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10/28/2013 Ubuyez.com - could not find special advertized on TV
could not find special advertized on TV infomercial on the night of October 27, 2013. Kymaro body shaper was offering the following shapers for a total price (shipping extra):
nude color top shaper; nude botttom shaper; black top shaper; black bottom shaper. the website: www.ubuyez.com was referenced along with a 1-800 phone number, which I failed to write down. I assumed I could find the special as advertized with both ways to secure an order for the products at the special price. I couldn't locate anything but the shapers sold separately for a price of $29.99 just for the top, etc.

scRead More
4/25/2011 Ubuyez.com - this is juanita carter atin okla city okla 7312I
this is juanita carter at
in okla city okla 7312I am informing you
that I am cancelling my order for your
body shaper.I have informed my bank not
topay for it.my check number was 3021
on the First Fidelity Bank here in okla.
Thank you very much

JuanitaRead More
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