comment


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5/23/2016 Titleist - I am currently using teh Newport 2 with counter
I am currently using teh Newport 2 with counter balance shaft (38 inch). I find it a little too heavy and hard to control. Wondering whether if it is possible to cut the shaft down to about 34 inch without compromising the overall balance of the putter.
David W

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4/11/2016 Titleist - had a headcover for my 2014 cameron putter was
had a headcover for my 2014 cameron putter was falling apart. After 30 minutes of conversation they would not send me a new cover for my defective one. Poor customer service. I love the putter, but the headcover was crap and the serivce very poor.

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5/15/2014 Titleist is not honoring the switch the shaft for free promise
A group of sales reps or club fitting team came in town on 5/10/14. In Sep 2013, I purchased a title it's driver at one of the local golf shop. There was a title it's rep in the store at the time of my purchased and he recommended that I buy the one with the stiff shaft as it would best suit my swing. I used a regular. Both the store salesman and the rep stated that I can come back to switch shaft for free if not satisfied. The store has since closed and i didnt have the chance to trequest a switch. When I heard about the team from Roanoke Va being in town, I proceeded to attend the activities. The lead sales, stated that he could replace it for a good deal since I was advise incorrectly. However, he pulled the club pro on the side and they spoke for 5 minutes. After which he told me that I will be charged $90 plus $10 for the pro. At the time, they've already installed a new reg shat on my title it's driver. He then told me that he is taking the shaft back and that I will have to pay the club pro $100 as he will be the one providing me with a reg shaft from his shop inventory of title it's driver. I have been a title it's buyer for over 20 years now. Is title it's hard up for money now and have forgotten the customer service part of the business? I emailed the rep from Roanoke but no response. I didnt expect any.

LA Read More
7/11/2013 Titleist - Bonjour je souhaite tester et acheter une serie
Bonjour je souhaite tester et acheter une serie de fers AP2
je suis sur Marseille en Provence.

9/2/2011 I just would like to say as i was using a Titleist
I just would like to say as i was using a Titleist 4 ProV1 on august 27th at our local country club"Cuyuna Contry Club" located in crosby MN, on the 12th hole par three i shot a hole in one, i have been golfing for 20 years of my life and for the last 3 i have use your golf ball only its made my shots feel alot more comfortable .. investing alittle more money in the Titleist brand has payed off!!! i have had very close hole ins but this one did drop....i want to say thank you,i know many people have never experienced a hole in one and using your brand i feel made it happen!!!!

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