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Trader Joes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
800 S. Shamrock Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-599-3700

Phone Number

1-626-599-3700ext. 3035


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8/16/2014 I love Trader Joe's and really liked most
I love Trader Joe's and really liked most everything I purchased and truly trusted their products.......until I opened a can of their Premium Chunk White Chicken for a pasta salad I was making for a baby shower. DO NOT BUY - this is a horrible product. I had no time to replace the product. There is nothing premium about it and there were no chunks - only pink mushy stuff. My salad tasted good in spite of the consistency - that of - I can't even describe it other than when you scald milk and get all that crud and yet there also was a gritty factor to it. Horrible. Trust gone for any canned products in the future!

DianeRead More
5/4/2014 Disappointed that Trader Joe's removed The Great Kimchi
we are VERY VERY dissapointed that you have REMOVED the GREAT KIMCHI from Albuquerque branch,we ate that on DAILY basis-WHY WHY WHY?????? they gave NO explanation!!

borisRead More
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