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1-877-833-1888Review Needed Please Comment
1-866-490-9945Spanish Language


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8/26/2014 Tmax Digital - I have a TM9S775 tablet it is junk. I have sent it
I have a TM9S775 tablet it is junk. I have sent it back 3 times and they are wanting me to send it back for the 4th time. It gets so hot that you can't use it. They kept telling me to call back in 2 or 3 days. instead of replacing the tablet they kept sending old one back. I have talked to 15 people trying to get it resolved same old run around. Its getting old and I will not recommend anyone to buy a TMax or Apex tablet. they are junk. If I did't look at it one day it was lying on my desk it was so hot I had to take a dry cloth to get it outside or it could have caught my desk on fire. So if you want any resolution it won't happen. Very Very Very Dissatisfied with the custumer service for Tmax Tablet TM9S775

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8/10/2014 Tmax Digital - I purchased the tmax tablet model number tm9s775.
I purchased the tmax tablet model number tm9s775. It's a peice of crap but the customer service is even worse. I have never recieved such horrible assistance, feedback or repair of a product ever!! I sent the tablet over a month ago to have the graphics repaired, the screen was messing up. They claimed the device was damaged when they got it. I was never informed of this and if I had not called to check the status I would have never known. I have called over 10 times to get help but to no avail. Each time I called I was told that the case was being expidited and to call 3 days later for an update. Why should I have to call you? They are full of crap and I wil NEVER purchase another TMAX or APEX product again. Be warned, the produce is a hot mess and the customer service is non-existant. If you ever have a problem don't expect any kind of resolution because it won't happen.

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