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1-800-869-7787Press 1; at prompt press 2; at prompt press 7; at prompt press 2; hold through requests.


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7/23/2012 Toys ''R'' Us - 7/22/12 Well, nothing has changed over the years I
7/22/12 Well, nothing has changed over the years I see. Called today for an issue with shipping and the lady did not what to do. after 30 minutes talking to her she told me to me to call the 1-800-toyrus number... huh? That is the number I called I said. She said oh, well lets see what I can do. She puts me on hold then a few minutes later a man came on. She did not even introduce the call to him, or tell me she was transferring me. He didn't or couldn't do anything for me either. I end up getting frustrated and wanted to end the call. the order cost me nearly 18 in shipping when it shouldn't have!

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7/22/2012 Toys ''R'' Us - im trying to apply and they don't have the new
im trying to apply and they don't have the new location at Rossmoor, CA or no number to call for an application. Keyword what's that?

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6/23/2012 Toys ''R'' Us - I bought a gift card for my grandson yesterday,
I bought a gift card for my grandson yesterday, June 22, 2012 at 15:11, central time. I am upset to learn that as of this writing, my daughter has not received any email notification of the transaction. This is electronically done and the processing time should not take this long. I have dealt with other major companies in the past and the turn over is normally the same day within a few hours after the card is purchased.

I called at 10:05 this morning and I spoke to Wendy. She said that the order is on hold and she will make a follow up. I was not satisfied with her response so I asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold and could not get one. I reluctantly released the call.

I called back a few minutes later and guess what! I got Wendy again. I asked her if she was the only person working and she replied sarcastically that she may be the only one. I requested a manager and she said there was none she could refer me to. I asked to be on hold and she again, refused. I said I was going to post on facebook my very unpleasant experience with her and she said that I was threatening her, and that she has other customers to help, and she will released the call. I give her credit for informing me that she will release the call before she flushed my call.

I called another number which deals with employee issues and I spoke to Melissa. She could not help me so she redirected me to another number. I spoke to Bonnie. She listened to my concern about the gift card. I do not think she was particularly concerned about how rude Wendy was. Anyhow, she said that my order will be released today and a manager will call me. I gave her an alternate line just in case I miss the call on my cell.

I am still waiting. We shall see. I will also notify Mr. Gerald Storch, the CEO, how I was treated rudely.

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3/18/2012 Toys ''R'' Us - I enjoy the store we have in Tecumseh mall windsor
I enjoy the store we have in Tecumseh mall windsor ont. It is just a baby toysrus store, but is convenient for my shopping needs. Always have a childs birthday or just want to by a special something. Thank you for having this store in our small mall.

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12/6/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - Historically, we have always had great service
Historically, we have always had great service from toys r us and affiliated companies - and there for have always been loyal customers.
I placed this order online only because the item is not available in stores, and the package arrived today. I picked up my daughter from school on my way home from work and to my great dismay, the package was there - which wouldn’t be a big deal accept that it was not in a plain box. it was shipped only in the product box and my 4 year old saw it. It was supposed to be a surprise from Santa and now its ruined. Common sense in your shipping department should have realized that people are ordering gifts for Christmas, but its very clear that care wasnt taken in this case. We dont have alot right now, and we had to save to even get her this - only to have the surprise ruined. My heart dropped when she saw it - we now dont have any gift for santa to bring, and I fear that Christmas has been ruined for my little girl.

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12/5/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - xxx! my zoobles kick xxes!
xxx! my zoobles kick xxes!

12/2/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - I am checking on order # 77169105381 Spy gear
I am checking on order # 7716910538

1 Spy gear Ultimate Spy Video Car VX6 # 10800230
1 Mega Bloks Halo UNSC falcon # 10767532

I did recieve # 10767532

I just want to confirm you will be shipping # 10800230 before Christmas.

Thank you
Elaine l. Jahnke

Elaine l. JahnkeRead More
11/17/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - Open on Thanksgiving?
Open on Thanksgiving?

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11/12/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - Shame on you! Because of your greed you are open
Shame on you! Because of your greed you are open on
Thanksgiving and your employees can not enjoy
the family time the rest of the nation is enjoying.
One thing the Ocupy Movement has made aware is
how corporations treat their employees.
And while all my sisters and I can not live in the
park with them we will do our part this year and
will not shop at places where employees are though
of in such a low regard. It could easily be us you
are treating in such a manner. So I will make a
statement with my wallet on how unacceptable I
find your treatment of your employees. I hope
when sales drop you can rethink this policy.

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11/9/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - hi l bought a leap pad explorer in hamilton and
hi l bought a leap pad explorer in hamilton and it was 109.99 and a week latter it was on sale for 89.00 so we called them in brantford it was closer to us they told me to bring the boxs and game back so l took the bus there with it and when l got there they said they can not give me the money back so l sent 5.00 for bus for nathing so l will not shop there any more and l will tell friend no to shop theres thanks for nathing toy r use.

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10/21/2011 Toys ''R'' Us - i cant apply for the job because of this message
i cant apply for the job because of this message and i dont know what it mean

A system error has occurred.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please exit the application and open a new session.
If the problem persists, please contact the HR department of the company for which you are applying.
Please ask for assistance regarding your online job application or ask for their Taleo system administrator.
If the hiring company cannot solve your issue, they will log a ticket with Taleo's Customer Support and follow up with you.
For answers to frequently asked questions about Taleo’s recruiting solution, please visit
Thank you.

[email protected] (20111021143759244

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