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Tween Brands, Inc. (NYSE:TWB), formerly know as Too, Inc., aims to be a world-class brand for the tween (ages 7 to 14) girl. At Limited Too, the company sells apparel, swimwear, sleepwear, underwear, footwear, lifestyle and personal care products for active, fashion-aware ?tween girls. Limited Too currently operates more than 580 stores in 46 states and Puerto Rico and has a select number of international franchised stores. Limited Too publishes a catalog coinciding with key ?tween shopping times throughout the year, and conducts e-commerce on its Web site,

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1-800-937-5449Review Needed Please Comment


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5/18/2015 Tween Brands Inc. - I recently went to Justice to purchase clothing
I recently went to Justice to purchase clothing for three girls. It was a 40% off sale and redline. I was very disappointed that the red lines were not discount another 40% as they were previously. I have never left Justice without spending from $150.00 to $300 which can be documented by the sales rep.. I have been shopping there so often that the sales rep know me by my first name. Just a note I always shop for three girls. This situation will limit my shopping at Justice.
I must comment on the customer service I receive from Lisa and here staff at the BayShore store in BayShore New York. The are very helpful and very knowledgeable of Justice's products. i.e sizing etc. Truthfully
I shop there because of Lisa and the staff. There is a Kohls. Dept store in the same mall which I could use instead of Justice but I like Justice.

In closing I hope you will change the policy and return to the redline 40% plus 40%.

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3/31/2015 Tween Brands Inc. - please send a phone number where you can be
please send a phone number where you can be contacted

SandyRead More
12/10/2013 Tween Brands Inc. - Tween Brands customer service is the worst!
$122.00 order placed 12/06/13 I paid for expedited 3 day is now 12/10 and the order still has not shipped...I have been lied to TWICE by 2 different reps via phone & ignored multiple times via email. The best part is I still have no idea if my items will arrive intime for Christmas..customer service at its WORST!!!!!!!!!!

D.Read More
11/12/2013 Tween Brands Inc. - Tween brands recently added a store in Rocky Mount, NC
Tween brands recently added a store in Rocky Mount, NC. While the sales tax rate in the area is 6.75%, purchases at the store are charged tax at a rate of 7%. I'm curios as to whether you are submitting the over collection to the state (as required by law in a situation where you over collect) and whether you plan on correcting the system in the store so that it actually charges the correct tax rate.

MaryRead More
9/4/2013 Tween Brands Inc. - Great service at Justice in Sugarland, Texas
Thanks for the kind words for my Daughter yesterday at the Town Center Store in Sugarland Tx Her name is Layla and she loves that fall dress we bought. I also appreciate being given the opportunity to thank one of your employees Charlene who works for that store.

She was a ton of help to me when I brought my Daughter in one day to buy several outfits for a week long cheerleader camp. We needed different themes for each day and she was tremendous in coming up with ideas.

Justice is a favorite store for my 7 year old and we have always had great service at this Town Center store.

Thanks again to Charlene for the fantastic service.


BradRead More
8/11/2013 Tween Brands Inc. - I really find it inconveniencing that I wanted to
I really find it inconveniencing that I wanted to make a call to this company Tween Brands, and it says "Oh. The office is closed now. Please call again during business hours." I guess I will just have to return to $50.99 item I bought. What a shame (PSYKE!). I'm telling you they are on the very edge of losing a customer. This is just insane. I might even send this to a few, no a couple, no several, no EVERY friend that shops at justice. This is just so stupid. Today I went to shop at justice and I brought 2 $25 dollar J-bucks, a gift card, and a coupon with me because I already know how idiotically expensive this store is. So I spend about 2 hours shopping. Then I go to the counter with 2 bottoms, 3 tops, and a lip-gloss. That came up to $150 dollars. INSANE I TELL YOU! INSANE! Then I go to checkout when they tell me that I can't participate in the 40% off deal that everyone else can participate in if I use my J-bucks. And at the end I finally got my frigin' clothes, ALOT of yelling, phone calls, adrenaline, and mortification. It's just so not fair that they won't let anyone combine J-bucks with a deal that everyone else can have. But whatever. What's done is done. If you see this, please pass it on to any other Tween Brands websites and to anybody you know.

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2/18/2013 Tween Brands Inc. - Haley Peet, Was very helpful, Kind, Considerate.
Haley Peet, Was very helpful, Kind, Considerate. She was VERY helpful In getting us different size's.
Thank you Haley Peet for making our visit very Enjoyable.
Hope to see you in the Near Feature.

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