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ULTRA is the seventh largest specialty retailer of fine jewelry in the United States, operating 150 locations in 33 states. ULTRA is an established national retailer of off-priced fine jewelry. Ultra believes in Making Luxury Affordable for all budgets and styles. Ultra's buyers travel the globe to direct source fine jewelry at the lowest possible prices and we then pass those savings on to our customers.

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1-877-858-7201Review Needed Please Comment


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11/30/2012 ULTRA Diamonds - Ultrad Diamonds Customer Review: 11.30.12
My name is Chyriss Dunnorm,I purchased a 1ctw sterling Silver Black and White Fashion ring 11/21/12.I have been calling the above number only to be told they acn't find my order. I have left several messages for a customer representative to call me so that, I may find when my merchandise will arrive and yet no one has contact me by phone or e-mail. I've been a value customer of ultra diamond for 7 years and I'm very diappointment that a represntative have call or e-mail concerning a puirchase that has already been taken off my Visa car.

Chyrisse Dunnorm

Chyrisse DunnormRead More
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