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8/11/2017 Trivago - On Sunday August 7, 2017 I had reservations to
On Sunday August 7, 2017 I had reservations to stay at the La Quinta Inn located in Old Town San Diego. I had made reservations for 2 rooms to accommodate a total of 7 adults. We were in town to see a concert at Petco Park in downtown San Diego. We choose the La Quinta Inn because of its proximity to San Diego’s trolley Service. We wanted to take the Trolley into downtown to avoid expensive parking fees, but to also enjoy the Trolley service. As I arrived at the hotel, I was book into 1 room .I quickly told the receptionist that I had reserved 2 rooms. She told me that I was only confirmed for one room, and that the hotel was booked. She did what she could to locate any mistake in the reservation process, but couldn’t find anything. I contacted Trivago/Amoma customer service, and they said they had emails from La Quinta to confirm both of my room reservations. The customer service agent told me that they would figure everything out, and they would contact the hotel. We waited for a few minutes, and the customer service agent from Trivago/Amoma contacted the hotel. I quickly realized that there was nothing anyone could do by the reaction from the hotel receptionist. I had a print out of my confirmation, I had an email confirmation pulled up on my phone, and I had screen shots that had confirmation information that I sent to all of my friends, but none of this mattered. I was upset, I had a car full of people and nowhere to stay. The only suggestion to us was to go to another hotel. This idea did not sit well because it sent us further away from the Trolley service and into an area away from old town attractions. We had no choice, we had to have a place to sleep, so we decided to go to a Howard Johnson that was recommended by La Quinta (since it was their sister hotel). Once we arrived, we noticed we were surrounded by strip clubs. I am lucky to have friends that were willing to deal with the situation, but it was only because we had no time to make any other choices, and were forced into this situation. We had a concert to get too. Ultimately, we had to pay for an Uber for 7 people which cost us $40 to get to Petco Park, and $90 to get back to the hotel after the concert, because of high demands. Because of someone’s mistake, we were out an additional $130 (Same price as the hotel). The trolley service was $5 round trip per person. The reason I am writing this is because no one was willing to accommodate us. La Quinta’s suggestion placed us in a bad area surrounded by strip clubs. We ended up spending A LOT more money than expected. Trivago/Amoma customer service just wanted to refund our money. Basically, they knew this situation was wrong, and wanted to give me my money back to write the situation off. NO ONE accommodated us! I know customer service doesn’t really exist anymore, and this is a classic example. This hotel experience was a nightmare, and no one cared about the situation they forced us into. La Quinta blamed Trivage/Amoma, and vice versa. The blame game did not help us. I want to know why no one offered us any sort of compensation or accommodation to a paying customer who followed every step correctly. I hope someone is willing to make this situation right. Giving me my money back did not solve the problem, it just created another problem for a loyal customer.

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6/12/2017 Trivago - On June 5th I booked 2 rooms--YES 2 ROOMS for a
On June 5th I booked 2 rooms--YES 2 ROOMS for a local hotel in FLorida. When I arrived at the hotel they had only supplied the hotel with the reservation for ONE. I spent the next 3 hours with CANCELON--TIRVAGO's wholesale booking company who could not provide the necessary reservation information to the hotel and do their job to confirm the reservation paperwork as required by the hotel. LUCY was able to tell the Reservation person at the hotel that I had IN FACT paid for 2 rooms but could not handle the rest of the necessary paperwork. I showed the hotel my payment reservation receipt as well!! They could only tell me that they would resolve it in the next 24 hours. There is NO PHONE NUMBER to call TRIVAGO--BE CAREFUL. You will be dealing with the idoits at Cancelon if something goes wrong. Meanwhile after the first 3 hours on checkin night and my proof with my reservation information I was able to get our TWO rooms. After the first 2 hours with LUCY I was informed by the hotel again that it was still not resolved so I spent yet another hour on the phone. HOWEVER the gentleman at CANCELON (2nd long phone call) who said he had all of it straightened out after the second phone call nightmare--DID NOT and I had to spend another hour on the phone with Jim/James the next morning. It was not until I lost control and had to start yelling to this person to understand what a fucking nightmare they were causing that he got the correct paperwork to the hotel. He proceeded to tell me that I SHOULD NOT BE CALLING THEM--THE HOTEL SHOULD BE CALLING THEM--REALLY!!!! On top of all of that he has the nerve to say "oh due to your inconvenience, we will offer you a 10% discount and refund you 10%" Well why don't you just slap me in the face. SERIOUSLY 10% FOR A LOSS OF OVER 4 HOURS AND THE STRESS. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY--THEY ARE HORRIBLE. I WOULD USE MANY OTHER WORDS--HORRIBLE IS BEING NICE!!!!

CHERYL Read More
5/25/2017 Trivago - Booked a non-refundable room based on photo of
Booked a non-refundable room based on photo of property on trivago site. Now I see that the photos do not match the property- they show the flagship property, NOT the hotel YOu will be staying at.
Done with Trivago.

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5/5/2017 Where is the Trivago guy? Please bring him back.
Where is the Trivago guy? Please bring him back.

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5/3/2017 Trivago - I am disappointed that you have replaced the
I am disappointed that you have replaced the Trivago advertising gentleman with a female. Ashame that they could not be alternated with the ads. I understand that to your judgement he was not professional in appearance however most of us really appreciated his personality and demeanor in general. I do not find your ads interesting enough to watch now. They are quite boring and I now walk out of the room as I do with other repetitive boring ads.

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4/21/2017 Trivago - I booked a hotel in NY with your company and when
I booked a hotel in NY with your company and when I called no such reservation. My credit card info taken. The number you post does not work. We are so glad we checked directly with hotel. We have a college graduation and our vacation would have ruined. Never using this site again

Dana P Read More
3/24/2017 Trivago - Hello,I booked two rooms at the Best Western

I booked two rooms at the Best Western in West Palm Beach Florida from April 22nd through April 27th for myself (Doris) and my boss, (James). I entered my Amex cc# info, etc. on the website and received a progress message that says "Your reservation is processing... please wait" It's been several hours now and it still has not fully processed nor has I received an email with a confirmation code that we are good to go!

Will you please investigate and advise?

Doris Read More
3/17/2017 Trivago - give somebody's phone number in kerala
give somebody's phone number in kerala

dileep kg Read More
3/8/2017 Trivago - I booked a room in Clearwater Fla, show up at the
I booked a room in Clearwater Fla, show up at the Hotel and there IS NOT A RESERVATION!!!!! Now my family and I are stuck here on spring break without a hotel, But they did not forget to charge my credit card. Will NEVER use Trivago again

Sunday Read More
2/26/2017 Trivago - I am trying to find a hotel in Edinburgh for three
I am trying to find a hotel in Edinburgh for three nights from May 15th 2017 that can provide a twin bedroom that has total access for wheelchair user including wet room. I cannot get your discounted rates if I contact the hotels directly but your site does not identify any accessible rooms so it feels like we are being financially penalised for having a disability. Any advice would be much appreciated

Rose Read More
1/29/2017 Trivago - need to change reservation for weirton west
need to change reservation for weirton west virginia

jaMES Read More
1/9/2017 Trivago - Your site quotes A different price than when you
Your site quotes A different price than when you take me to the actual hotel site.

Clo Read More
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